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  1. Dear All, We noticed computers last connected is not changing on ESMC dashboard for days as shown below Kindly find attached for logs trace.log status.zip efsw_logs.zip
  2. Dear All, We tried integrating MDC with ESMC , the error below was what we encountered
  3. Dear All, is it compulsory to install the ESA Radius server on the domain controller Your swift response would be higher appreciated Best regards
  4. Kindly follow the link below ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/EKHotels/
  5. Fine below link for log retrieved from the second server The files includes log for GMER, PROCESS MONITOR (BOOT LOG) and screen shots for the below. Also attached a screen shot of event log details which shows before restarting of server! However it does not create memory dump file! Thanks, ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/EKHotels/ Anticipating your response as always \ Thank you and warm regards
  6. Hello Marcos, Please follow the link below as requested ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/Gmerlog & Dumps/
  7. i will revert as requested as soon as possible
  8. We also noticed this in their malware notification alert NEW NOTIFICATION Malicious file Win32/Delf.TXX was detected on computer eko-itmgrsvr.ekohotels.com Threat type: trojan Threat name: Win32/Delf.TXX Computer name: eko-itmgrsvr.ekohotels.com Logged user: Time of occurrence: 6/11/20, 8:36:27 AM UTC Scanner: Startup scanner Action performed: cleaned But notification alert kept on coming after the action performed to be cleaned
  9. Hello Marcos , Please follow the link below for the procmon log & ESET Log Collector log ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/EKOHOTELS/ Awaiting your swift response
  10. Thank you for the response i will do as suggested
  11. One of our servers with EFSW installed popup with a message that TROJAN detected and restart required to clean. After restart same error pop is encountered even when a policy from the management console '' maximum security '' is integrated to the AV (i.e in-depth scan and strict cleaning ) Please have a look at it and your earliest response is much appreciated Attached is log for the servers efsw_logs_6.zip
  12. Thank you for your response , please find attached as requested efsw_logs_5.zip
  13. Hello All, Today, we have noticed one of the server restart itself with a bluescreen and the troubleshoot instructs us to disable antivirus program on the same! I have attached the minidump file created during unexpected shutdown for your information EKO.zip
  14. Dear All, After upgrading to the latest version of ESET file security on a client server manually we observed ESET features was disabled , we tried to uninstall and reinstall but still faced with the same issue Please we need advise on a work around kindly find attached document for log efsw_logs_5.zip
  15. Dear All, Please kindly assist with a documentation with regards to the subject matter Regards
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