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  1. Got it! Thank you! So the fact that this will eventually slow down the server and we have no way to clear the logs at a specific time frame on the server seems like a problem. Can I put in a feature request asking that ESET get this feature added to the software? Thank you
  2. Marcos, Looks like I was able to get ESET to log all by going into web access protection > URL Address management > List of allowed Addresses and adding a new rule with * for the website. Visiting cnn.com generates over 200 "Filtered Websites" logs (They do not appear under web control logs). Do you know if it is possible to clear just the filtered website logs daily? Thanks
  3. I changed the logging to warning and I am still not getting any logs on my endpoint telling me the sites I was visiting. I only see blocks still. It sounds like what I am trying to do... log all web traffic - is not supported can can cause issues with our ESET Cloud server. Can I put in a feature request? Searching this topic, I see several other's with very similar requests. Thanks
  4. I followed the steps in the link above, but I am not getting any logging. What I am trying to do is log every site visited on a endpoint rather is is allowed or blocked. I want 100% of the browser traffic logged. I do get logging for blocked sites, but not for allowed. Snip of the rule I made and applied to the top of the rules list.
  5. Hello, Is anyone aware of a way I can set my ESET Cloud endpoints to log all web control events. I am looking for a way to log all web events on my remote machines. Thank you
  6. Description: Log all web control events with ESET Cloud Detail: I am looking for a way to log all web control events / Websites visited with ESET Cloud / ESET Endpoint Security. I would like to be able to specify a time frame on when these logs would refresh. I found a KB that shows how to do this with ESMC, but I can not seem to get this working on ESET Cloud. In addition, it would be great if we could get these logs sent to the server for auditing. Thank you
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