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  1. I may recall dragging the cursor one space past the last Key digit and the ESET page not liking that. Dragged to exact end of data and it worked. Type the Key or be sure no extra space is pasted. Support Pg wants Cookies Enabled to work; For fun be sure a Cookie Mgr isn't blocking anything although I doubt it prevents a Login. When all else fails Open a Sppt Ticket: Weekdays: 8:30am - 8:00pm Support: 01202 405 405
  2. No EIS Popups. Just a popup during attempted installs of either app. "Not a suitable Win32 app" for Unchecky (partial download, apparently), and the Sharing violation from my starting post #1. In EVENTS part of Log File at exactly 7 am and 8 am (same day Dec 10) I have red bars: -- Update Module -- "Failed to Rename File --- User: System.--- Presume that's about Virus Signature database. Cleared cache and clk'd Chk Updates. All appears OK. The Unchecky dnload/install problem was a few hours earlier. Tax app hours later. I'll disable during Dnload only for awhile and see how things go, although the Win Update I did Just recently had no problems with EIS. SCR, Thanks. 12/6 In-Depth Scan OK and Running One NOW (Was OK). Thanks for the Replies!
  3. I very rarely have DIS-abled EIS for App downloads ( even Win Update ) but today EIS affected my 2017 Income Tax App download (failed to Install re: "Sharing Violation accessing C:\ ...1040_FedPrint.dll" - and - a small utility app ( installed in Program Files (x86). After I Disabled EIS Protection + FW and Re-Dnloaded, the Installs went without issue. Uninstall for the incomplete Tax App install failed, but the EIS-OFF New Dnload Installed Over the old "partial install" fine. Do most of you now Disable EIS when Dnloading Apps?