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  1. By definition "a student" would use 1 license... what's the point of offering 3PC's ????
  2. novice

    ESET has disappeared

    As you said in your , un-edited post: "Whatever..."
  3. novice

    ESET has disappeared

    I haven't! This is more "common sense" that an "enhancement", I would think after so many ESET versions , a developer would have figure out this....
  4. novice

    ESET has disappeared

    I was not talking about this "option". I was saying that ESET , during installation should prompt you for an "uninstall password" , which will be used onli for uninstall and nothing else. This would prevent ESET being disabled by unauthorized RDP access. Is simple, elegant and can solve a big problem.
  5. And this info is posted where ?????? Somebody can pull his hair out trying to figure out what's wrong ( see the OP: Firewall is not working partly. Is it a bug or a hack? ) when in fact is "some communication is allowed by default".....
  6. novice

    Exclude file type from all scanning

    Well, see here: "Just an example about the "Threatsense parameters" : No cleaning/Normal cleaning/Strictly cleaning .An user has to set up this in at least 8 places ; it is very unlikely that somebody will want "no cleaning" in certain situation and "strictly cleaning" in another situation. To be honest, every time I set-up ESET I was in doubt that I did it right or I missed something somewhere...." Aryeh Goretsky seems to agree with my statement: "The feedback about having to configure cleaning in multiple places through the UI is noted."
  7. novice

    Exclude file type from all scanning

    No, you are not wrong! I complained many time before about the need to fill the Threatsense parameters in a hundred places even though is very unlikely an user will choose different settings . But it falls in deaf years!
  8. novice

    ESET has disappeared

    I have noticed this answer before; this is a catastrophic scenario in which the antivirus is being uninstalled due to RDP brute force attack. Now, rather then accepting this as a fatality , why ESET doesn't force user to create a password for uninstall only , during the installation process.????? So, if somehow ESET is getting uninstalled, a password would be required to perform this action. Seems very simple and elegant.
  9. novice


    Then is designed wrong!
  10. novice


    Funny thing, this reminds me about a story; If I am not mistaken, it is a line from The Tiger King by Kalki. It was a chapter in class XII English textbook "Vistas". “The three surgeons who performed it came out of the theatre and announced. The operation was successful. The maharaja is dead.”
  11. novice


    So, we have a more serios problem here, with a fully functional ESET being unable to protect against this ransomware... As a remainder, ESET has a dedicated anti-ransomware shield, a behavior shield, HIPS, live grid....
  12. novice


    That I understand! My question is " In the scenario presented above, was ESET disabled by the "attacker"????
  13. novice


    In the scenario presented above, was ESET disabled by the "attacker"????
  14. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/218471-what-do-i-do-to-make-eset-nod32-and-malwarebytes-run-well-together/
  15. novice

    Can anyone post...

    Did you, at least, read my post???? Told you I never seen ESET blocking a "never seen before" ransomware , based on HIPS /behavior or its anti-ransomware shield. Once a signature is created each and every antivirus will detect that ransomware ; the point is to see a signature-less detection based on the mechanisms mentioned above.