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  1. Sorry for not answering a while. I was very busy and couldn't do any more tests. What I can say now is: There are no more Lagspikes without the Amazon Devices connected. Maybe something is buggy with their actual firmware that causes this hightraffic-behaviour. I don't remeber when they updated last time. Temporal solution for me is to cut them off from power when I'm not watching TV. Besides of this I'm using a better router with higher speed that lowers the problem to a bearable degree. I've also installed O&O 10 what is really a great tool. Thank you for this advice. Not to forget to thank Marcos for checking my logs.
  2. That's right. is my personal Fire TV stick. is a second Amazon device but not actively in use since a while. I didn't install any new apps to it and I couldn't remember that I initiated any large downloads per hour. Both are in sleep mode most of the day when the PC is running. I might be wrong but if i see it right the hourly loop starts first with the pc booting in Windows. When I start a speed test in these first 5 minutes it's really bad. I haven't noticed this behaviour in the past. Is there a way to stop this periodical high data-tranfer without cutting the device(s) from the network completely? And what I ask myself - why should my Security Software filter data received/sent out by the Amazon Device? The PC is connected by LAN though a powerline-bridge with no WLAN connectivity. I'm not an expert but it seems weird that there is direct communication. Anyway - thanks for the given hints till now. Gives me new hope to find a solution. Edit: is a Fire TV Box, not a WLAN stick like the other one. The Box is connected to the router via LAN. Latest firmware, no special apps installed.
  3. Thank you for the interesting information itman. But even IF it´s true that eknr.exe is not the bad guy in this case it is still a big bunch of garbage for me that annoys me since 3 weeks and I´m really desperate to find a solution. I´ve just made a wireshark-log and an eknr-dump as described and I hope that you can help me here to solve this. The adress today was again, up to excessive 10Mbit bandwith usage for 3mins (every hour). By the way - this is the maximum my internet connection can shoulder. Without doing anything at the pc it`s normally pending arround 10KB/s and also with using the webbrowser and playing online it reaches NEVER these values (<1MBit). So I would be very thankful to find a way to block this stupid process completely. I dont`t use any programs from APPLE and never did. If I have something from this company on my PC it was not by purpose. Nevertheless - like many - I´m using Windows 10. I hope it´s still possible to see in the logs what I can do to get rid of this. Cannot believe that this is a "normal" thing. For this it´s too far-reaching and destructiv. @Marcos: I will send you the Download-Link from Amazon Drive. It´s my first time using this. Hope it will work.
  4. Since the last Update of ESET Internet Security ( I encounter serious issues with "eknr.exe". First I thought something is wrong with my internet connection but now I´m quite sure that the Security program is causing the problems described here: Exactly one hour after the PC and the programm started, the process eknr.exe is spamming my network with data for arround 2-3 minutes, blocking bandwith with up to 10MBit usage. The result is a lagspike that is really annoying in Online Games like World of Warcraft. The issue is repeated EVERY new hour again the whole day and night, presumably an automatic process that is timed hourly. This high bandwith usage can only be a bug. Otherwise please tell me how I can deactivate it. I´ve made a screenshot from the ressource monitor to illustrate this and also an ESET-Log* from the corrsponding time. Thank you in advance... (*Please tell me if you want to see it. I didn`t post it here because of privacy thoughts)
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