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  1. Settings > Notifications >Notifications (Lock Screen) > Notifications To Show > Alert And Silent Notifications
  2. OK. Looking through the Android 10 settings on the Note 10+ I see that there are now a number of notification settings that weren't in Android 9. I am a bit surprised that there haven't been more comments about it. EDIT: After a bit more research I discovered that Android 10 regards ESET App as a 'silent notification'
  3. https://forum.eset.com/topic/21928-notification/?tab=comments#comment-106218 My Note 8 running Android 9 showed the ESET icon at the top of the screen next to the time. I have switched to a Note 10 running android 10 and the notification no longer appears
  4. Repeated just in case. OK. I went back to the store that sold the laptop to me. The Mcafee version is 14.0.1122. The lockup only occurred after I rebooted with an active WiFi connection. I could only get in to uninstall Mcafee after disabling the WiFi connection.
  5. A bit late for that because I already uninstalled it. The laptop is brand new from ASUS if that helps
  6. The live installer needs to check for the presence of other AV products before proceeding with the installation. See https://forum.eset.com/topic/7755-installing-eset-smart-security-on-a-new-win10-laptop/
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