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  1. It's a really good product. I have noticed you are updating the modules in a way you didn't in the past, or possibly that's my perception. The product internet security has many features. However, it would be nice to have a new and additional feature that really adds to the protection. Perhaps something like an AI feature, a bit heavy on resources so it should be optional. Or maybe a shielded 'session' (phrase?) for one's browsing experience, that keeps one's browsing activity separate from the rest of the system. Often people just want to read the content of websites without doing anything, and I'd guess any malware encountered that way could be kept contained if there is a feature for that. Again, maybe optional because not everyone has a system with the resources for more demanding tasks. Possibly add an antispam feature for Thunderbird ? Personally I'm on version 5.
  2. See my previous post above ... I decided to download and install the prerelease. Very strange. Something was downloaded and installed and it looked like modules (a number of '30') were updated. But I'm still having the same version number ! I suspect that's not how it's supposed to be ? Module numbers seem unchanged. I know the policy of not commenting on prereleases ...
  3. Eset, now you have done it ... Some time ago I noticed a prerelease was available, but I decided to wait. Got the new one today: version Disappointing description. So I checked again. Yes, there is another prerelease waiting ... This time I´m curious !
  4. 'The only 100% protection against script malware is blocking the script interpreter from interpreting scripts, e.g. which are placed outside of a folder in which execution of (legitimate) scripts is allowed. And that is also why we recommend applying HIPS anti-ransomware policies to improve protection even more.' Does this recommendation also apply to regular consumers ? I guess this requires a somewhat convoluted approach or an additional product ? I'm quite satisfied with Eset as such. Still, the not 100 % detection in AV-comparatives' tests suggests there is room for progress, One other major vendor in particular (nearly?) Always scores 100 %, but of course with its own drawbacks.
  5. @Rami, The idea was not to show my location to everyone on the forum .,.. not sure how ´public´ public really is. I wouldn´t mind about the staff. And true, I suppose it doesn´t really matter. Just habits ...
  6. Well, often we would see things like ´improved HIPS´ or new security features. Aside from that UEFI scanner, not much or so it appears.
  7. @Marcos or anyone else in a position of authority, Is a full uninstall and clean reinstall recommended ? I'm able to 'go back in time' and restore an old image.
  8. Before the announcement, I checked 'update' and version 12 was offered as a product or program update. I did not see the the elaborate https://support.eset.com/kb2476/ message mentioning an end-user license agreement. For as far as I know. I probably should be fine ? oh well ... I did not uninstall the old product and reinstall the new one. Should I ? The KB article suggests I should
  9. @Rami, Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to hide that ? Anyone ? I just changed ot to a thirld world country I don't live in ..
  10. For what it's worth, I just got version 12 as a regular update by checking 'updates'. Program update. Somewhere in Europe, I'd rather not post where. No problems thus far.
  11. I'm sure there must be some changes and version 12 is not just marketing ? I'm not sure if discussing this would violate forum rules. Anyway, my hunch is that the official release will be quite soon. 24th October last year ? Not sure.
  12. @TomFace, Thanks. I dug a bit through the menu, enabled pre-releases to see if that would do something and yes ... But I´d rather wait for the final product to be sure.
  13. USA, https://www.eset.com/us/home/smart-security-premium/ 'EDITION 2019' I did not see it on this forum. I'm not in teh USA either, although I use an English language version. Normally I'd be more patient but since it's on the website: released in USA (assuming 2019 means version 12) ? When will other countries follow ?
  14. @Marcos , @itman Thanks, it seems all right. The 'redirect trojan' seems more than it was, most likely it was at least mostly safe. ' Were you in the proximity of your PC when the attack occurred? Note that Eset alerts do not remain permanently displayed on the desktop but will disappear after so many seconds ' I did not know that. I may very well not have ben looking, Without nagging, I once got the reply that version 12 would be distributed in October. I just seem to recall that once the US version came first, and I got the local one only in November. I guess it's being beta tested at the moment ...
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