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  1. Hello guys, Our customer that is using the MDM with ESMC is having the following issue. In the graphic of the dashboard where you can see the devices that are updated and not, in Endpoint bar the ESMC is considering not only endpoints but also mobile phones. Is this by design or it's a bug? Because there's a graphic bar for mobile phones. Regarding this same graphic, is there any way to limit the information for a certain range of devices and not all devices? In this case it's because the customer wants to know the devices that are outdated but that are being used (home office) and not computers that will not be updated nor connected until we can return to office (systems from meetings room for example). Thanks.
  2. Hello guys, We've a customer that is using the MDM and when we send the task to update to a newer version of ESET Endpoint Security for Android the task fails hours later. How can we update this program remotely? Thanks.
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