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  1. Hello guys, We've a customer with ECA and some computers can't connect to console. The customer tried to create a new all in one but the issue persist even installing latest versions of agents and EES. In agent agent you can read this: ERROR: InitializeConnection: Initiating replication connection to 'host: "XXXXXX.a.ecaserver.eset.com" port: 443' failed with: Response for request of type DeviceSessionTokenRequest (request id: 169) was not received in time. What does this mean?
  2. Hello, We've a customer whose VP had experienced this error: Later the problem resolved and product is updating again however he wants to know why this message can appear. It's difficult to get an ESET Log Collector and we tried from ESMC and it give us error when trying to get the log from ESMC server. Thank you.
  3. Hello guys, Another customer want to build a new template based on some hardware parameters they need. The problem is similar to the reported in this thread: They want to combine: computer name, serial number, processor, RAM, OS and HDD in the same report however if you create a new template it's not possible to add those combinations as some limit the others. Thank you.
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