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  1. German version installed: - With pre-release updates enabled: No program update is found - With regular updates enabled: is found
  2. That setting was dectivated by the update to version on my PC and I had to reenable it under Tools -> Notifications.
  3. Update to version is now offered to pre-release customers.
  4. OK, with signature update 19319, I installed Firefox 66.0.5 again, and now it seems to be clean.
  5. After downloading Firefox 65.0.5 German version (windows 64 bit) from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ and installing it, Eset Internet Security detects the following trojan: Is this a real threat or false positive?
  6. Internet Security Version is offered as Online-Update since October 16th (German Version and Pre-Release updates).
  7. The problem described in the previous posting from @BrianE is a bug that exists (at least for some users) since version 9. I posted about this problem more than 2 years ago here in this forum Version 9 and 10: scheduler - log maintenance and until today nothing has changed for me.
  8. I tried it again today and it seems that it is working now.
  9. Will this detection now be fixed by ESET?
  10. It is still detected. The simple download of Adsbypasser is no problem. The problem is using Adsbypasser with Tampermonkey in Firefox. Steps to reproduce: Install Tampermonkey in recent Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/tampermonkey/ Then install Adsbypasser in Tampermonkey: https://adsbypasser.github.io/ After that you get constant detections of this script when surfing different websites.
  11. This problem still isn't fixed by ESET after more than 2 months. The author of Adsbypasser posted in the github forum that he won't fix this problem in the script, because it is a false positive from ESET: https://github.com/adsbypasser/adsbypasser/issues/1747
  12. After having contacted German customer service and having received 3 answers that were't helpful at all and didn't answer my questions, I will give up and let it as it is. My god, is it so complicated to cancel one licence and extend the other accordingly? It seems that customer service has detoriated massively over the past years.
  13. I switched from pre-release updates to regular updates and there the version is shown. So it is a problem that started with a pre-release update, probably the language module. Lokalisierungsunterstützung 1630 in regular updates and 1633 in pre-release updates.
  14. This seems to be absolutely unlogical to me with the new license manager, because the license manager gives you the clear impression that you can extend your current license with a new code. I have now also written to ESET support via the web formular and requested that the current license is extended for one year after 31.10.2017.
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