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  1. What really would be helpful for the mirror tools would be better filter possibilities like regexp on name, OS and language. This would reduce data to download significantly.
  2. But how do you create a all-in-one installer with agent, AV remover and settings from this?
  3. No I opened a case on Friday but did not hear anything from ESET till now. Very disappointing.
  4. With "report the problem" you mean to open a support case? Cheers.
  5. We are running ESET File Security 7.3 on Windows 2019 DataCenter Edition.
  6. Looking at the error message it seems that the parser found an invalid hardware platform specified in one of the metadata3 files. I think the "unknown case in swith" is a typo in the error message an should read switch instead. Seems that the switch clause in the code is missing the needed case statement for that hardware platform. Did ESET introduce a new HwPlatform and did not update the mirror tool or is there a malformed metadata3 file located in their repository?
  7. Addition: Syncing updates still works, it is the repo sync which now fails.
  8. Hello, We found that the mirror tool is no longer working for all our customers. On all installations we now get the following error message: Error: Unkwon value(unknown case in swith) in HwPlatform type in metadata3 parser Error occured. I guess something changed on the ESET side which broke the tool. Any suggestions what to do? THX
  9. Hi. We have a dynamic group where we assigned a task with the "Joined Dynamic Group Trigger". From the docs I understand that this task is executed when the client joins the assigned dynamic group. For me it seems strange that the task is always flagged "planned = yes" for a client even if it already ran on that client and the client was neither removed nor re-joined to that group. Is this the way it should work? THX
  10. From this time on the error will never occur again on that machine.
  11. Yes support removed the email address from the blacklist.
  12. Hello. We have the problem that the confirmation e-mail for the EBA account was not delivered correctly due to a typo within our e-mail systems. Meanwhile we have corrected the typo however there is no way to trigger a resent of the confirmation e-mail. When trying to login to EBA we get the message: Account not activated Your account has not been activated yet. When trying to do the "Forgotten password" procedure no e-mail is sent, Trying to recreate the account with similar username (e-mail) is possible however also there is no confirmation e-mail sent. Catch22. We have a support case open since yesterday morning, but did not get anything more than the confirmation e-mail for the ticket. Any help is very much appreciated. THX.
  13. We have successfully implemented haproxy in front of ESMC in a test environment. Our first attempt to run in http mode failed, as we found that ESMC agent does not seem to send back valid HTTP responses which comply to http standards. But we further found that this is not a problem with what we want to achieve (checking validity of the client cert on the reverse proxy side), as TLS bridging with haproxy also works in TCP mode. Following is the relevant part of the haproxy config: frontend esmcAgentFE mode tcp option tcplog bind *:2222 ssl crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/crt/esmcServer.pem verify required ca-file /etc/haproxy/ssl/ca/esmcCA.pem default_backend esmcAgentBE backend esmcAgentBE mode tcp default-server ssl default-server ca-file /etc/haproxy/ssl/ca/esmcCA.pem default-server crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/crt/esmcAgent.pem server default esmc.mydomain.com:2222 Cheers
  14. No its not a sysprep image, its the default image. It is deployed via autounattend.xml by WDS. The OOBE phase is running of course on first logon but it's automated.
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