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  1. Hi Marcos, I'm affected by this issue too with my MBP 2018. I'm using EES 6.7.654.0. I had excluded the paths you mentioned here and I'll let you know if this resolve the issue. This problem is very inconsistent, MBP and ESET can work without issues until one specific module update freeze the system until update process is completed. Most module updates don't cause this behavior. Thanks.
  2. Hello guys, We've a customer that needs to scan his server using ESET SysRescue tool because the server has an active ransomware inside so it's unsafe to run a scan within Windows because more files can be encrypted. The problem is that the Linux doesn't recognize the hard drives. We think that the cause is that server is using a RAID. Is there any way we can scan such a type of units? Is it necessary to load some driver for Linux? Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, This version 7.1 includes the revamped module for Outlook? I ask because I read somewhere that 7.1 will include a revamped Outlook module in order to avoid the problem of email when users have a large quantity of email in inbox and doesn't use subfolders. Thanks.
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