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  1. Thank you all for the replies. Unfortunately customer is still at ERA 6.5 because the server they're using is an old Windows 2003. What would happen if I upgrade ERA 6.5 to ESMC 7 using a task in a Server 2003? Thank you.
  2. Hello guys, We've the following situation. One customer is using ERA 6.5 and is installing EEA 7 and Agent 6.5 using the all in one installer generated in the console. The problem is that many computers have an old version of Agent with a certificate of a ERA installation that was changed months ago and doesn't exist anymore. When the all in one is executed the computers are upgraded with Agent 6.5 but the old certificate is preserved so the computers doesn't report to console. If the old Agent is removed before the all in one is executed then the computer connects successfully to console because the current certificate is installed along the components. Is there any parameter we can specify in the all in one package to change the certificate with the new one when executing setup? So we can avoid to uninstall agent prior to installing all in one. Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, We've a customer that is using ERA 6.5 and we want to upgrade it to ESMC 7 using the built in task. We know that the upgrade procedure doesn't update the Apache components and the customer is asking us to upgrade Apache HTTP Proxy to version 2.4.35 or higher. I saw that ESMC installs by default version 2.4.33. Is version 2.4.35 compatible with ESMC? The procedure is the same for version 2.4.33? (https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/upgrading_apache_tomcat_windows.html?upgrade_apache_http_proxy_windows_instructions_manual.html). Thank you.
  4. Hello guys, We've a customer that is using ESET Mail Security for Domino 6.5. They had the following issue. Apparently one of their computers got infected and a lot of spam was sent through their Domino server. Of course that the first step should be prevent the computers getting infected however the customer ask us why EMS didn't stopped the spam at mail server level. Indeed the emails were sent by the same sender. Tomorrow we plan to upgrade solution to V7. Is there any settings we need to modify in order to enhance spam detection? Maybe some rule to prevent the same user to send X quantity of email and things like that. Attached are some logs sent by the customer regarding the emails that were sent. Thank you guys. Spam 2.zip
  5. Lockbits

    ESMC VA and public IP

    Hi Marcos. We created a new all in one package with latest ESMC Agent released the last week and so far it's working very well. Computer is reporting as it should. We also upgraded VA to latest ESMC release without issues.
  6. Lockbits

    ESMC VA and public IP

    Hi Marcos, That computer is running Windows 8.1. Thank you.
  7. Lockbits

    ESMC VA and public IP

    Hello, We've a lead that is using ESMC 7 VA and they have some computers connected through public IP. They nated ports 2222 and 2223. Computers that connect through public IP are shown in console however they don't respond to wake up calls and also doesn't apply new policies nor execute tasks. If we restart the computer a new connection is stablished to console however tasks and policies aren't applied. Attached is a trace and status log of one of the computers affected by this issue. What can be the problem? Logs.zip
  8. Lockbits

    Install APK remotely

    Hi Mirek, Thank you for your reply. Yesterday we tried to install an APK remotely using an http address and indeed it worked okay the APK was installed. The only physical interaction needed to complete the task was to enable in Android the option to install APK from unknown sources. Is it possible from ESMC to turn on or off that OS option? The setting to enable or disable installation of APKs from unknown sources. Best regards.
  9. Hello guys, We've a customer that is using ESMC with MDM component. They want to know if possible to install apk packages remotely. I see that indeed there's a task related to software install. We specified the path to apk es per manual: file://\\pc22\install\app.apk but task is in executing status without success. How we need to specify the path to apk? Thank you.
  10. We have two new customers (one is an Enterprise with more than 1000 seats) that migrated from others AV to ESET. They are using V7 including of course ESMC and so far it’s working very well in both cases. For new customers we are installing V7 and for old ones we are waiting for the activation in ESMC of upgrade via task. I vote for 1.