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  1. I believe I now can say the issue is solved. The culprit is the VPN which after activating adds to list Known network, both Virtual network and home 2. I can live with that. No need for my old logs... Stay safe and healthy! Thanks and best regards, elle
  2. @Marcos OK! Got the logcollector. So how do I use it?Should I let the <Known network> list pile up to 10 or something before running it? Should I have ethernet activated or deactivated? Do the logcollector collect info from HDD (C:) OS drive only? I have a ton of other HDD drives connected... Also is this issue known, do other users have the same <Known network> list pile up? Those who read this thread please let me/us know. Thanks and best regards, elle
  3. If I don't delete them, known networks added to the list will be thousands...
  4. I know you're joking. That's what I do activating/deactivating ethernet, but how to solve ESET adding up the list of known networks?
  5. @Nightowl Of course... unplug the cable... not an option. 😐
  6. @itman Thanks for the input, much appreciated! Exactly! That is what I do! ethernet shortcut on desktop -> rightclick -> open filepath -> activate/deactivate ethernet Is it possible to config ESET to not add a new network connection as I earlier described? The list gets longer than my arm if I don't remove/cleanup them. Not a big problem but a little annoying... Also for reasons unknown after sometime the ethernet shortcut gets corrupt (path not found) and I have to create a new shortcut. Thanks and best regards, elle
  7. Windows 10 Pro (latest update 2021-01-20) ESET Internet Security (latest update 2021-01-20) I always inactivate Ethernet when not using internet and active when using internet. After inactivate and wanting to activate I have to uninstall then re-install Networkcard in order to be able to activate. Also this I don't understand. --> Setup--> Advanced setup--> Network protection--> Known networks--> Edit How can I configure ESET to not add "home" "home 2" VPN is "Virtual network" etc.? The list just adds them up and up... how can I prevent this from happening? I know I'm doing something wrong but what? I'm new to Win10 coming from 10 years with Win7 Ultimate so all this is new to me. Had no issues what-so-ever with Win7. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks and best regards, elle
  8. Yep, BPS is back to normal after update 73.0.1 x 64 bit Win 7. Thanks Mozilla and ESET...
  9. Restored to Firefox 73. Tried ESET's pre-release update and no go... Will wait for Firefox new release.
  10. OK! It says Firefox 74.0b4 (64-bitars) so I wrongly thought is was beta. Anyway thanks for the suggestion to use the pre-release! Best regards, elle
  11. I'm not much of a beta tester person... but in this case I'll make an exception...and... YAY! Banking & Payment protection works like a charm! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! Best regards, elle
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