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  1. Had multiple Av-Solutions over the last 15 years, ESET is by far the smoothest I've ever had. Pretty easygoing on the System, doesn't bother me with pop-ups very other second, etc... You should not rely too much on the AV Test Labs, since they rarely test a real-life Scenario, sure, ESET has it's rough corners and problems sometimes, but not more than most Software that works on this large Scale Haven't spent too much Time with Bitdefender, since It's not really well known in my Area, compared to other Av's. Running two AV's at the same Time isn't a good Idea, since they often conflict with each other, eg. Av1 recognizes AV2 as a Virus and wants to block it, while Av2 deals with the block attempt as an attack and tries to block av1, etc... I think I've read somewhere that you can use components of two different Av's together, but I'm really not sure how this works, so no promises here
  2. Played around with the SSL/TLS Options in a test environment and crosschecked with amtso, I think that ESET is gonna block the communication with a hijacked/unsafe page if the certificate is in some way compromised, since there are a lot of layers in place to make secure communication with the site in question possible. And it's still gonna stop downloads/execution of suspicious files. Although, I think the only way to really know for sure is if such a case happens in a real-life situation 🤷‍♂️
  3. I see, that makes Sense, thanks for the quick answer and satisfying my curiosity
  4. Hi everybody, I hope that this is the correct Place for this. Out of pure curiosity, when I was checking some certificates I noticed that the certificate on google.com is not marked as verified by ESET, as is usually the case with active SSL/TLS Filtering, but instead marked as verified by GTS. Also noticed the same thing with cnn.com. When I crosschecked it with a local news website, it showed me the Certificate as Verified by: ESET SSL Filter CA See the screenshots attached, they are in German but it translates to Verified By: [...] Just asking out of pure curiosity, could it be that those Sites are verified by an independent Certificate Authority and are already registered as Safe within ESET's Database? 😄 I tried it out with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera, all of them are up-to-date. I'm using ESET Endpoint Security version 7.1.2053, with active SSL/TLS Filtering in automatic mode.
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