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  1. Indeed it did. This was the missing hint to get to the root of the problem. THX again.
  2. Yes I tried both but doesn't help, neither FF nor IE.
  3. To track down the problem, is there an easy method to disable HTTPS inspection on the ESET client. I tried to pause Web-Protection on the client for 10 minutes however I see that the website is still signed by the ESET proxy cert.
  4. That is what Let's Encrypt post regarding root cert expiration. https://letsencrypt.org/docs/dst-root-ca-x3-expiration-september-2021/
  5. Hi. One of our customers is getting a lot of "Certificate Revoked" errors from ESET Antivirus since 1.10.2021. Accessing these sites not via ESET does not show any problem. What seems to be common to all these sites is that they are using Let's Encrypt and OCSP Stapling. Here is one example: https://app.softgarden.io Any ideas how to track down the problem. THX a lot.
  6. Just a simple question: Is the default task "Module Updates" needed for proper operation or what is it's purpose? From what I understand update of signatures and modules is controlled by policy and initiated by the client itself. On execution history we see that there have been only very few executions of this task (triggered by joining the linked dynamic group "Computers with outdated modules") in the past.
  7. What really would be helpful for the mirror tools would be better filter possibilities like regexp on name, OS and language. This would reduce data to download significantly.
  8. But how do you create a all-in-one installer with agent, AV remover and settings from this?
  9. No I opened a case on Friday but did not hear anything from ESET till now. Very disappointing.
  10. With "report the problem" you mean to open a support case? Cheers.
  11. We are running ESET File Security 7.3 on Windows 2019 DataCenter Edition.
  12. Looking at the error message it seems that the parser found an invalid hardware platform specified in one of the metadata3 files. I think the "unknown case in swith" is a typo in the error message an should read switch instead. Seems that the switch clause in the code is missing the needed case statement for that hardware platform. Did ESET introduce a new HwPlatform and did not update the mirror tool or is there a malformed metadata3 file located in their repository?
  13. Addition: Syncing updates still works, it is the repo sync which now fails.
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