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  1. Settings > Notifications >Notifications (Lock Screen) > Notifications To Show > Alert And Silent Notifications
  2. OK. Looking through the Android 10 settings on the Note 10+ I see that there are now a number of notification settings that weren't in Android 9. I am a bit surprised that there haven't been more comments about it. EDIT: After a bit more research I discovered that Android 10 regards ESET App as a 'silent notification'
  3. https://forum.eset.com/topic/21928-notification/?tab=comments#comment-106218 My Note 8 running Android 9 showed the ESET icon at the top of the screen next to the time. I have switched to a Note 10 running android 10 and the notification no longer appears
  4. I still have a couple of PCs running Windows 7. Now that Microsoft has withdrawn support I am trialing Linux on one of them and considering running Linux on all of my windows PCs
  5. Received this update over the weekend but see no mention of it here
  6. Yes. I got rid of utorrent and installed qbittorrent and the problem went away
  7. My bank wants me to use Symantec VIP Access when accessing their eBanking service. Can that co-exists with ESET Mobile security installed on the same Android Phone?
  8. Looking at Chromebook as a cheap and light travel device. Google says virus protection is embedded but not much more information. Will ESET ever release a Chromebook product?
  9. I had one PC running 10.0.386 and the update to 390 showed this problem. Other PCs running 10.0.269 updated to 390 without any problems.
  10. Thanks for that. I left the PC running and eventually the update succeeded so it could have been a PC time sync issue. I didn't take note of the PC's time when I noticed the problem.
  11. On one of my PCs, which has been powered down for the last week, is failing the database update operation with error 0x1106.Version 9.0.402.0 is installed. I tried an uninstall and reinstall but the problem persists. It is reporting that the licence is current. The PC is running Win Pro version 7
  12. You can also download ems.apk to a PC the file from the ESET download site. Then you can connect the tablet to a USB port on the PC and transfer ems.apk to the download directory. Open the directory on the tablet and selecting the ems.apk file will activate the installer. In any case, if the tablet isn't used for internet access then the need for malware protection pretty much goes away. Another approach would be to take the tablet to the nearest computer store and ask for a lesson in tablet use. In many ways a tablet is just like a smart phone.
  13. On the Android tablet, go to the play store and search for ESET and install ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus. This will run in 'free' mode or you can purchase an Android ESET licence to run the App in 'premium' mode.
  14. I get the impression that ESET staff don't actually read this forum. ESET for mobile devices are separate products. I personally have a multi device licence with different licence codes for PC and mobile devices. For Android you can download the ems.apk file from the ESET download site or from the Google Play Store and, if you want to run it in premium mode you will have to purchase the appropriate licence
  15. The version of ESET Mobile Security on the download site is now your actual Perhaps someone could let Australian ESET support know
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