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  1. The remarks of itman about resuming from sleep made me realise something. I'm having this scheduler problem in both Windows 7 and Windows 10, but in both Windows versions I disabled hibernation. In Windows 10 I even disabled the fast startup option. So every startup of my systems is a complete fresh boot. Could this be of influence for the scheduler problem? Does the scheduler of EIS perhaps rely on hibernation?
  2. OK, I will try the 24 hours setting, but remember that my original approach, i.e. using the "as soon as possible" option, didn't work either. So I think that the options for missed scheduler tasks are only present in the gui but not in the software underneath.
  3. @COStark26: The comparison with MBAM doesn't make sense to me. In case of EIS it is not "time since last miss", but it is "time since last run". So if EIS misses a dayly scan, then the time since the last run is always more than 24 hours.
  4. It is more than a week later now. The scheduler is still configured to perform a dayly scan at 18:00 and if that scan was missed, then it shall be done immediately if the time since the last run exceeds more than 1 hour. Each day the PC has been used for several hours, but never at 18:00. The result of this all is that the scheduler didn't run any scan at all. Tools > More tools > Log files confirms this. It would be nice if ESET would fix the scheduler, because what is the use of a scheduler if you have to remember yourself to turn on the PC on a certain time?
  5. IE11 may be preferred by ESET, but banks find IE11 outdated. A few weeks ago the website of my bank suddenly showed a message saying that banking would still be possible with IE11, but only with restricted functionality. To continue banking as usual, switching to Chrome or Firefox was advised. (I can't remember if Edge was mentioned as well.)
  6. @puff-m-d: Thanks for the advice! So the tool is better than expected. Thanks ESET. However, why is the default to show only TCP connections? Why give the impression that you can barely crawl if you are able to run?
  7. That TCPView only shows TCP connections is logical if you look at the name. I agree. The EIS tool is called "Network connections". That name suggests that all network connections are shown.
  8. I tried using the option "Immediately, if the time since the last run exceeds a specified value" with "Time since last run" set to 1 hour. Also with this option selected the Scheduler keeps ignoring missed scans.
  9. Well, that is exactly what I expect from this option, but it doesn't work that way in EIS, neither on WIndows 7 nor on Windows 10. The Scheduler simply doesn't care about missed tasks, but that is nothing new. When I started using the Scheduler years ago in ESS 7.0.302.26 on Windows 7, the "As soon as possible" option already didn't work. Could it be of influence that both EIS (and previously ESS) and Windows are Dutch versions or that the user who turns on the PC after a missed task doesn't have administrator rights?
  10. I use the Scheduler of EIS to run a scan on every Monday at 18:00. This works fine if the system is up and running at the scheduled time. If that is not the case, then the Scheduler completely ignores that I selected the "As soon as possible" option. The scan isn't executed at all. This week I tried something similar on another pc, but now I scheduled a daily scan at 18:00, although I know that this pc is almost never up and running at 18:00. On this second pc I get the same result: the Scheduler ignores that I selected the "As soon as possible" option. Is it normal that the Scheduler ignores the "As soon as possible" option?
  11. Marcos, why initially show only three tools when all eleven tools fit easily in the window? Are you suggesting that some users prefer a clean, empty gui instead of a usable one?
  12. Well, here another user who started with ESS 4 and I fully agree with Freesolo. His example concerning the Tools is spot on. It's absolutely ridiculous to show only three tools.