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  1. Sorry for not answering a while. I was very busy and couldn't do any more tests. What I can say now is: There are no more Lagspikes without the Amazon Devices connected. Maybe something is buggy with their actual firmware that causes this hightraffic-behaviour. I don't remeber when they updated last time. Temporal solution for me is to cut them off from power when I'm not watching TV. Besides of this I'm using a better router with higher speed that lowers the problem to a bearable degree. I've also installed O&O 10 what is really a great tool. Thank you for this advice. Not to forget to th
  2. That's right. is my personal Fire TV stick. is a second Amazon device but not actively in use since a while. I didn't install any new apps to it and I couldn't remember that I initiated any large downloads per hour. Both are in sleep mode most of the day when the PC is running. I might be wrong but if i see it right the hourly loop starts first with the pc booting in Windows. When I start a speed test in these first 5 minutes it's really bad. I haven't noticed this behaviour in the past. Is there a way to stop this periodical high data-tranfer without cutt
  3. Thank you for the interesting information itman. But even IF it´s true that eknr.exe is not the bad guy in this case it is still a big bunch of garbage for me that annoys me since 3 weeks and I´m really desperate to find a solution. I´ve just made a wireshark-log and an eknr-dump as described and I hope that you can help me here to solve this. The adress today was again, up to excessive 10Mbit bandwith usage for 3mins (every hour). By the way - this is the maximum my internet connection can shoulder. Without doing anything at the pc it`s normally pending arround 10KB/s and also wit
  4. Since the last Update of ESET Internet Security ( I encounter serious issues with "eknr.exe". First I thought something is wrong with my internet connection but now I´m quite sure that the Security program is causing the problems described here: Exactly one hour after the PC and the programm started, the process eknr.exe is spamming my network with data for arround 2-3 minutes, blocking bandwith with up to 10MBit usage. The result is a lagspike that is really annoying in Online Games like World of Warcraft. The issue is repeated EVERY new hour again the whole day and night, presumabl
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