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  1. Problem solved, got it re-installed and now everything goes. Thank you for your help
  2. I used current version which is available from ESET Security. And I only use one PC
  3. 1809 is the problem When I uninstall eset everything is good again
  4. Start function does not work, it does not respond, even the settings can not start, it takes a very long time until the system responds, I now have the 1803 back on it and the problems are gone
  5. Windows 10 Redstone 5 is not supported is ESET ready for the new Windows version? I have a lot of problems with the PC after updating to the new version of Windows
  6. Your posts are boring and make no sense
  7. Far too little info, so you can only conditionally help which OS which version of ESET is installed
  8. galaxy

    scarab decryptor available

    That I find good that it is only for the user who is paying, there are enough fake keys in the net. Thumbs up
  9. The best protection is you yourself, as no AV can help if you are not careful
  10. galaxy

    Eset not detecting virus

    But now you should not be able to use the file anymore, because what is not quite OK with the file