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  1. Thanks itman and BeanSlappers for the security warning and Refresh suggestion. What Refresh involves in deletions would - for fixing just One Site - insure the most fun suicide I could conceive. Won't go through that reconstruct if about:config mods are so affected + Addons Re-install.. I'll return to SSL Filtering and see if the same oddity that caused this reverses itself later. Normal Mode will do for now. All the Best to you both, and Marcos. EDIT: Just Re-Set Back to SSL ON and Hancock Loaded Again in BPP. Next 2 Tries Failed. Oh, Well! Normal it is ........... Thanks again! EDIT: 7/17 With Manually Added - www.jhannuities.com -- in BPP setup --- It appears that IF I Un-Chk SSL Filtering, close ESET, Hancock will Open in BPP. I then Re-Chk SSL Filtering and Hancock will open X times BUT ONLY in that Session. Close FF & I have to Re-do everything. Will use that when needed. Walmart did Same UNTIL ver 12.2.23 inst'd, then worked OK.
  2. ..... used it in BPP prior without issue and CAN access it in Normal. A FF Forum "expert" suggested Disabling SSL Filtering in ESET and THAT WORKED. OK to leave SSL Filtering UN-Chk'd?
  3. Thanks for the Replies. I DID have -- www.jhannuities.com -- Setup in BPP -- and used it in BPP prior without issue, and CAN access it in Normal. I just tried a Test FF Profile and got the same error, but it Helps that Marcos Did get the page in BPP. Will try in a FF Sppt Forum I use and see what happens.
  4. John Hancock (financial) main web site ....... https://www.jhannuities.com/ --- loads as ----- https://www.jhannuities.com/Marketing/default.aspxMarketing/default.aspx The BPP Screen IN Firefox 68 now shows -- Secure Connection failed ----SEC_ERROR_BAD_SIGNATURE --- and a created FF Tab ESET page suggested Clearing FF Cache, DISABLE BPP, Re-Start Computer (which auto-enables BPP again) and Try ...... SAME Error Msg. I also (SSL/TLS) Un-Chk'd Exclude Communications w/Trusted Domains = No Help. Any suggestions appreciated.
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