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  1. Hi This is irrelevant to this topic we had created here. Please create a new topic for your probelm to get answered. Thank you!
  2. Is really there any reason you might guess why am I receiving these anti theft emails? Am I at risk of a trojan or virus or hack attack? Please let me know how can I get assured on this concern? Anytime I login to my computer I receive the anti theft email notification alerting someone has loged into my phantom account. Looking forward to hearing from you support!
  3. I think you have completely turned the phantom account login notifications off! I tried logged in hours ago and have not received any notificaiton email!
  4. No there is only one PC having two S... and D... phantom accounts created. I couldn't delete D... or rename it. But considering these alerts problem had started before creating the second phantom account, it couldn't be the reason.
  5. I was not loging into my phantom account at all! I always log into my owen user account only and right after than I receive this email. I think there might be a secutiry risk or my system might be hacked or a trojan! Please guide me! Thank you!
  6. Hi, This has started since February 2021. Whenever I login or restart my PC, I receive an email as below: I have reported this to ESET support several times since April, but no response yet! Is there any real support for the users or only bots? I am very disappointed with ESET support. Sean
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