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    COStark26 received kudos from hans_t in Secure browser does not open.   
    Glad it worked. No idea why you Un-Chk it one time, Close/Re-Open, Re-chk the box, and it keeps working (so far).
    Bookmark this Thread for future needs.
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    COStark26 received kudos from Davood in FF 66.0.3 & BPP Links "Won't Open" Edit   
    (for me) After the 4/10 Firefox 66.0.3 Update Nothing linked to BPP would Open today UNTIL  ... Adv Setup/ Web - Email / SSL-TLS ... UN-Chk Exclude communications with trusted domains.
    Then BPP Linked pages presented again. FYI unless it's only me.
    P.S. Marcos, can you confirm access to all prior posts we make has been mostly purged. I remembered you saying to try this edit prior but I only see the 3 last posts I made (in the see all your posts link) , so it just took longer to find the solution in my case..
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