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  1. FF & IE 11 both Open Separate Login page Windows for me with Green Borders. IE 11 does Not Show a Tab for the BPP site - but FF does - and the Tab Page is mostly Green with white "You're in BPP" indicated & not much more. IE 11 appeared to show a green page for half a second but it disappeared. Have never known any other behavior with FF.
  2. From latest FF 66.0.5 and the Adobe alternate, PDF X-Change Editor app, I Dnload/Save PDF statements from 2 U.S. financial institutions all the time from within BPP. My bank Statements page offers a View PDF icon and a floppy disk icon Save which asks to Open w/ PDF app or Save / path. UK banks may have a different recipe for working with FF, but it can work.
  3. I know I trust the Map Upgrade source but on the premise that Enabling the "Internet" member in the Registry string above can Allow Malware insertion BY ANOTHER source, can't I just RESTORE the "Disabled" setting for Internet After the execution of -- setup.exe -- , as I just did. I sent an email inquiry as to WHY this Risky approach, but doubt I'll get a relevant Reply..
  4. Some sites imply an "Administrator" block doesn't always mean Windows so I thought I'd share a Fix for a Win 10 issue trying to Dnload my car's Nav Software Update. See Popup below and know that, while the Nav Sppt suggested Disabling AV-FW works for most .... No Disabling of Any / All Security mattered - the Dnload was BLOCKED. In Win 10 It is a " "Click Once Trust Prompt" Registry setting issue remedied as follows: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\.NETFramework\Security\TrustManager\PromptingLevel Make "Internet" member "Enabled" vs Disabled - I typed - Enabled - over - Disabled - as Dbl-Clk did nothing. Clk'ing on downloaded - setup.exe - Then produced "Do you want to Install This App?" INSTEAD of the Security Block Popup. Probably Once-in-a-Lifetime thing but FYI..... https://www.gonnalearn.com/2018/10/04/your-administrator-has-blocked-this-application-because-it-potentially-poses-a-security-risk-to-your-computer/
  5. https: //forum.eset.com/topic/17307-paypal-still-not-redirecting-in-online-baning-app/?tab=comments#comment-86200 The above Thread ( pull the https together/ big icon results with real URL ) addresses http/2 and suggests in Advanced Settings/ Web-Email/ SSL-TLS / Un-Chk " Exclude Communications with Trusted Domains". Close Browser and, I guess, Advanced settings , Re-open Browser and try. For me it worked and I could Re-Chk " Exclude Comm, etc" in SSL/TLS what I un-Chk'd prior. Takes a minute. Try it.
  6. IF you mean the Eset icon is in the area accessed by clk'ing the"Show Hidden Icons" - ^ - symbol in bottom right system tray area by Clock .... I can Left-Clk-hold/drag any Hidden Icon from there Down INTO the clock area or Move one INTO the Hidden area. Is your issue Different as this seems too easy?
  7. Glad it worked. No idea why you Un-Chk it one time, Close/Re-Open, Re-chk the box, and it keeps working (so far). Bookmark this Thread for future needs.
  8. Sorry, ESET. 1 left-clk on System Tray - e - opens ESET for me/ Settings/ see bottom right Advanced Setup .... go from there as described.
  9. This is what I just posted about ref 66.0.3 FF Update.. I am able to Open your site in FF / BPP. Try Advanced Settings/ Web-Email/ Clk + in SSL-TLS/ UN-Check "Exclude communications from Trusted Domains". The BPP sites started opening after that, & I later Re-Checked the box and it still worked. I also had checked "When you open a new tab switch to it immediately", and Possibly the Update Un-checked it. I re-chk'd it. You may not notice the site Opened IF this is Un-chk'd and you're use to it. This FIX was in a 10/24/18 Thread below about Paypal not Re-directing in BPP / http/2, etc., and THAT is why I was interested in Old Threads I had posted in. Found I had saved it BUT its a shame if helpful info is removed in less than 6 months unless Storage is very limited. https://forum.eset.com/topic/17307-paypal-still-not-redirecting-in-online-baning-app/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1
  10. When first tried & posted when Any Link in regular Firefox that normally loads in BPP was Clk'd .... the Green, New Window appeared BUT the Page Loading Dots just repeated indefinitely. The target Sites never Opened. The Un-Check ( SSL/TLS -- Excl comm with trusted domains) above made the sites Open as usual. Today, I RE-Chk'd the Exclude Box and it works. I recall the CA Certificate issue involved Un-Chking something, closing, Re-open and Re-Chking same box. Maybe this worked the same way. I can Only Find 3 Old Threads I posted-in back to Jan 3 - No other posts that involved this type issue appear although it states - All of my posts - .. Are old posts Retrieval limited now?
  11. (for me) After the 4/10 Firefox 66.0.3 Update Nothing linked to BPP would Open today UNTIL ... Adv Setup/ Web - Email / SSL-TLS ... UN-Chk Exclude communications with trusted domains. Then BPP Linked pages presented again. FYI unless it's only me. P.S. Marcos, can you confirm access to all prior posts we make has been mostly purged. I remembered you saying to try this edit prior but I only see the 3 last posts I made (in the see all your posts link) , so it just took longer to find the solution in my case..
  12. Would this be like ESET & Mbam arguing at the gate and a bad guy slips in un-noticed - OR - files are slow to open / browser gets choppy, sites = error page etc. I've Never had a visible issue with all 3 Real-time, although SuperAS Real-time has been OFF a good while.
  13. I didn't have to Uninstall ESET, just Disable both modules, along with Mbam Pro & SuperAS Pro. Twice Stuck at 91% until I Disabled all 3 is the Only point. I wasn't blaming ESET, just stating what worked for me. Maybe one of the other 2 was the culprit but it's too important to try Disabling B4 Uninstalling an AV, etc. - AS Many other post-ers said they did and likely would influence a non-expert reader to do the same.
  14. After Clk'ing - Chk for Updates - I repeatedly had the 1809 Update get STUCK at "Installing 91%" UNTIL I DISabled ESET Protect/FW & All other Security Apps. MOST "solved" posters UNinstalled their AV and Unchk'd all Non-MS members in the Task Mgr Startup Tab. Google the scenario IF problems and there are other 91%'ers who solved it. You experts know this but this is mainly for us amateurs.
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