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  1. As mentioned in my previous post, it shows the task did run while I was logged in. Does this mean there is a conflict between running scheduled tasks when the screensaver is running or if the screen is turned off due to inactivity?
  2. Just tried it. In this scenario, it shows the task was last run at the specified time but it didn't actually open the calculator. Also tried it with another program (Chrome) and again, it shows it was run at the specified time but the browser didn't open. At least it shows the tasks for the calculator and Chrome were run, as opposed to the computer scan tasks I've setup that show nothing under 'Last run'.
  3. I've manually created 2 scheduled scans and they don't run at the specified time, or at all. Deleting and recreating the tasks has not resolved the issue. I've also disabled and re-enabled the tasks. If the tasks are skipped, they are configured to run immediately if the last run exceeds 24 hours. See the attached are screenshots for additional information on the task details. My computer is running Windows 10 with ESET Internet Security The computer is also configured to turn off the screen after 10 minutes of inactivity, but the Sleep setting is configured for 'Never'. Any suggestions on what I could try?
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