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  1. Hi. We have a dynamic group where we assigned a task with the "Joined Dynamic Group Trigger". From the docs I understand that this task is executed when the client joins the assigned dynamic group. For me it seems strange that the task is always flagged "planned = yes" for a client even if it already ran on that client and the client was neither removed nor re-joined to that group. Is this the way it should work? THX
  2. From this time on the error will never occur again on that machine.
  3. Yes support removed the email address from the blacklist.
  4. Hello. We have the problem that the confirmation e-mail for the EBA account was not delivered correctly due to a typo within our e-mail systems. Meanwhile we have corrected the typo however there is no way to trigger a resent of the confirmation e-mail. When trying to login to EBA we get the message: Account not activated Your account has not been activated yet. When trying to do the "Forgotten password" procedure no e-mail is sent, Trying to recreate the account with similar username (e-mail) is possible however also there is no confirmation e-mail sent. Catch22.
  5. We have successfully implemented haproxy in front of ESMC in a test environment. Our first attempt to run in http mode failed, as we found that ESMC agent does not seem to send back valid HTTP responses which comply to http standards. But we further found that this is not a problem with what we want to achieve (checking validity of the client cert on the reverse proxy side), as TLS bridging with haproxy also works in TCP mode. Following is the relevant part of the haproxy config: frontend esmcAgentFE mode tcp option tcplog bind *:2222 ssl crt /etc/haproxy/ssl/crt/es
  6. No its not a sysprep image, its the default image. It is deployed via autounattend.xml by WDS. The OOBE phase is running of course on first logon but it's automated.
  7. @FRiC THX for confirmation. I wasn't sure if it is something special to our environments. Till now we deployed about 100 new clients in 3 different customer environments and its the same with all of them.
  8. I suspect that not many customers will be faced by this problem, as there are not many which do a fully automated deployment of computers including os and apps. In most cases a user has logged on at least one time before ESET is installed.
  9. All clients are installed unattended via offline installer which include Agent and AV. The installation is done via GP script.
  10. Hi. Is this a known issue that after deploying ESET AV on a newly deployed computer, "Real-time file system protection is non-functional" error is present until a user logs in for the very first time on that machine. Rebooting does not fix it, someone has to login first. We have this on all newly deployed machines. Regards.
  11. Simple question. What is the recommended product to install on Windows Terminal Servers (Remote Desktop Session Hosts)?
  12. Will this ever be fixed? On every customer we implement ESET which uses Deutsche Telekom as provider it is a mess to get an offline repo, as it nearly always fails with errors. Sometimes you need about 20 attempts to get a repo which is complete. Cheers.
  13. Changing FF policy to "Certificates" : { "ImportEnterpriseRoots" : true, "#Comment" : "Don't use OS certificate store" } seems to solve the problem.
  14. @itman THX for sharing the link to Mozilla website.
  15. I wanted to say that we started with 7.3.2036.0 and are still on that version. So I wonder why the ESET CA is present in FF store. When we started with ESET we were on FF ESR 68.06. and are now on FF ESR 68.10. Cheers.
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