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  1. Hello! Marcos! Please for feature ESET. Automatical Setting Low from to Paranoidal Scanner, Protection, and other. Malware removal to maximal setting, -Maximal Setting -Normal Setting -Low Setting. And , please Design Eset . That's is desing 9 to 12 .... thats is 3-4 years. Please new Design for Eset is black windows and center static and other .. and feature Automatical Setting to button download : Eset Internet Security Maximal - this is Setting for Maximal installer , and maximal protection for home. That's is right and save protect and block ransomware for maximal. It is important for people Last eset is 12 version is random (standart setting install). Please feature to button to Maximal setting (automatical setting Scanner, Internet Browser to safe protection, disable camera etc). That's is Innovation Eset technology.
  2. Hello ! Happy Birthday!! 11 sempteber . ESET IS UPDATED 20.000 SIGNATURES BASES UPDATED !! https://www.virusradar.com/en/update/info/20000 CONGRATS!!! regard Alexander .
  3. Hello Eset Team! How planned , to integration Eset with Router ? That is good Internet safe. About: 1 one human buy to router with Eset (free tehcnology : Web-page block, Botnet, Anti-Ddos ) - 600 euro maximal or 1.000 euro. Thats is Non-license Limit . Thats is good idea . Feature : Eset integration for company router Wi-fi : Dlink , and other company . Thats to take admin panel and setting router , and Eset -> Enable Safe -> Web Page, Bot-Net , Ddos and other.
  4. Yes. Thats feature Ransomware Intelectual Engine-Humanoud . Thats is Heurestic block to robot engine , no Expert human detection. Thats feature Human-Robotic Engine -thats is strong robot humanoud block and threats 0.01 second search and add signature update . Thats is innovaion humanoud cybersecirity research.
  5. Thats is individual removal computer: Expert connecting to your computer and : Threat malware and to verdict virus. Removal with special Enginering Instrumental Expert. Setting Invidiual and Install Product Eset. Take license for 3 years (or 2 years invidual ) -to purcache Expert's key.
  6. Please add function : Eset Innovation Ransom Guard - adds another level of protection to the PC, which monitors suspicious changes in the file system and warns the user when a dangerous activity is recorded, offering to cancel malicious changes. In addition, this technology allows Eset to detect various types of zero-day threats. About Eset technology: Planned feature: Ransom Guard technology: I have idea how to working Ransom Guard tehcnology. Innovation Ransom Guard technology is good block virus ransomware (100%). Take md5 hash. 8a669e9418750c81ab90ae159a8ec410 - thats is md . Module Ransom block , (8a669e9418750c81ab90ae159a8ec410 )*.*.wncry , (md5) *.*.exe , ( md5) *.*.cry *.*.wncry , *.*.exe , *.*.cry , *.*. - thats is original virus to encoded crypt file and other. Module have update good and block , special non md5 hash. Why? Module have good block : *.* - thats is original md5 hash generated virus crypt file. . name encounder . See how to add and update to block special module Ransomware Guard : *.*.cry *.*.exe , *.*.wncry , and other texts virus. -thats is original text of Ransomware How working Eset Ransomware detect? 8a669e9418750c81ab90ae159a8ec410).wncry , -thats is original block name ransomware .wncry , .exe , .crypt, other (this is read .txt to rename .wncry, .exe, .etc ). 8a669e9418750c81ab90ae159a8ec410).exe Eset Ransomware Guard - block text : .wncry, .exe , *.*.cry - to block , and send to viruslab and quarantine. That's is good Working for feature defense file.
  7. Oh=((( Do you have feature Voting to Eset ? And please speak Miroslav Trnka - CEO Techical Director Eset . Please will be able to talk with the director so that you can review the results, so that they are aware, so that they can specifically create a program. If it confirms and gives the result yes or no.
  8. A invalid- person can not pay money for a defensive solution, if he has Windows 7 ... He will need free protection, it wants Eset Free. Ah, not Internet Security. Please respect a invalid- person for respecting people and employees. Please be near protection. P.S And please Voting to Free Eset .
  9. Thats is Interface : Please see . Im editing for Image Paint. Thats is Normally Installer Free Eset. Thats is good idea. Im removed : Web Page, File Real Time , and other. Thats is normally Installer Eset Free Function. - It is Feature Eset Free.
  10. Thats is little problem. Eset Online have problem for Offline scanner. About : Free Eset . Download full install Eset Free . and Install. Thats function Enable : -Scanner -Update . -Live Grid( or disabled). Disabled : -Real Time -Web Page. -Other Protection . Free Eset to take people banners reclame : upgrade to Internet Security . Thats idea?
  11. Hello! How planned to Free Eset Antivirus? Thats non-full function , thats is small protection free. Kaspersky, Avira, Avast , and other have Free Antivirus. Can do you planned feature Eset Free ?
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