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  1. The solution was to go to My PC\Desktop\Rt Clk\Properties\Security tab .... the Modify Box for the "Everyone Group" was UN-Chk'd. I chk'd it and Saved a Word .docx to the Desktop and a small App Dnloaded to Desktop later. This with me using the - Me Admin (ALL Boxes chk'd) -- acct Only. Will research what the Everyone Group is about later. In W10-1909 Settings/ Update & Security/ Win Security/ Virus & Threat Protect in the center bottom is a box that allows Off/On for -- Windows Defender Antivirus Options (You can keep your current provider and have Win Defender periodically check for threats) -- and Clk'ing On and going in further was the Only way I found Controlled Folder Access. Irrelevant since that On/Off was Off, so CFA couldn't have been On.
  2. In the recent past I can no longer Save Apps or docs to Desktop as I always have. A common solution has involved Controlled Folder Access = OFF via a W10 Defender setting But I confirmed mine has always been OFF ( I only found Controlled Folder Access by stumbling onto - Allow Defender to Scan Randomly with ESET- and the On/Off choice becomes available). A Forum's moderator suggested ESET HIPS as a possible cause BUT IF I just Clk'd -- Enable HIPS -- to Off and many boxes went Blank, is THAT All I needed to test for ESET? A Backup Admin acct CAN Save to Desktop but THAT doesn't prove what changed in the Admin Acct I use Exclusively. My rarely used Bkup Admin Acct is like a parallel universe where little is the same as in my main acct so I don't know if ESET is different for it (where I Can Save to Desktop) Vs some setting for the Main Admin Acct. Not likely ESET but may as well ask. Thanks as always.
  3. Pretty sure I've Un-Chk'd (Adv Setup/ Web & Email ) -- SSL/TLS Protocol Filtering -- as a temp fix before/ Re-chk it when finished -- and it seems to clear up later via Updates or magic. Try that and post back, although not a real fix.
  4. I found the Error page today (2/28/20) and later found that -- IF I CLK LOGIN on THAT ERROR Page -- it opens to my Anti-Theft page as intended. Firefox 73.0.1 / New Edge Chrom got same error earlier.
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