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  1. Thank you for your response Quick one is there anywhere/how we can retrieve Peer certificates (Agent,proxy,server,or CA) from the ESMC server without accessing the ESMC web-console Regards
  2. Dear Team, We need assistance with a client, Presently they have about 8 sites each with its respective license and ESMC server managing the Endpoints in each location. Now they want to merge all the license together and manage All the Endpoints from one ESMC server in the HQ. We suggested forwarding all the traffic from the various site using the Apache Proxy as the ERA proxy has been discontinued in version 7. We need a guide(step by step) on how to achieve this (Configure the Endpoints to connect to a Central ESMC using Apache Proxy) Awaiting your kind response Best Regards
  3. Dear All, A client called to inform us that he couldn't access ESMC console ,after troubleshooting we were faced with this pop error Leadway_log_2.zip For your perusal please kindly find attached document Regards Leadway_log_2.zip
  4. Dear All, A Client is unable to access his esmc web console, after we tried troubleshooting we noticed the ESMC server service stops when we try to login even after when the service was started For you perusal kindly check the ESET Support FTP for a file name (LeadWay) for logs generated from the server Regards
  5. Dear All, We are unable to deploy ESET to win8.1 OS , after trouble shooting we noticed the presence of true key installer but unable to install it Please advise on a work around , kindly find document for windows log log.rar
  6. Dear All, A customer is unable to logon to his ESMC web-console, we noticed the the esmc server service stops when we try to access the console with the error below Error "Login Failed, Connection has failed with the state of 'Not connected'" Please kindly advice on a workaround as we have tried everything in https://support.eset.com/en/error-login-failed-connection-has-failed-with-the-state-of-not-connected-in-eset-remote-administrator-6x For you perusal please find attached document sahara.rar
  7. Dear All, We tried installing ESET all in one installer to a windows 7 32bits OS at a client location but unable to deploy, we got an error on the AV GUI there is presence of malware that we should download ESET Specialized Cleaner We have tried the following work around but to no success Running the ESET application as an administrator Disabling user account control Uninstalling existing/3rd party anti-virus Flushing temp folder Deleting fragments and residues of 3rd Av from the registry Please kindly advise on a workaround For your perusal please find attached document for ESET Log Collector taken from one of the affected machines Waiting for your kind response to a resolution Best Regards wetransfer-e9e7c2.zip
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