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  1. Yep! All working fine now, just needed some time to update maybe. Thanks fro your promt replay! Case closed! Best regards PS/ Also got 30% off, we likes that...
  2. Hello! Renewed my ESET Internet Security today when I first got the reminder. Paid for a renewal and got an e-mail with activation code, tried to activate but ESET still says "Your license expire..." Please advise. Best regards
  3. Hello ebill! Thanks for your answer and concern, appreciate it! Best regards
  4. Hello Marcos! I sent you a PM with the link. Best regards
  5. ESET blocking url, how to add a rule/exception. ESET Internet Security Win7 x64 Hello! ESET is blocking a site and I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a rule/exception for ESET to allowing it. Tried various scan site for threats like VirusTotal, Kaspersky VirusDesk, Norton etc. and no issues, threats or malware found. The weird thing is the site worked just fine a few day's ago. Here is what I'm doing, (obviously wrong) because it doesn't work. Open ESET -> F5 -> Web access protection -> URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT -> Address list -> Edit -> List of address... -> Edit -> Add -> Add mask -> Enter a mask that... (paste the site url) (https://www.***) To get access to the site I now pause protection, that's OK but not optimal. Any info and suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks... Best regards
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