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  1. V13 is planned to be released in Q4 this year. More information to follow soon. The beta is available to Insider program members. Dafont Showbox Adam4adam
  2. This is what i suggested basically having a way that the rules can be organised without effecting the prority
  3. I love the new forum, and it's layout. It looks very professional, and it's easy to navigate. In my opinion it's very well organized, and provides easy access to whatever one may be looking for. Someone brand new to the forum should be able to navigate the site with ease.
  4. My forum name will give you a BIG clue to my day job. I am a computer nut, all self-taught. I have 6 PCs and all multiboot at least 5 OSs - a mix of Windows versions and Linux Distros. ESET currently on all. https://bluestacks.vip/ , https://kodi.software/ & https://luckypatcher.pro/
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