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  1. It's got to Help for you to Post What App is Selected in Options/ Portable Doc Folder line. (Presumably after a FF Ver Upgrade) ... I found the Choice Changed to SAVE FILE, and PDF's were in my D:\Downloads Folder I never looked at until by accident.
  2. Thanks, Marcos. I just did a manual Scan with Registry and WMI chk'd along with the regular modules seen in this Log Rept. Just wondering WHY with Registry and WMI Added the Log is HALF the size of Scheduled Scans showing that don't include these two. I see the E Recovery Partition on my D Data Drive shows in Today's Scan but isn't chk'd in others. Drive C is SSD.
  3. I chkd Malware Scans/Targets and see WMI is Unchk'd --- and SO is Registry. WHAT is the recommended setup and timing for Registry scans? ..... Search web & here was useless.
  4. BPP OK with me but from an amateur's perspective you might check and post that you Opened EIS/ Setup/Security Tools/ BPP Cog Wheel/Configure ... and the BPP Enable box is Still chkd / Edit Protected sites : the Site settings look right. Hard to give a solution when we're Just at "not working" and that's all we know. Does "not working" mean you just get a regular, non-protected screen, or something more? .... Per itman, it's worth naming your Browser, too.
  5. Thanks to Both of you. The All BPP or nothing for this ruins the mood, so I'll do better at Manual History Cleaning. Good to know this should I ever adjust priorities.
  6. Thanks. I can believe that and accept it easily but thought there might be an Exemption entry for that protection.
  7. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/history-cleaner/ First, Can you install a Firefox Addon into the BPP Profile? I get an -- "Aborted Install - Appears to be Corrupt" -- for the FF (I'm 84.0.1) Addon - History Cleaner -- above BUT I have it in the regular FF profile. I've only thought to include the above URL in Web Access Protect/ URL Mgt/ List of Allowed Addresses -- and That didn't help. Assuming BPP just makes it "Look" corrupt, is there anything else I can try?
  8. Thanks, Marcos. Search "HTTPS-Only" here netted 0 so I asked without more Searching. I'll Not use the Mode and watch here and the mozillazine.org Forum I follow.
  9. Has anyone tested the new FF 83 "HTTPS-Only" Mode (in the FF Privacy module) WITH BPP? For -- regions.com (bank) --I get the Can't Redirect page --- https://help.eset.com/eis/14/en-US/how_resolve_bp_browser_error.html?issue=00110105 --- page and the FF Trick to clk on the address bar Lock Button and Turn HTTPS-Only Off -- FOR THAT SITE -- doesn't work because it's no longer showing the Regions address - it's the -- help.eset -- url showing. Turn Web-Email SSL OFF use to work on some issues but not here. I know that BPP uses a Separate FF Profile. What other Key facts do I need
  10. Sorry! The Apps section in Firefox Options WITHIN BPP had somehow changed to "ASK" for Portable Document Folder format (it Did NOT ask); The Main FF Options I first chk'd was correct; I changed my BPP window TO my PDF X-Change App -- and Merrill & Regions loaded PDF statements. With so many Security add-ons and settings to check you need a team for home computers now. =============================== EDIT to Itman's Replies below: I won't bump other Threads for this BUT I later found multi-Dnloaded Statement Files on my Desktop when prior experiences had me seeing the data IN
  11. I recently changed the name of the Local User Acct created by Anti-Theft and did Not think to change the Phantom Acct name / Both same Now. (Anti-Theft makes them identical at creation) Would that have rendered the feature useless where the Switch to the Local Acct with No Rights (after Theft status is activated) protects my system?
  12. Over a week but rare uses it was taking 45 seconds to load a BPP page and the same for PWd processing; Then today I got -- error code: 0x847695d0 -- and a Search solved the problem (ie) Open Eset/ Setup/ Security Tools/ Bank-Pmt Protect/ 1-Left-Clk on On-Off Button and Drop-dn offers: Disable Permanently - Choose it/ Close and Re-start computer / Reactivate BPP .... Problem solved. Had THAT not worked the KB6408 instructed Uninstall / Reinstall ESET App. FYI
  13. The solution was to go to My PC\Desktop\Rt Clk\Properties\Security tab .... the Modify Box for the "Everyone Group" was UN-Chk'd. I chk'd it and Saved a Word .docx to the Desktop and a small App Dnloaded to Desktop later. This with me using the - Me Admin (ALL Boxes chk'd) -- acct Only. Will research what the Everyone Group is about later. In W10-1909 Settings/ Update & Security/ Win Security/ Virus & Threat Protect in the center bottom is a box that allows Off/On for -- Windows Defender Antivirus Options (You can keep your current provider and have Win Defender periodically
  14. In the recent past I can no longer Save Apps or docs to Desktop as I always have. A common solution has involved Controlled Folder Access = OFF via a W10 Defender setting But I confirmed mine has always been OFF ( I only found Controlled Folder Access by stumbling onto - Allow Defender to Scan Randomly with ESET- and the On/Off choice becomes available). A Forum's moderator suggested ESET HIPS as a possible cause BUT IF I just Clk'd -- Enable HIPS -- to Off and many boxes went Blank, is THAT All I needed to test for ESET? A Backup Admin acct CAN Save to Desktop but THAT does
  15. Pretty sure I've Un-Chk'd (Adv Setup/ Web & Email ) -- SSL/TLS Protocol Filtering -- as a temp fix before/ Re-chk it when finished -- and it seems to clear up later via Updates or magic. Try that and post back, although not a real fix.
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