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How to unify ESET Protect Cloud consoles? (If I have two different licenses with an EBA console and two ESET Protect Consoles)

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Hi, I have a question, If a client had two different licenses and needs to unify them (both ESET Protect Cloud consoles), so that all computers can be managed from a single console (console 1), a migration policy can be used (option in the ESET Protect console: Download migration policy) to migrate to console 2 ESET Protect CLOUD, so that in this way the two licenses that a client has can be unified and send the computers from console 2 to report to console 1 and manage all the computers from console 1.

Download policie of migration.png

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Clarification of the case: the client at a commercial level has already unified the license and expanded it to cover the other licensing, in this way the idea is to go from two licenses and two cloud consoles to one license and cloud console
obviously expanding the license to cover the other

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I found the solution, although the ESET Help specifies the migration of devices from the ON PREM console to CLOUD through the option: quick links, download migration policy, this option is viable for this case: migrating devices from a CLOUD console to another Cloud console (even if it is from different EBA/USERS)

We set up a laboratory and created the environment to carry out the test from a Trial license to another license and the result was satisfactory: the equipment on console 1 was migrated to console 2.

You must download the migration policy for console 2 (console to which we want to migrate the equipment) and import it to console 1 (console from which we want to remove the equipment to assign it to the other console)

For this you must go to Policies-- actions--import

image.thumb.png.238663b40136d60696d2fb15211ba83a.pngDownload policie of migration.png

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