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  1. galaxy

    Very poor test result

    These tests don't matter. Why, because it is never shown how to capture the viruses hot or similar, so no real tests
  2. galaxy

    Eset Guard Protection

    @Marcos Thanks for your answer, I took a test once, I have to say .. I had nix on my computer;-) ESET is really doing a great job. Youtube videos are complete rubbish that showed me my test. And those who catch a virus have mostly themselves to blame. The largest virus sits in front of the computer;-)
  3. galaxy

    NOD32 update

    @itman You do a great job that I just want to praise and ... thank you for all the help. Nice that you are so actively helping here. Thank you
  4. galaxy

    Eset Guard Protection

    That's a great idea
  5. It's a pity that ESET staff don't add such an evil file as recognition. scare me a lot
  6. Sometimes a harddisk connected with usb 3.0;-)
  7. Check in the logs to see if this or the games are blocked. Under tools and then click on log files and then clicking on HIPS, there it should be visible what it blocks and whether ESET blocks it
  8. https://new.shop.esetnod32.ru/catalog/electronic/
  9. Oder nutzen Sie einfach den Edge-Browser. Hilft Ihnen das?
  10. Just extended to go in the picture and visit the website, and you can download it;-)
  11. It does not appear on the main page, go left on uodate and then look if it is up to date again, is a bug I think
  12. https://support.eset.com/kb2138/