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  1. I never expected a solution to the original problem via This Thread -- BUT can you, Marcos, or someone just verify that with Mobile Security UN-installed from my phone there is no chance of Phone Lock should I ever have to Remove - Change SIM card - And I can Delete the Special Contact created by the Mobile App.
  2. Thanks, Marcos. Ask Before Dnload was Marked AND it likely was done so by an ESET Ver Update as I'm not sure I've ever noticed it.
  3. ESET EIS 14.2.19 ....I would have waited this out but -- itman''s -- HIPS issue Thread had in it -- [What may have caused this HIPS malfunction was a few days ago, I had an Eset module update hang on me. I cancelled it via Eset GUI option but even then, it "sputtered" a bit. Appears this corrupted the HIPS module in some way. ] I am repeatedly seeing the orange flag in the Sys Tray and -- Modules Update Failed ... Dnload Interrupted by user", where I then Chk for Updates and Do you want to Dnload XXX kB - OK, and today 4 Modules THEN updated. What's my next step?
  4. I DO have a Thread in the Mobile Security Forum. I was attempting to show, assuming commonality in mobile & desktop Eset, that the Apps were sensing Non-user caused issues, and maybe Sppt knowing similar "phantom" intrusions were occurring might help. No intent to steal your thread.
  5. This is a "cousin" to my Mobile Security issue where there were many instances of "Incorrect screen lock code entered" = Suspicious Activity, AND the Incorrect entries were Not By Me. My daily Lock Screen code entries Always Worked. The phone showed Locked "Sometimes" BUT Actually was not; Backspacing, etc. always returned the screen. Re-install didn't help and I accepted that Sppt had an understandably hard time diagnosing something from x thousand miles away. I DID wonder IF someone was remotely attempting a Login, even though 98% of my "pretty cautious" web surfing is via desktop.
  6. Even with a Lic to Oct '22 I uninstalled Mobile Security because of too many False "Wrong Lock Code Entered" popups with Resulting pictures of me watching TV or driving or blurs ........... Sppt never could get a handle on it and that's OK. At some point I must have setup "Trust This Sim Card" as I have a Jpg of the screen stating --- IF the Sim Card is removed (more for by a thief than me) the Phone will be Locked. "To enable this functionality we will create a unique identifier (ie) ESET1234c9 on your Sim card AND in your Contacts." THAT Contact IS Still THERE NOW. What is the reality of this Setup WITH Mobile Security UNinstalled? What should I do?
  7. I changed to Pre-Release and BPP didn't occur in Edge -- BUT today discovered Update Failed - Interrupted; I Repeated the Update and THEN BPP worked for my bank. OP should make sure his Update actually occurred to 14.2.10. (2) different dnloads were witnessed in the process.
  8. I can only offer that (I'm MY PayPal Pmt problems -- seem to be fixed WHEN I can see/Find an "Allow Cookies" Popup that I must OK (usually toward page bottom) , and THIS with Cookie AutoDelete showing designated cookies - per screen I'm on - at least Gray-listed. Clk'ing CONTINUE Button after some PayPal connected screen nets an eternal spinning circle, etc, UNLESS I have OK'd the Allow Cookies popup. On rare occasions I've Disabled some/all of uBO, Privacy Possum, and LocalCDN - but Cookie Popup OK seems to be the main issue I hope your solution is similar.
  9. Thanks, itman. Secure All = No chk there; There is some delay between the opening of the intended, non-BPP site and the appearance of the BPP page. This morning on a non-BPP college football site it has appeared Twice so far (ie) appear after approx 1 minute viewing, delete, re-appear 2 minutes later. Often FF Safe Mode shows Addons/Extensions are the culprit and I could try working ONLY in a Test Profile to see IF it happens then. Just making sure no one had seen this before or knew of a possibility. I think it will be hard to diagnose.
  10. When I clk'd the Firefox 87 shtcut to open this Forum site the BPP page Also opened by itself, as it has done multi-times today and in the recent past. Is there any known update or Setting that might cause this without my Clk'ing a BPP-designated site? Will go to Mozillazine Forum next but thought a Yes / No answer here would help there.
  11. Marcos, in the Anti-Theft Activity Log I found several days with Incorrect Lock Code Entries followed by pics, location found, device recovered, and an AT&T Mobility LLC entry that MAY be a reaction to the Suspicious Activity ESET declares, OR maybe part of the cause. I Am SURE I did Not make multi-entries of the Lock Code, which I usually Only make from Phone Off at night to Phone On in morning; Wants Code only at morning Off to On - but I use Finger-Print other times. I'll see if Sppt can make sense of the Activity pics I sent them But amazingly I don't recall having to re-Enter the Lock Code like is shown - ever.
  12. I usually have to do a Finger Print or enter a Code after Wake-up. When I get this Phone Locked screen I start pressing anything logical and it ultimately gets back to a desktop - embarrassing but I can't recall when I see the desktop If I had to do the finger-print. When I posted this I didn't know there was an ESET Folder in my Note 10 Picture gallery with about 20 pictures, mostly Blurs BUT a few of me driving with the phone in a cup holder recess. So from a March 4 Suspicious activity email I saved to Mar 26 & 29 occurrences something made ESET think it needed to take pictures. Mon-Wed-Fri 9 am weekly Smart scans have run forever and a In-Depth Scan just now shows nothing. The App and my Note 10 functioning seem normal, otherwise. I understand Sppt can't auto-know what's going on, and after a 2nd Reply to run the Scan, I'll just wait & see IF it happens again, and save the data. Any other suggestions are appreciated.
  13. A disappointing Sppt Reply simply Gave Links to Show How to Uninstall or Reinstall the app; Not a word about my issue. Presume AI sent that and I asked for another Reply from a person.......
  14. On the 26th and 29th and once prior I side-button-press woke my Note 10 phone and saw a Locked Screen -- and a back arrow gives me the Suspicious Activity message below -- The first two have Not occurred and I don't know how to check the "removed from device Administrators" (was not me if done). In all cases my phone is usable but I'd like to Stop the false Screens. Could an Installed App be causing this (remote snooping, etc.) --- and How do you check if possible? ESET Anti-Theft has recorded suspicious activity on your device Samsung SM-N970U. It might have been one of the following: Someone entered an incorrect lock screen code Someone has removed the SIM card and inserted another one ESET Mobile Security has been removed from Device Administrators If you don't know the location of the device, sign in to your my.eset.com account at https://anti-theft.eset.com and confirm it as Missing. ESET Anti-Theft will start monitoring the activity on the device to help you find out its position.
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