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If You Use Licensing Cracking Software, You Need To Read This


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It appears that a number of Eset users employ license "crackers." It also appears that a number of Eset forum participants feel that the most widely used , the KMS software family of crackers, are safe. As noted in this recent analysis of KMS based software by AVLabs in Poland, they are definitely not safe to use.


KMSAuto and KMSpico are the most commonly installed hacktool on computers in Poland


Technically speaking, there are several so-called activators: KMSActivator, KMSAuto and KMSpico. They are used to activate the Windows operating system. These programs work in such a way that they bypass the standard activation process, which usually involves connecting a specific computer to Microsoft servers. These hacktools create an emulated key management service (KMS) server in the local network, and then redirect the installation to this server to bypass the license lock of the Office system or Office suite.

The legitimacy of using these programs raises many reservations. Due to their popularity, they often contain "new features" added by malware authors. In addition, to successfully activate e.g. Windows 10, it is required to disable the antivirus program and ignore the SmartScreen security technology.

Installing this type of software is a very unreasonable idea while using online banking, logging into social networks and email, and the need to disable anti-virus protection. Once installed, the KMS activator must operate in the system continuously, with the protection program turned off, which further deteriorates the image of the tool among security experts.


Note: This article was posted in the Polish language. Hence the use of Google's Translator.

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