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  1. Thx to @itman and @Marcos, I unnistall Eset Internet Security and install it again using the offline installer for v12.2.29.0(*1) and now everything is working fine. *1 - https://support.eset.com/kb2885/
  2. Yes I am 100% that never tried Eset Smart Security Premium version on the pc I am currently today because this pc is new, I got it February this year and I always used Eset Internet Security version on it. If I try to get a trial version of Eset Smart Security Premium and activate it on my pc and restart my pc then activate my Eset Internet Security license and restart my pc again will that be able to fix this issue? Another thing that I was thinking to do was to try to use a file deleter like Wipe File to delete the PasswordManagerInstaller.exe file in the "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer" folder but I think that probably will damage the installation of Eset and cause me a lot more problems.
  3. The only explanation that I can see is that Eset fixed the Offline Installer of the version after I did my installation on 19/07/2019. I can 100% garantee you that I installed the Eset Internet Security version since I only activate my license after the installation finish and I didnt get any notification from Eset to restart my pc, which I would get if I had installed Eset Smart Security Premium and then tried to insert a Eset Internet Security license. Can you please provide me a link for the Offline Installer for the version Where I downloaded the offline Installer for version*1) still doesnt have the new version( offline installer. *1 - https://www.eset.com/pt/casa/internet-security/download/
  4. Did you install version using the Offline Installer or you used the Live Installer?
  5. Show me a screenshot of your "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer" folder.
  6. The only place in a Eset Folder that I can find something about Eset Password Manager is in the "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\Installer" folder. If there was any problem with my first installation then it was related to the Eset Internet Security offline installer(it still is possible to download this version offline installer using the link below): https://www.eset.com/pt/casa/internet-security/download/
  7. I already try that and doesnt work also if I close Eset and wait for the ESET Main GUI process to disappear from the Task Manager and after that I open the Eset program again the Password Manager Update Notification disappear but if I click on the Manual check for updates option, the notification appears again until I close Eset and wait for Eset Main GUI process to disappear(*1) again. *1 - If I open Eset before the ESET Main GUI process close I still can see the Password Manager Update notification.
  8. It doesnt appear in the Security Tools section also the folder "ESET Password Manager" doesnt exist in my "C:\Program Files\ESET\" folder.
  9. No I always had Eset Internet Security, I first install it using the offline installer for version https://www.eset.com/pt/casa/internet-security/download/
  10. I was on Eset Internet Security and today I got a notification to update to version but the weird thing is that I also got update notification to update Eset Password Manager something that is only on the Eset Smart Security Premium version. I was able to update to Eset Internet Security without any problem but the Password Manager update notification still appears, I press to update, it starts to download the Eset Paswword Manager.exe file and the notification disappears but if I click in the manual update option of Eset the notification apears again.
  11. This "bug" still persists in Eset v12 for me but only happens in the first time I go to my gmail after open Google Chrome and only get it again after close and open Google Chrome again and go to my gmail. In v11 I was getting the webcam notification "bug" everytime I refresh my gmail page. Just to let the moderators know I deleted the saved webcam rule that blocked Google Chrome access to the webcam after updating to v12 but got the notification that @lvl1k0n got again after I open Google Chrome and go to my gmail, so I blocked access again. Is this "bug" gonna be fixed in a future Eset module update or we gonna have to wait for a Google Chrome update that fixes this "bug"?
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