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  1. Hello, The main benefit of ABM is administrators don't need to touch device at all - it's enrolled into MDM during it's first setup (or after factory reset) based on information Administrators configure in ABM portal and MDM policy. From ESET MDM point of view I think we only support Find (in Apple terminology it's lost mode) and supervised restrictions. There is some guide on our side as well. Generally its also possible to setup device into supervised mode by Apple Configurator however we currently don't support this as there was no demand from customers. HTH, M.
  2. Hello, For iOS Find device has to be in supervised state, with current implementation it's only possible via ABM program (Apple Business Manager). Some device commands and policies (as marked in policy editor) are only available in such state. HTH, M.
  3. Hello, I wouldn't currently recommend using "Update ESET products" (which is just software installation task) for deployments where EESA is installed over Google play store. Currently this breaks auto-update which should happen over Google play store based on device settings (so You will be stuck with manually updating all phones each time EESA version is released). Web/Repository versions of EESA requires user to manually update unless it's installed in Device Owner mode. In Your case it would be better to contact phone user and check why EESA isn't auto-upgraded. As for why task failed, we would likely need to see EESA and MDM logs, so please contact Your local customer care. HTH, M.
  4. Please provide version of configuration (CE2) module server has and browser You're using. Could be some faulty version. Please also try in a different browser. I assume in EP this screen works correctly?
  5. Or login with user which actually has rights to access database. Note that windows authentication for MSSQL also requires special upgrade procedure (user performing upgrade should be same as user who installed product, which might be ... difficult) HTH, M
  6. It just seem like invalid link on partner list. Certificate is issued to eset.ro (not nod32.ro) while both DNS entires lead to same IP.
  7. Hello, Device ID in MDM database is pseudorandom due to google privacy policy (unless device is enrolled in Device Owner mode). To remove device from MDM run stop managing task wait a few minutes (due to replication), EESA should be uninstalled if device still has connectivity. It should be safe then to remove device from ESMC console. Devices which receive stop managing task have DeEnrollmentFlag set to 1 in Device table (I believe since 7.0 version) if there's a quirk and it's not removed automatically. HTH, M.
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