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  1. I does not help. I cannot see my subscriptions in google play. I use my yahoo mail for purchase help
  2. I want to cancel my yearly renewal of license in mobile app. Because I already have one license in my other emails. Please help me to cancel the subscription before google play deduct my credit card on November 5, 2019 Thank you.
  3. I think I will not change my settings since this is for my protection. Thank you for your assistance, Sir.
  4. How about the network attack? That double IP address? Sorry I can't provide a photo.
  5. Sorry, I can't provide a picture when they try to attack my laptop. but it says like that.
  6. Good day ESET Team, I always have this message from ESET Internet Security. I do not know what is this. But it always pop up on my screen. It just started when I enter into cryptocurrency mining and earning cryptos in previous months then I stop mining in my laptop. When I do the scan, No detection. Aside from that, today I received a network attack on my computer. ESET says "Double IP Address, someone is attacking your computer". Thanks, that ESET blocked it. If you need more information, just email me. I hope ESET will solve my problem. Thank you.
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