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  1. galaxy

    Happy New Year

    Thank you very much, that I wish everyone
  2. As a more efficient user, I can only say I've never had a pest on my pc
  3. The problem has probably been solved
  4. galaxy

    license code

    Just sign up here https://login.eset.com And remove the devices you don't need
  5. galaxy

    Very poor test result

    These tests don't matter. Why, because it is never shown how to capture the viruses hot or similar, so no real tests
  6. galaxy

    NOD32 update

    @itman You do a great job that I just want to praise and ... thank you for all the help. Nice that you are so actively helping here. Thank you
  7. Oder nutzen Sie einfach den Edge-Browser. Hilft Ihnen das?
  8. Just extended to go in the picture and visit the website, and you can download it;-)
  9. I have the problem with the edge browser
  10. I am very satisfied with eset, I thought so a function is great, but yes, in many AV ´ s is announced so
  11. Even if ESET notices the ransomware, the data could not be back
  12. If an infestation of a ransomware occurs that when it is noticed the data is restored