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    Mirek S. gave kudos to MartinK in connection between ERA server and agents fail   
    Changing certificate to original in ESMC' settings should be enough:

    When you click "Open certificate list", you should be able to select original certificate, the one as shown in your previous screenshots. Just be aware that change will require restart of ESMC service.
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to offbyone in Management protocol + reverse proxy   
    We have successfully implemented haproxy in front of ESMC in a test environment.
    Our first attempt to run in http mode failed, as we found that ESMC agent does not seem to send back valid HTTP responses which comply to http standards.
    But we further found that this is not a problem with what we want to achieve (checking validity of the client cert on the reverse proxy side), as TLS bridging with haproxy also works in TCP mode.
    Following is the relevant part of the haproxy config:
    frontend esmcAgentFE mode tcp option tcplog bind *:2222 ssl crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/crt/esmcServer.pem verify required ca-file /etc/haproxy/ssl/ca/esmcCA.pem default_backend esmcAgentBE backend esmcAgentBE mode tcp default-server ssl default-server ca-file /etc/haproxy/ssl/ca/esmcCA.pem default-server crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/crt/esmcAgent.pem server default esmc.mydomain.com:2222 Cheers
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Cloud Administrator   
    As ESET Business Account is used as "identity provider" and "authentication service" you can enable 2FA within business account settings. Back-end architecture of ESET Cloud Administrator is designed in a way, that it´s fully backed-up and redundant. Meaning that despite you set a location you belong to, unless the entire data-center goes down, service will be available). I will check, whether a cross-data-center backup is planned.
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to offbyone in Regex for Dynamic Group not working   
    I think so.
    To get sure I did the last change yesterday evening and had a look at the results today. Group was still empty. Then I changed from "regex" to "has prefix" and 10 minutes later I saw the first computer appearing in the group.
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    @andy_s We will track this as an improvement request, towards the future versions. Issue is, that the "upgrade" itself is handled by Endpoint (in case you execute scan and select option "shutdown after scan"), and Endpoint does not initiate agent wakeup to report scan completion. It simply triggers shutdown, before the result is replicated.
    Maybe, if you are willing to, can you explain why are you shutting down the machines? Is it to save power over weekends, or? As there might be different way how to achieve that. One that will report "success" would be a run command, with a respective windows shutdown / with delay, as task would report "Success" not in the moment of task execution, but on the moment when it contacted WMI provider with the command the reboot. If system acknowledged, it will report success.  Also, out of curiosity, what is your replication interval?
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to Kieran Barry in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Enable right-click and double-click in ERA
    Detail: ERA is one of the most easy-to-use management services I have used. However i believe that to make it more ergonomical there should be a functionality that lets users double-click on something. For example, when wanting to generate a report you first have to click on the report, then go down to the "GENERATE NOW" button and click that. I feel like adding the ability to open reports and other things with a simple double-click action would improve accessibility.
    The right-click I admit is quite an odd suggestion seeing as if you click on a field once it brings up a menu etc, however, again for things like editing reports, you first have to click the report, then click on the little cog icon over to the far right, and then click on edit. Would it not be easier just to be able to right click the report and choose edit?
    A very pedantic suggestion I know...
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    Mirek S. gave kudos to LCS in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Agreed. I even thought about the programming logistics of that when I posted it, but as the forum is about suggestions, I thought what the heck, let's put it in, as it is a nice idea (IMO) 
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