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  1. Dear All, A major client of ours is having issues with their Endpoints and their existing CISCO ISE after upgrading to Version 7. I need a confirmation if ESET Endpoint Antivirus Version 7 is compatible with CISCO ISE. URGENT
  2. Dear All, A client requested for the activation of his server which is not on a domain or network and not having internet access,i proposed the use of offline license for activation and micro update for update But don't know how to go about the micro updates He requested for purchase and charges of the micro updates Please kindly advise
  3. Dear All, We are in the middle of closing a 1000 user Endpoint Security For MAC and client insist on a remote installation. Please kindly confirm if the Endpoint Security for MAC can be push installed remotely ? Can we have any documentation or guide on how to do achieve this ? Looking forward to your quick response. Regards.
  4. Thanks MichalJ How can they login using their domain credential ? Regards
  5. Dear All, Kindly confirm if it is possible to disable the admin account on a ERA web console while it possible to access it with a domain credential account or user created account Please kindly suggest a way to go about it Thanks
  6. Dear All, A customer make an enquiry as indicated below I have a hosting server with Hostgator, will i be able to use the mail server security on it Please kindly advise