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  1. Yep, BPS is back to normal after update 73.0.1 x 64 bit Win 7. Thanks Mozilla and ESET...
  2. Restored to Firefox 73. Tried ESET's pre-release update and no go... Will wait for Firefox new release.
  3. OK! It says Firefox 74.0b4 (64-bitars) so I wrongly thought is was beta. Anyway thanks for the suggestion to use the pre-release! Best regards, elle
  4. I'm not much of a beta tester person... but in this case I'll make an exception...and... YAY! Banking & Payment protection works like a charm! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! Best regards, elle
  5. *bump* Trying hard to find settings for "Network protection troubleshooting"? Could someone show me where to find it? ESET Internet Security Win 7 x64 Thanks and best regards, elle
  6. Don't wanna install on top, I'll just wait and see what Mozilla does...
  7. OK! https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/new-firefox-browser-version-released.361562/page-107 https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/73.0/releasenotes/ Thanks...
  8. Hello! ESET Internet Security Win 7 Firefox 7.3 (x64) Today the Security Tools => Banking & Payment protection stopped working. I only get an empty window and when typing in my bankadress nothing opens. I've added the adresses in Security Tools => Banking & Payment protection => Protected websites and selected => Secured websites I tested the other options like "Ask me" and "Normal browser" but no go. Any advise on this please... I used to work like a charm. Thanks and best regards, elle
  9. That's strange... I get this popup blocking window? Any advise? Can I bypass that popup?
  10. Hello! Thanks for the quick reply! Tried downloading jus now, but no go unless I chose "Ignore and continue". Installing "PowerISO7-x64.exe" doesn't work either. It gets blocked even if I disable ESET completely.
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