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  1. Hi Marcos, can you share with us this fix? We've a customer with sync issues and even disabling Outlook integration doesn't work. Outlook is stuck at updating mailboxes. Thanks.
  2. Hello guys, We've a customer that need a solution to this problem. Many genuine messages are being classified as spam. One in particular is critical because we whitelisted the sender domain in ECOS's policy but message still are being quarantined as spam. We recently reported some messages and the problematic domain to nospam_ecos@ address. Someone answers in that email like samples? Customer is asking us when this problem will be fixed. Thanks.
  3. Thanks MichalJ, When installing the new server it was possible to activate using the same license, but when adding the new user did not receive the message to enroll. What could be the problem? Regards, Francisco.
  4. Hello, Is it possible to install 2 consoles whith the same license, but respecting the number of contracted users? Example: total users 20, in console A have 17 users and in console B have 3 users. Regards, Francisco.
  5. Hi, Same issue here with our console and also one customer reported this to us.
  6. Thank you very much for the information, @dmaasland
  7. Hello guys, Can you help us? We're trying to create an EEI rule to block any executable that triggers the following rules: Filecoder behavior [M0601] Filecoder behavior [Z0601] And others. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I finally asked the customer to send all extensions located at C:\Users\[login_name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions to us. I checked one by one using extension's ID and visiting https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/extension_id (replace /extension id with valid extension id) until I found three suspicious and discarded others. One of the three was indeed confirmed as malicious by ESET Labs: The detection for this threat will be included in the next update of detection engine, expected version: 23400. 2.9_0.crx - JS/ExtenBro.Agent.EE trojan In case anyone need to report suspicious extensions that's a good approach.
  9. Hello guys, I'm writing because we have a customer with a Chrome extension that is causing many connections to malicious websites. How can we determine which extension is the cause of those connections so we can send it to ESET's Labs in order to add a detection? This customer is also using EEI but the executable is Chrome.exe and we can't find which extension is causing this behavior. Regards.
  10. Hello guys, One customer is asking us why its EPV8 is using 25% of CPU although there're no idle scanning nor module updates and so on. I created an ESET Log Collector with this setting turned on: advanced oper. system logging under tools -> diagnostics Can you forward this ESET Log Collector to developers? https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdivw66n0moco52/Uso excesivo CPU logs.rar?dl=0 For safety concerns I encrypted them with a password. Please ask me the password via inbox. Thank you.
  11. Nevermind, I found this calculator: https://help.eset.com/eei/1.5/en-US/?hardware_requirements.html
  12. Hi @JamesR! You right, it seems one of those random coincides of life. The server RAM is ok (8 GB of 24) but disk is in its limit. Currently there're 14 GB available of about 149 GB. I deleted some files and now there're 15 GB available and computers started reporting again. How many free space do you need for EEI? There're about 140 computers reporting to EEI. Thank you.
  13. Hello guys, Several months ago we reported a bug that caused the endpoints to stop reporting to EEI due to a change in time in Chile. More on this issue: On Saturday, April 3, the clock was back by one hour. The time zone was changed from GMT -3 to GMT -4 and it started failing again. The customer is using latest version that supposedly fixed this bug (1.5.1512) but it's failing again with this message: 1-04-07 16:59:39 015b4 Error: The disk usage or memory limit reached. Can't accept more data. (Device name) 2021-04-07 16:59:39 015b4 Error: HTTP error 503 while processing request for "PUT":"/EVENTS/V2/Device name:256e302d-f515-469b-bb40-1400411834c4 How can we fix this? No endpoint nor servers are being able to communicate with EEI server. Thanks. EIServer-2021-04-07.log
  14. You should use an older version or another Java distribution supported by console. 16 is not supported. We had the same issue as you.
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