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  1. Would this be like ESET & Mbam arguing at the gate and a bad guy slips in un-noticed - OR - files are slow to open / browser gets choppy, sites = error page etc. I've Never had a visible issue with all 3 Real-time, although SuperAS Real-time has been OFF a good while.
  2. I didn't have to Uninstall ESET, just Disable both modules, along with Mbam Pro & SuperAS Pro. Twice Stuck at 91% until I Disabled all 3 is the Only point. I wasn't blaming ESET, just stating what worked for me. Maybe one of the other 2 was the culprit but it's too important to try Disabling B4 Uninstalling an AV, etc. - AS Many other post-ers said they did and likely would influence a non-expert reader to do the same.
  3. After Clk'ing - Chk for Updates - I repeatedly had the 1809 Update get STUCK at "Installing 91%" UNTIL I DISabled ESET Protect/FW & All other Security Apps. MOST "solved" posters UNinstalled their AV and Unchk'd all Non-MS members in the Task Mgr Startup Tab. Google the scenario IF problems and there are other 91%'ers who solved it. You experts know this but this is mainly for us amateurs.
  4. Not crucial to the issue BUT - I read 6:00:15 PM to be 6 PM - 0 Minutes - and 15 Seconds (ie) 15 seconds past 6 PM. No? Hopefully Marcos, etc., will just clarify that the Scheduler Will Never recover a Missed Scan after a Sleeping computer (at the scan time) wakes up. Many can accept a fact; It's the Not Knowing /keep trying - failing that drives you crazy.
  5. https://support.eset.com/kb3207/ Steps 6-7-8 show what I suggested you try; #9 shows In-Depth Scan but you should configure as desired. IF this Fails then Marcos can tell the staff the K-base Instruction fails and to help with a Fix / different settings instruction.
  6. Forget the MBAM item; Just to show Recovery logic is problematic in other places. Main idea was to TRY the 24 hour number Vs your Immediately If last run exceeds 1 hour. Itman may be on to something in above post about Sleep and ESET clock re-sets - but were it me I'd try the 24 hour setting I suggested JUST to say you tried what MATCHES the ESET K-base Instruction.
  7. Since you're not getting anywhere, and this is pure SWAG logic ..... is there away you could let it Run a Scan by Schedule at 1800 on a Monday and set the "Recovery if missed " for - Immediately if last run exceeds 24 hours / Not 1 (as shown in K-Base example for a weekly Friday scan). Make sure it's asleep at 1800 the next Monday and then wake it up anytime after & see what happens. Maybe there is some quirk in the coding logic that wants the "Exceeds #" for Last Run (on a Missed Scan) to be 24 hours (24 Hours + 1 second would be required to MISS a Daily Scan) Vs 1. This Schedule logic contradiction thing is a wide-spread issue. The MBAM Setup screen can show - Recover if Missed by 1 hour - ( implies IF the computer wakes up at "8:00:01 or after" Following a Missed 07:00:00 Scheduled Scan, then Scan.) But 2 Clk's backing out to the Review Screen shows - "Run again Within 1 Hour of Last Miss (implies 07:00:00 asleep / IF the unit awakes between 7:00:01 and 8:00:01 Run the scan. If it doesn't, then DON'T Scan. HOW is that for clear Recover logic? Hope the above works. Nothing to lose. Or try the -Immediately if last run exceeds 24 hours - on a Temporary Daily Schedule and see if 24 works there - to find out quicker.
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