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  1. I inst'd the Lite Ver and would Delete this Thread if I knew how. I had read one Dnload Ver of this had a possible "You Don't Won't It" attachment so that's why I posted. hxxp:// Secunia PSI is going away and EIS Blocked / Popup (this on a list of) "Potentially Unwanted Content Sites" for SUMO Update Checker download. Anyone use it or know if it's still OK (Ignore & Continue) . Recommended by PC Mag,, etc. Thanks as always.
  2. Thanks for the Link but based on your Reply I presumed we need to learn How to EXCLUDE the ESET Install Folder from Indexing. The Link is more about Adding or Moving items. If you Clk Modify and Browse via "users" to all of the C: Gateway Folders, Program Files isn't even Checked, and I presume it must be checked to be Indexed. I'll just manually update Virus Sigs when the popup occurs.
  3. Hi, Marcos. I get this too But every X Weeks vs Days. Manual Virus Update always works but it would be nice to eliminate the Update failures. I found Indexing Options in Win 7 Control Panel.: Indexing Options/ Modify / Users/ Program Files/ ESET/ ESET Security ..... then Do what?