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  1. Modern? What about a dark theme? Missing. As well as simply to the user 2 theme should be made available. The surface looks like an old man. The old surface was much better
  2. Method 1: Best way to turn your PC into "Safe Mode with Network Drivers" on Remove Win32/IObit.E Safely For Windows 8.1 / 10 users Step 1. First, click Start Menu, then hold down Shift and select Restart with the Power option. Step 2. Now you will see a blue screen titled "Choose an Option". Select "Troubleshoot" here. Step 3. Next, you need to click Advanced Option. Step 4. Then you need to choose Startup Settings. Step 5. Finally, you will see 'Enable Safe Mode' option, click on it and click on Restart button. Step 6. Next, press the 'F5' button to enable the Download option to start uninstalling Win32/IObit.E from your Windows system. For Windows XP / Vista / 7 users Step 1. Press the Windows button and click "Turn off". Step 2. Now hold down during the restart process, resume 'F8 key'. Step 3. Next, you'll see the advanced boot menu on your Windows system screen. Choose Safe Mode with Networking to continue uninstalling Win32/IObit.E from your Windows system. Method 2: Best Way to Stop Unwanted Processes from Win32/IObit.E from Task Manager on Your Windows System For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP users Step 1. Keep the 'ALT + Ctrl + Del' keys pressed continuously on your keyboard. Step 2. In the options displayed, click Task Manager. Step 3. Now you need to find malicious/suspicious processes and kill them by selecting the "Stop Task" option. Step 4. This allows you to stop malicious processes associated with Win32/IObit.E on your affected system. Method 3: Effectively Eject Win32/IObit.E from Control Panel on Windows Remove Win32/IObit.E From Windows 10 Step 1. Press the Start button and select Settings from the menu. Step 2. Select system option here. Step 3. Next, you need to click 'Apps and Features' to find and eject Win32/IObit.E. Step 4. Finally, you will see the list of all installed programs including malicious programs, select Win32/IObit.E and click Uninstall.
  3. Unfortunately I had this behavior as well and had to uninstall eset
  4. You don't need another security solution. eset is quite sufficient
  5. Thank you very much, that I wish everyone
  6. As a more efficient user, I can only say I've never had a pest on my pc
  7. Just sign up here https://login.eset.com And remove the devices you don't need
  8. These tests don't matter. Why, because it is never shown how to capture the viruses hot or similar, so no real tests
  9. @Marcos Thanks for your answer, I took a test once, I have to say .. I had nix on my computer;-) ESET is really doing a great job. Youtube videos are complete rubbish that showed me my test. And those who catch a virus have mostly themselves to blame. The largest virus sits in front of the computer;-)
  10. @itman You do a great job that I just want to praise and ... thank you for all the help. Nice that you are so actively helping here. Thank you
  11. It's a pity that ESET staff don't add such an evil file as recognition. scare me a lot
  12. Check in the logs to see if this or the games are blocked. Under tools and then click on log files and then clicking on HIPS, there it should be visible what it blocks and whether ESET blocks it
  13. Just extended to go in the picture and visit the website, and you can download it;-)
  14. It does not appear on the main page, go left on uodate and then look if it is up to date again, is a bug I think
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