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  1. Dear Team, Our client has ESET Security management center installed in all their 8 subsidiaries and the HQ, each managed individually with their respective Licenses They will like to have a view of all the other Endpoints from the HQ ESET Security Management Server (All subsidiaries can communicate). How can they access or view the ESMC /Endpoints in other subsidiaries from the HQ central console. Regards.
  2. Dear All, Email spoofing integration with office 365 how does ESET handles it ? Regards
  3. Thank you macros for your quick response -they have poor internet network connection with limited bandwidth Please what about the tempMirror folder, which is in the updfiles folder?
  4. Dear Team, Is it possible to configure the mirror tool to pick update from the Updfiles folder or the tempMirror folder which is inside the Updfiles folder? The Issue is, we configured the ESET Endpoint Security to create a mirror update for all Endpoints. Apparently the Endpoint can update itself (updfiles folder is updated) but creating the mirror is the challenge as it gets stucked at less than 10% and the packets are dropped. Now the question: is it possible to create a mirrored update for all Endpoints (using the mirror tool) from the Updfiles folder or the tempMirror folder on the Endpoint? or Is it possible to have all the endpoints pick the updates in the tempMirror folder? (It seems to have all the update file, although it is quite large 4.5GB) Also, note that the Endpoint trying to create the mirror update and the Endpoints it is creating it for are all having (ESET Endpoint Security).
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