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  1. Mirek, Fantastic news! This would be really helpful for us as we have a myriad of iOS devices that we'd like to add to ABM as well as ESET MDM. Could you keep me updated on your progress? I have opened case number 489959 about this. Regards, Chris
  2. Hello Mirek, We need to run Apple Configurator 2 on multiple iPads because they were not purchased through ABM authorized resellers. This appears to be possible, and supported: https://support.apple.com/hr-hr/guide/apple-configurator-2/cad99bc2a859/mac Regards, Chris
  3. Hello, If I might chime in here, I believe we are having a similar issue. Ours stems from needing to run Apple Configurator 2 on existing iPads that currently aren't in ABM. When running through the configurator, it asks for the enrollment URL of the MDM solution (in this case, ESET Mobile Device Manager). When using the enrollment URL for the new device (https://EMDM.xxx.xxx:9980/ebcsw5n7z), we're met with: Unable to verify the server's enrollment URL. The question is, is there a different enrollment URL we can use when enrolling unassociated iOS devices with ABM? Regards, Chris
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