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  1. EDIT: Sorry I left off the most important part - It's about BPP Ref BPP: I use to have to Disable Web & Email SSL in order to view John Hancock Financial, Walmart, & (until recently) Amazon sites (fixed itself in v12) . Maybe by coincidence, BUT they all display properly in v13 BPP with SSL now. Great - & FYI to programmers.
  2. Lillysdad, I use FF but note on RARE occasions BPP May require that you DISABLE SSL in Advanced Setup / Web & Email module. Amazon use to do this but cleared up. Currently Walmart (use BPP for Online buys) looks like below Until I disable SSL. I haven't bought anything yet in Walmt BPP but find I can Restore SSL AFTER I bring up the page correctly with SSL OFF. With a financial site I use w/ BPP I get a Different Error Screen but SSL OFF clears that up. Rare to need this but FYI.
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