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  1. If you can do this for features, then why not do it for bugs as well? Reducing the time thresholds that the as soon as possible option of the scheduler uses when scheduled scans are missed consecutively, is very simple to do and therefore cheap. It would not fix the as soon as possible option, but it would make it much easier to accept. So I suggest you treat this proposal as a feature request and then it can be implemented soon.
  2. It would be much more logical if ESET customer care employees would watch this forum thoroughly and create support tickets themselves for everything more serious than an assumption.
  3. Using the scheduler for scans wasn't my own idea. Please see the note at the bottom of this support page. So ESET advices to scan at least once a month and the link in the note shows how to configure the scheduler for a weekly scan with "as soon as possible" option activated. That is exactly what I did when I discovered the scheduler problems. (Only for testing the scheduler I switched to daily scheduled scans.)
  4. @Marcos, why if necessary? I'm not the only person who reported scheduler problems. Also a very much appreciated forum member named @itman did. Why do I have to do something to make ESET fix a problem that was reported by several people at this forum? So ESET simply ignores the information received from customers at this forum?
  5. @Marcos It's a pity that you didn't reply. Please explain me why the scheduler of v12.2.23.0 was modified in such manner that the already existing problem became larger instead of smaller. I do understand why the scheduler may not be fixed before v14, but if that is the case, then please undo its modification of v12.2.23.0. However, an acceptable compromise could be making a similar modification as made in v12.2.23.0 but then in the opposite direction. For example: Reduce the threshold for missed daily scans, which was 23 hours and is 24 hours now, down to 4 hours. That still will not fix the scheduler completely, but it will make it much better than it is now.
  6. Thanks for your reply, but it doesn't make sense. If someone is able to increase the threshold for daily scans from 23 to 24 hours, then that person must also be able to reduce it to (almost) 0 hours. So what is the problem? You suggested that already in the other topic. Personally I don't like the command line scanner. I would prefer triggering the normal scanner from the command line, but that is a missing feature.
  7. In December I started a topic about the as soon as possible option of the scheduler. Unfortunately that topic has been closed. So I can't add any new comments. You can find the original topic here: link Apparently ESET modified the as soon as option of the scheduler of EIS version, but unfortunately the problem hasn't been fixed. Here are my findings: If consecutive scheduled daily scans can't run at the scheduled time, then the scan will only be done as soon as possible if the previous scan was at least 24 hours ago. If that is not the case yet, then EIS will wait until it is. (In previous versions the threshold was 23 hours.) If consecutive scheduled weekly scans can't run at the scheduled time, then the scan will only be done as soon as possible if the previous scan was at least 7 whole days ago, i.e. 7 times 24 hours. If that is not the case yet, then EIS will wait until it is. (In previous versions the threshold was still 6 days and 23 hours.) So ESET clearly made changes to the as soon as possible option of the scheduler, but unfortunately the problem hasn't been fixed. As soon as possible still isn't as soon as possible for the scheduler of EIS version In fact, it became worse. Users now have to wait an additional hour before a missed scan is finaly executed. ESET, please try again!
  8. @Sammo Why do you think it is protected after renaming?
  9. A few weeks ago I had a similar issue with and I use interactive mode. Since the issue occurred only once, I didn't pay much attention to it, but this is what I remember: I was editing a firewall rule and at that moment another program without firewall rule tried to access the internet. The dialog popped up to ask if I wanted to create a rule and I tried to do that, but it could not be saved. After that all firewall rules I tried to edit, could not be saved either. After a reboot everything was back to normal.
  10. @Marcos Why do you want EIS to have an inconsistent user interface? A user without administrator rights can edit a scheduled scan if he knows the administrator password, but when such a scheduled scan is running, then that same user can't interrupt it. That is very inconsistent. It doesn't make sense. Nowadays most administrators use an unpriviledged account for normal work and make use of UAC to do things that require administrator rights. Please support that, ESET.
  11. Why? egui.exe has many buttons that are visible for all users, but that are only useful for those who know the administrator password. Why make an exception for stopping active scans? The behavior was certainly like that. I'm not saying the button disappeared with v12.1.31.0. That may have happened with an earlier update. I just noticed the absense with that version. In the past the button disappeared once more with an update. At that time it was reported at this forum and with a later update it reapppeared. (For some odd reason old posts seem to have disappeared from the forum.) However, there is a work-around. Normal users can stop an active scan. They can start egui.exe as administrator. However, if they close that egui.exe, then the normal one doesn't open anymore. That is a bug. Showing a useful button isn't though.
  12. Description: Button to stop active scan also visible for users without administrator rights. Detail: In the past the button to stop an active scan was also visible for users without administrator rights. When such users pressed the button, they had to enter the administrator password. In my opinion that is how it should be. Unfortunately in v12.1.31.0 the button is not visible for users without administrator rights.
  13. It is very simple. Use SetThreadExecutionState. See: link to Microsoft Windows Dev Center.
  14. Description: Prevent sleep during scan. Detail: Windows can put the computer to sleep before the scan is finished. That is very annoying. There should be an option to prevent that from happening. Oops, it's a coincidence that @zeromido asked someting similar here right above. Before I started typing, I first searched the forum for "scan prevent sleep".
  15. A cleanup option for firewall rules when using the interactive mode, that deletes all rules that are pointing to applications that no longer exist on the computer, would be very helpful indeed. (I fully agree with JoMos here above.) Especially now more and more applications move to a new folder with every update, the number of useless firewall rules grows rapidly. Deleting them manually isn't a pleasant job and keeping them might slow the firewall after some time.
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