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  1. Hello! Marcos! Please for feature ESET. Automatical Setting Low from to Paranoidal Scanner, Protection, and other. Malware removal to maximal setting, -Maximal Setting -Normal Setting -Low Setting. And , please Design Eset . That's is desing 9 to 12 .... thats is 3-4 years. Please new Design for Eset is black windows and center static and other .. and feature Automatical Setting to button download : Eset Internet Security Maximal - this is Setting for Maximal installer , and maximal protection for hom
  2. Hello ! Happy Birthday!! 11 sempteber . ESET IS UPDATED 20.000 SIGNATURES BASES UPDATED !! https://www.virusradar.com/en/update/info/20000 CONGRATS!!! regard Alexander .
  3. Hello Eset Team! How planned , to integration Eset with Router ? That is good Internet safe. About: 1 one human buy to router with Eset (free tehcnology : Web-page block, Botnet, Anti-Ddos ) - 600 euro maximal or 1.000 euro. Thats is Non-license Limit . Thats is good idea . Feature : Eset integration for company router Wi-fi : Dlink , and other company . Thats to take admin panel and setting router , and Eset -> Enable Safe -> Web Page, Bot-Net , Ddos and other.
  4. Yes. Thats feature Ransomware Intelectual Engine-Humanoud . Thats is Heurestic block to robot engine , no Expert human detection. Thats feature Human-Robotic Engine -thats is strong robot humanoud block and threats 0.01 second search and add signature update . Thats is innovaion humanoud cybersecirity research.
  5. Thats is individual removal computer: Expert connecting to your computer and : Threat malware and to verdict virus. Removal with special Enginering Instrumental Expert. Setting Invidiual and Install Product Eset. Take license for 3 years (or 2 years invidual ) -to purcache Expert's key.
  6. Please add function : Eset Innovation Ransom Guard - adds another level of protection to the PC, which monitors suspicious changes in the file system and warns the user when a dangerous activity is recorded, offering to cancel malicious changes. In addition, this technology allows Eset to detect various types of zero-day threats. About Eset technology: Planned feature: Ransom Guard technology: I have idea how to working Ransom Guard tehcnology. Innovation Ransom Guard technology is good block virus ransomware (100%). Take md5 hash. 8a669e9418750c81ab90ae159a8
  7. Oh=((( Do you have feature Voting to Eset ? And please speak Miroslav Trnka - CEO Techical Director Eset . Please will be able to talk with the director so that you can review the results, so that they are aware, so that they can specifically create a program. If it confirms and gives the result yes or no.
  8. A invalid- person can not pay money for a defensive solution, if he has Windows 7 ... He will need free protection, it wants Eset Free. Ah, not Internet Security. Please respect a invalid- person for respecting people and employees. Please be near protection. P.S And please Voting to Free Eset .
  9. Thats is Interface : Please see . Im editing for Image Paint. Thats is Normally Installer Free Eset. Thats is good idea. Im removed : Web Page, File Real Time , and other. Thats is normally Installer Eset Free Function. - It is Feature Eset Free.
  10. Thats is little problem. Eset Online have problem for Offline scanner. About : Free Eset . Download full install Eset Free . and Install. Thats function Enable : -Scanner -Update . -Live Grid( or disabled). Disabled : -Real Time -Web Page. -Other Protection . Free Eset to take people banners reclame : upgrade to Internet Security . Thats idea?
  11. Hello! How planned to Free Eset Antivirus? Thats non-full function , thats is small protection free. Kaspersky, Avira, Avast , and other have Free Antivirus. Can do you planned feature Eset Free ?
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