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  1. .... seen in phone address block but No Hits when Googling this..... From Popup: [We detect that my samsung Galxy s5 active is 28.1% damaged because of four had,flu virusesm from recent adult sites ( ALTHOUGH I haven't visited ANY TO MY KNOWLEDGE). Soon it will damage your phones SIM card and will corrupt your contacts photos, data and applications.etc. ] The Post-er advised a fix via Settings/ Applications/ Internet (Samsung Internet in my case) / Force Stop .... This isn't likely something my Android ESET via Play Store would catch but maybe this will help someone Googling for a similar fix.
  2. Today I see for My Bank (hxxp:// "An Error Occurred in Processing Your Request" and NO LOGIN Section is presented; I DID access the Bank site WITH - IE 11 - I still CAN access Merrill Lynch and Bank of America WITH FF 52.0.2.
  3. UH-OH. Today's 52.0.2 Ver Upgrade seems to have FIXED my Problem as I'm now loading designated sites within the Protected Mode. Good Luck with your's.
  4. I cannot access Any Account in Firefox 52.0.1 (& 52.0.2) coded for Bank-Payment Protection as I get a popup that Firefox is already running and must be closed first.- AND - I subsequently see Another Popup: Firefox Proifile Cannot Load and may be Missing or Inaccessible. Access to normal bookmarks works. Bank-Pmt Coded Sites Cannot be accessed in FF Safe Mode - OR - a new Test Profile free of addons, etc., --- So the Test Profile Failure makes it appear that ESET has Stopped "Talking" to Firefox completely. Posted on FF Forum, too, but Any Help is appreciated.
  5. The part about "I don't want to miss out on the fixes" means ... "It's working well but you want the continued improvements" - OR - "It's still Flaky" and you want to hang-around for the Complete Fix"? What's your OS and how many attempts did it take to get it working satisfactorily - IF it Is? It's depressing now following that Forum. Hope they figure this out sooner than later - Although there may be a million successful users and only these Post-ers are what we see.
  6. Thanks for all of the the Comments. I've been following the Really Problematic release of 3.0 and noted the Sticky (currently 1st in 3.0 Forum) that just appeared for a Pre-release Beta Dnload Link that allegedly Corrects Many of the problems I've been reading about. Peteyt, IF you chance this Dnload they say they'll auto-update it if they make any changes to the final release . TomFace, I concur with your approach but I won't give up using it until the App proves it just isn't workable. I'm just biding my time, like you, for the most logical "trial" attempt, and the 3.0 Forum users will surely let you know how things are progressing - or not. The ESS users were obviously very relevant to my final decision. SCR, a user of my Macrium Reflect (imaging) has confirmed the Fix for the Ransomware/SVI file data garbage issue, and I'll definitely make the Image. Sorry you trialed it too early as they'll surely get this fixed. Thanks again to all!
  7. I've run ESS and MBAM Premium (real-time) for years believing with no conflicts I was better protected. MBAM has been consistently recommended here for certain problem resolutions, so why not? I just discovered 3.0 MBAM existed (3.0 expands its Security Features a lot over what I originally bought and it's Free to Premium 2.0 licensees) and want to try it believing if the two don't conflict / slow my computer down I'm (again) better protected. I'd certainly listen to ESET experts who offered technical reasons why they shouldn't co-exist.
  8. I'm trying to get the courage to install a new MBAM 3.0 Beta Installer that reportedly fixes a lot of issues that early users have suffered through. 3.0 is an AV substitute along with malware, anti-exploit, ransomware, etc. Security Features, so I'm surprised that no one has posted Anything in THIS Forum about MBAM 3 experiences. Any ESS V10/ MBAM 3.0 feedback is appreciated when knowledge of - or - actual experience allow.
  9. EDIT to Below: I was told to Reinstall the App BUT the Extra "Permissions" that ESET Anti-Phishing wants still nets "Settings Has Stopped" (wasn't the entire App that stopped). CHROME shows Unprotected as I Chk'd "Disregard the Permission request". No clue If Chrome is Protected IF this Anti-Phishing Extra Permission request works in someone's App/Phone. I've got Eset Mobile Security ( no beta noted) via Google Play and just sent a Sppt Tkt in. Per an App Notification Request to Allow Anti-Phish Access of Required Data on my phone (AT&T Samsung Note 5) I followed all steps BUT got a note that "the Universal Switch does Not support Current System Language and that Text-to-Speech will be set to English, which may cause unexpected behavior. When I Clk "Allow" (permission) the App says "Settings Has STOPPED". When I Clk Settings it Loads forever (seen on Text-to-Speech Settings page) and does nothing. Although THIS is NOT about Chrome, IF you get a similar Notification Request from ESET, pls post here as to what happens. I'll post IF I get a solution from Support.
  10. A repeat of last time ........... the Setup/Network Protection Link is Green Vs Red now but I'd appreciate your looking at the Log Collector as there is No way to know IF this Red Alert will ever Stop randomly occurring or that the Protection will always return.
  11. Marcos, I just sent you a Dropbox Link for Log Collector data just compiled. 1st ESS V10 Network Protection failure since 12/8/16; No Popups occurred.......... Uninstalls were via Start/ All Programs/ Eset before each Re-Install. Advise what to do next. Thanks!
  12. Same thing happened to me in -- Win 7 Hm Prem 64 -- and after (3) V10 Installs it hasn't ocurred since the last 12/6 Install. I originally Uninstalled Latest V9 via Start and Installed New V10 where Red Alert (3) Network Protection showed up after several weeks. Same Uninstall & Re-Install and it occurred again after just a day or two. I sent Marcos a Log Collector Zip File on 12/6 (before last Re-Install of V10) but don't know if he had a chance to view it.
  13. EDIT: 12/19/16 --- The Red Alert in Network Protection has Not returned since 12/8. Will consider the matter Solved. FYI The Network Protection Red Alert for 3 non-functioning members that appeared on Day 2 of my New ( & 3rd ) V10 Install has Disappeared. All I know to do is keep checking to confirm if it is a Here - Gone - Here again process.