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  1. This is not the first time when ESET , described with full capabilities to stop a ransomware , failed to do it. See here: ... and your best explanation was " It's been seen on less than 10 machines in total"!!!!! The OP clearly mentioned that" Other vendors have successfully block the encryption through their behavioral detection layer" and the detection ratio on Virus Total was 35/63. Common sense dictates that something is not quite right with ESET. And is not ranting...
  2. From ESET "WHITE PAPER" Ransomware Shield ESET Ransomware Shield is an additional layer protecting users from the threat also known as extortion malware. This technology monitors and evaluates all executed applications using behavioral and reputation-based heuristics. Whenever a behavior that resembles ransomware is identified or the potential malware tries to make unwanted modifications to existing files (i.e. to encrypt them), this feature notifies the user. Ransomware Shield is fine-tuned to offer the highest possible level of ransomware protection together with other ESET technologies including Cloud Malware Protection System, Network Attack Protection and DNA Detections. Obviously, the "ransomware Shield" doesn't work. The fact that is a "new" variant is not an explanation. If would have been an "old" variant , probably would have been detected even by MSE
  3. Claiming and protecting are two different things. Browse the forum to see how many times ESET failed to protect against ransomwares despite having a dedicated antiransomware shield /module.
  4. And why is that? A moderator hiding a fact will not help ESET performing better. I saw the post yesterday , being removed / hidden today and I wanted to investigate myself. Yes, this is what is important. That's why I paid for an antivirus, to be protected when I am on-line, not when my PC is OFF!
  5. AV Comparatives / March 2019 ESET 99.86% with only 1 FP 😀 Very good result, yet from all competitors, ESET got the last place.
  6. If you want the ability to "selective allow" , using strict cleaning for everything else will seriously impair this ability . Aren't you interested to see what ESET blocked , maybe is a FP or maybe is a crack you are using it for something but ESET wants to delete . Giving a program discretionary power to delete things from your computer is a questionable choice.
  7. I still believe that having "Threat sense" settings in 6-7 places is a non-sense. Show me ONE user who wants ,in certain situations, "strict cleaning" and, in some other situations, "no cleaning"
  8. I'm am sorry, but I am not here to be "liked or disliked" by "the rest of you". I am an ESET user looking for answers. There is no conspiracy here: I while ago , I forgot my credentials and I created another user; later on I restored my PC from an Acronis image and I got the first credentials back. That's all.
  9. "A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility" Sometimes, there is no cure....😀
  10. Now, if you mentioned that; isn't this the behavior of Windows firewall? ( allow all outbound network traffic)???? So, what is the benefit of using ESET firewall?
  11. Typically , there are two kind of users; users who want ESET to make a decision for them (strictly cleaning) and users who want to make their own decision (no cleaning) Is hard to imagine a situation in which an user will want "strictly cleaning" in one profile but "no cleaning" in another... In addition , I had situations where a switch to "no cleaning" in all possible places only to have ESET cleaning a detection, because somewhere deep inside was another "Threathsense" set to "strictly cleaning" , which I couldn't find it browsing the menu in a logical way.
  12. I agree with the OP. ESET has the most cumbersome interface from all anti malware solutions I ever used. The re is no logic to follow in order to advance in a menu; you have to click left , right , bottom corner , etc. The most puzzling is 'Threat sense parameter" for which you have to go in multiple places to choose the action. Is very unlikely an user would want threat sens on "strictly cleaning" in one section but "no cleaning" in another one....
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