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  1. Sorry! The Apps section in Firefox Options WITHIN BPP had somehow changed to "ASK" for Portable Document Folder format (it Did NOT ask); The Main FF Options I first chk'd was correct; I changed my BPP window TO my PDF X-Change App -- and Merrill & Regions loaded PDF statements. With so many Security add-ons and settings to check you need a team for home computers now. =============================== EDIT to Itman's Replies below: I won't bump other Threads for this BUT I later found multi-Dnloaded Statement Files on my Desktop when prior experiences had me seeing the data IN the open page first - then SAVE AS - No Dnload. I Just did Not see / expect the dnloads ........... AND, he's right about not knowing / forgetting that you must make FF Options Choices in BOTH the Regular AND BPP Profiles. ======================================================================== Last attempted (succeeded) in March, Today -- In FIREFOX -- I could not load Merrill Lynch -- (.aspx) -- Statement pages (large Blank page usually populated with data) OR -- See -- PDF Regions Bank Statement pages to Save. Firefox Test Profile (no addons, etc) with BPP failed; EDGE succeeded WITH BPP. HOW do you Troubleshoot such a dilemma? (ie) -- is there any Data I can tell them to assist better with a Security Feature that they don't author?
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