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  1. Hello All, We initiate a full disk encryption from the ESET management console and we waited over night for encryption to complete but when we try to access the laptop today we noticed the work station has a message on the screen "Work station disabled" hence the reason we had to escalate here , although we have read all the remedial steps on the help center and knowledge based both no topic is related to these issue stated Kindly advise on a work around Below is the issue experienced
  2. Dear All, We are unable to install ESET on our server here below is the error encountered during installation Attached is the log generated ESET Log Collector ELC_logs.zip
  3. Dear All, please how can you help to restore Here below are the steps we underwent From where the computer was working fine. It started update and shutdown. Then I force shutdown when I restarted, it attempted recovery but was not recovering. I formatted it thinking that it the OS had crashed. I try decryption but did not see the Decryption workstation ID. Used a Recovery tool software to recover the data files from the HDD. Tried to decrypt again but still did not see the Decryption workstation ID. Cleaned the HDD and saved only the recovery data files on the Hard Drive. Tried to decrypt the third time but still did not see the Decryption workstation ID.
  4. Dear All, I have a couple of systems where FDE is installed but encryption is not started on them. From the ESMC I can't see any report or notification as to why the encryption is unable to start. I understand I can check this from the system itself but going from system to system to check this is not exactly feasible. Also, I am trying to generate a report that will show me systems that FDE is not started on them but I can't see any item to add to reports that will show this. I have to start checking the status from system to system which is quite cumbersome. Kindly assist.
  5. We did as advise but faced with the same issue
  6. Thanks marcos, I will do as advised and revert Regards
  7. Dear All, We are unable to access our ECA , please advise on a work around Here below are the errors encountered *version : ECA7.2.92.0* *locale : en_US* *user.agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/85.0.4183.102 Safari/537.36 (safari)* *document : https://eu02.eca.eset.com/era/webconsole/AB2453E48CAED0B8E299458A8CE28778.cache.html* *url: https://eu02.eca.eset.com/era/webconsole/* An uncaught exception has ocurred! (com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read property &#39;getAuthorization&#39; of undefined) @Unknown.QOi(Unknown Source:300)@ @Unknown.lFe(Unknown Source:157)@ @Unknown.EGe(Unknown Source:146)@ @Unknown.uh(Unknown Source:135)@ @Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source:139)@ @Unknown.Xn(Unknown Source:309)@ @Unknown.$n(Unknown Source:361)@ @Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source:78)@ Javascript cause: <br/>@TypeError: Cannot read property &#39;getAuthorization&#39; of undefined@
  8. Dear All, A customer wants to recover an encrypted system, Kindly Note : EEE server is formatted so system is not managed Please kindly advise on a work around Regards
  9. Dear All, With regards to the subject matter, please kindly advise on how to use ESMC to view system firmware. A customer would like to roll-out EFDE to all endpoints in their infrastructure but need to view the firmware of all computer to know which system is running on legacy bios or UEFI and how to export a legacy bios computer list for an upgrade or conversion to UEFI We await your response Thank you Regards
  10. Hello All, After installing ESET Endpoint Security we are unable to deploy EFDE , we encountered error installation seen below Kindly Note: ESET Endpoint security is the only AV installed on the PC We need a workaround for 300 manage systems, after troubleshooting we had to resolve to uninstall EES before deploying EFDE, moreover we cant do that for 300 systems at different branches by uninstalling previously installed product for another Please kindly advise
  11. Dear All, We observed the there is a problem with MDC connecting with our ESMC Please see below screen shot and attached documents for logs trace.log trace.log MDMCore.zip
  12. Hello, Please see the link below for logs, we have excluded all ports ESET uses on the hardware firewall but still faced the same issue ftp://ftp.nod.sk/support/log/ @Marcos @MartinK We await your kind response Thank you and Warm regards
  13. Hello All, A customer was infected with a virus encrypting their documents with file extension .pgp requesting they contact openpgp@foxmail.com.pgp for them to make payments and a decryptor sent to them Note: all features are enable on the AV -see attached document Kindly confirm if they is a decryptor or a ways to decrypt encrypted documents -See attached for encrypted documents Encrypted Data.zip Encrypted Data.pdf ESET CP shots.pdf
  14. Dear All, We noticed computers last connected is not changing on ESMC dashboard for days as shown below Kindly find attached for logs trace.log status.zip efsw_logs.zip
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