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  1. Hi Peter, As we already talked, I want to participate in the early access of V7. Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, We've a lead that wants to buy ESMX for 100 mailboxes. They're not sure if installing this product is more convenient in Edge, Hub or both. According to this post (httpx://forum.eset.com/topic/13411-eset-mail-security-for-microsoft-exchange/) it's recommended to install it in both. Regarding this: 1) If customer install in both systems, do they need to adquiere for 200 mailboxes or just for the original 100? Only 100 because mailboxes are stores in one system. Thanks.
  3. Lockbits

    ERA OVA: all in one creation fail

    Hi guys, @MartinK The lead confirmed us that he is using the ERA that came with the OVA of ESET Virtualization Security. @Marcos They tried to install EFS and EEA and in both cases the creation of all in one failed. What can we do? Thank you.
  4. Lockbits

    ERA OVA: all in one creation fail

    Hi Martin, thank you for the reply. I'll ask the lead about that but I think it's the appliance that came with ESET Virtualization Security because that is the product they are evaluating.
  5. Hello guys, We've a lead that is evaluating ERA VA (OVA file). The VM is running and he can download Agent Live Installer, however when he try to create an all in one package the process fails. The message indicate that the selected package is not available in the repository. I'm attaching the Trace.log and EraServerInstaller.log files. VM can access Internet. What can be wrong? Tahnk you. EraServerInstaller.txt TraceLog.txt