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  1. Which features will ESET Smart Security 10 have in comparison to Internet Security 10?
  2. My opinion is the following: You can add port 443 in the http-port list, then http-traffic will be scanned on port 443. In standard configuration only ports 80, 8080, 3128 are scanned for http-traffic. So this has nothing to do with the second https-port list. So if you don't add 443 to the http-port list, http-traffic on port 443 will not be scanned even if https-scanning for port 443 is activated. Maybe someone from ESET can post here if that's correct.
  3. There is no information in the help files or context menu that says so, also it would be illogical.
  4. It's already implemented: First activate SSL scanning, after that you can deactivate https-scanning under Web and E-Mail -> Web protection -> HTTP, HTTPS
  5. Yes, it works, see here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1303-whats-new-in-7030226/
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