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  1. Users of Kaspersky had the same problem with these domains and they provided a solution: add the domain names (archive.today / archive.is / ...) in the "Encryted Connections Examination" as "Trusted Addresses" See last posting in this German forum: https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/probleme-mit-archiveis-oder-archiveph-35965/ So is this not possible in EIS?
  2. Excluding the IP address is not trivial in this case, because the sites use a lot of different IP addresses and once you enter for example archive.today that IP address is forwarded to another IP address. As linked in posting 3: So is it possible to exclude the domain names instead of IP-addresses?
  3. For several weeks now I cannot use the websites archive.today archive.fo archive.is archive.li archive.md archive.ph archive.vn with ESET Internet Security installed. Regardless if I use Firefox, Chrome or Edge on Windows 11, Windows 10 and also Windows 7. The sites just don't load. The sites are fully working if I completely uninstall ESET Internet security. A temporary deactivation of the firewall and/or virus protection in ESET has no effect. What is the solution to this problem?
  4. German version installed: - With pre-release updates enabled: No program update is found - With regular updates enabled: is found
  5. That setting was dectivated by the update to version on my PC and I had to reenable it under Tools -> Notifications.
  6. Update to version is now offered to pre-release customers.
  7. OK, with signature update 19319, I installed Firefox 66.0.5 again, and now it seems to be clean.
  8. After downloading Firefox 65.0.5 German version (windows 64 bit) from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ and installing it, Eset Internet Security detects the following trojan: Is this a real threat or false positive?
  9. Internet Security Version is offered as Online-Update since October 16th (German Version and Pre-Release updates).
  10. The problem described in the previous posting from @BrianE is a bug that exists (at least for some users) since version 9. I posted about this problem more than 2 years ago here in this forum Version 9 and 10: scheduler - log maintenance and until today nothing has changed for me.
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