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  1. My Signature shows a number of "Real-times" used for years and I converted to MBAM V3 in May. I don't know V3 is there, even at 7 am Full Scans (some have posted otherwise). V3 had 1 hiccup where a Red alert/not working Real-time Web Protection was fixed with a Forum post to me of the latest Ver dnload link that was installed OVER the current, and I haven't looked back since. Fixes are usually "Install latest over current" OR Post results of 3 Analysis Links, they analyze and post back on the Forum what to do. Sppt is sincere and responsive. I'd update and try it as the earlier horrors are of the past and they're so used to predictable issues they can recite the fix in their sleep - IF one is needed.. BTW, some may run Uninstall / Clean tool and then Install V3; After V3 Purchase and new KEY etc, I Edited my V2 Key to the V3, then Chk for Updates where V3 was offered, and I followed instructions for an Install of V3 over V2 without issue.
  2. Thanks for the Replies. I didn't "absorb" the difference in "Couldn't Be Automatically Cleaned" and Clk'ing Clean myself, so I chk'd Allow or the equivalent. 2nd Scan showed Nothing per Allow prior. ESET rarely presents an issue so I have little practice in knowing what to do. During Scan ....MBAM 3 gave a Popup for the Same String offering to Quarantine it. Clk'd Ignore Once and presume I shouldn't Quarantine IF I ever want to use Nero someday, although I can't recall using Nero in years. Appreciate the feedback. Lesson learned.
  3. Sorry I disappeared. I usually Snip Tool save them but didn't in this case. No recall Of ESET appearing in the popup, so the Unknown Author would be my Main Security Concern. I'll hope for the best. The below just appeared in a current Scan still running & typifies the dilemma of amateurs interpreting PUA popups. Nero 10 is a Day 1 app in the computer I haven't seen an update for in years, so I'm sure it's OK. As predicted earlier, I'll probably UN-Chk PUA and PUSafe as it's so Very rare I ever have issues. Couldn't be Cleaned appears in Popup............. C:\OEM\Preload\Autorun\APP\Nero 10 Essentials Gateway Edition\ISSetupPrerequisites\{BF80A1C0-C3FF-4B1C-ABEF-22CD4F97A0AB}\Toolbar.exe a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask potentially unsafe application Clean
  4. The dilemma for non-experts is to recognize a Popup Warning String for what it really is / means. I have recently seen a popup about "Windows Firewall has prevented (a String) from Logitech. Allow / Deny?" Win's Firewall is NOT active, so I wonder if this is an OK to Track every keystroke I make via the Logitech Keyboard I have. I should have copied and Google'd the String, but having just activated BOTH UnWanted and UnSafe, I suspect it will get so complicated with decisions above my pay grade that I go back to Default Off.
  5. EDIT : Uninstall / FIX choice appears to be a mini-Re-install and that worked. I'll never know WHY this happens so I'm resolved to just try a Fix from here on out and won't post unless that and an Uninstall / Re-install all fail.. I have submitted my first Ticket to Support with a .ZIP LOG. 11/21/16, 12/2/16, 1/25/17, 5/26/17, 6/23/17. Even though a Version Update cleared the last one I'd like to know WHY this happens. Will report IF I get any solution.
  6. It IS something on your computer as I have EIS and can logon one of two ways. The Test Link below works FROM my computer as described but when I Clk the Link FROM the POST, I get a Blank page. EDIT: In the Blank Page Address bar IF I add -- .srf -- to the address (even though it was originally there) it Opened to the Logon site. Pursue what I did IF you're desperate enough. ====================================================== I'm able to Logon using this (basic) URL below -- AND -- it opens in Hotmail directly IF i include omitted characters in the shortcut that are for MY Acct, which I can't share. Using the Link below I do the 2-step Logon, I Clk Services and Subscriptions in Top Border, then at lower left under Outlook .com heading I clk Switch Your Current Email to and it Opens in Hotmail. I get a Blank page UNLESS the .srf is added to the link. It's Not THE Solution but it's worth a try since you can't logon at all.
  7. You can follow this issue on the Firefox Forum and likely the Blog (currently Topic 1 on 2nd link below) ... hxxp://
  8. This morning Network Protection is Green again ... And so it goes .....
  9. Marcos, it's that time again where the (3) Red Network Modules show-up, and My Telling you about it always makes it disappear when it wouldn't otherwise. Dropbox Link will be sent in PM (2.16 MB .zip exceeds attachment limit) as soon as I post this. Malwarebytes 3 is newest Update from V2 but it's been fine for a month and no ESET issue til 2 days ago. Will advise if this post makes it disappear. Thanks!
  10. .... seen in phone address block but No Hits when Googling this..... From Popup: [We detect that my samsung Galxy s5 active is 28.1% damaged because of four had,flu virusesm from recent adult sites ( ALTHOUGH I haven't visited ANY TO MY KNOWLEDGE). Soon it will damage your phones SIM card and will corrupt your contacts photos, data and applications.etc. ] The Post-er advised a fix via Settings/ Applications/ Internet (Samsung Internet in my case) / Force Stop .... This isn't likely something my Android ESET via Play Store would catch but maybe this will help someone Googling for a similar fix.
  11. Today I see for My Bank (hxxp:// "An Error Occurred in Processing Your Request" and NO LOGIN Section is presented; I DID access the Bank site WITH - IE 11 - I still CAN access Merrill Lynch and Bank of America WITH FF 52.0.2.
  12. UH-OH. Today's 52.0.2 Ver Upgrade seems to have FIXED my Problem as I'm now loading designated sites within the Protected Mode. Good Luck with your's.
  13. I cannot access Any Account in Firefox 52.0.1 (& 52.0.2) coded for Bank-Payment Protection as I get a popup that Firefox is already running and must be closed first.- AND - I subsequently see Another Popup: Firefox Proifile Cannot Load and may be Missing or Inaccessible. Access to normal bookmarks works. Bank-Pmt Coded Sites Cannot be accessed in FF Safe Mode - OR - a new Test Profile free of addons, etc., --- So the Test Profile Failure makes it appear that ESET has Stopped "Talking" to Firefox completely. Posted on FF Forum, too, but Any Help is appreciated.