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  1. Marcos, I´m also for a while signed up for Beta Program on Centercode and i didn´t receive anything. Should i do something? Regards,
  2. Updates on Eset 13 final version release date. Regards,
  3. Hello everyone, Can you tell me please when Eset 13 beta will be release as final version, if it will next mouth ? Or if we normal users can test Eset 13 Beta version with the pre-release updates in product or is just for selective forum members ? Best Regards, 😉
  4. Ok it´s seems that is everything alright, i have setted up using default windows settings for known networks and as you said ESET´s IDS will detect and alert about ICMP flood attack, it´s all basics covered. i will delete that new rule added because it´s not really needed. Thank you guys for the help.
  5. Hello, Can you please help me to create the rule to block reply to ping ICMP Echo on firewall. Thanks in advanced.
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