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  1. mayowa


    Dear All A Trojan on a mobile device is acting like a system file,can't be deleted or quarantined.(device protected by eset mobile security for Android) Please kindly advise on a possible remediation
  2. please kindly provide me link for ESET file security V5,V6.1,V6.3 or V6.4
  3. please kindly provide me link for ESET file security V5,V6.1,V6.3 or V6.4
  4. Dear All, We upgrading a customer from version 5 to version 6 but during the process of upgrade on one of their DB server (windows server 2003, SP1 , 12GB ram and 1TB HDD)having an error pop up "ESET file security cannot be installed on this server", a similar server(application server) with the same spec installation of file security version 6 was possible Action Taken Tried running as administrator (installation still not going through ) Checked if ESET file security V6 is compatible with windows server 2003 SP1,from our list of server requirements,saw we support it and from what i saw of the application server with the same spec,i felt it is also possible I tried pushing file security from the ERA but AV push failed Requested for a server restart,followed up with installation still faced with the same error installation not possible Flushed temp folder,proceeded with installation but result still the same Observation Though there might be fragment of the previous version on the server , i suggested we use the manual uninstaller to check and removed such if possible,but as a DB server such can only be done at night,when people are not connected Kindly check attached document for log collect via ESET Log Collector for your perusal Anticipating you swift response as always Best Regards ELC_logs.zip
  5. Thank you all remediation communicated to client as suggested
  6. Thanks for your quick response, on my way to the client site to intervene and get the encrypted files,also await your personal message for further instruction
  7. Hello All, A customer just reported a malware attack on one of their critical servers that turned all files into an arrow file (decrypthelp@qq.com) Please kindly advise on a way around this,wont mind if i can get decryptor for the encrypted files kindly Note ESET is installed and updated with recent update on the server Thank you
  8. Hello All, I am trying to reset a password for parental control on ESET mobile security, The customer has forgotten his password from the KB https://parentalcontrol.eset.com/?stschck=1 it only gives option for login and register Kindly suggest a work around