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  1. Thanks for the awesome support to all ESET guys 👍 Marco, I find the about box ! In normal version, I have a 1211 (20200622) module date, and on the manual patched version I have one strange 10001 (20200714) version ! I suppos e the upcoming official .dat will have a number between them Cheers
  2. Thanks for the quick fix guys, I'm actually running em005_32.dat (CRC = EAB553CC) on EEA 5.0.2272.7 and it seems fine . Q1: Can I enable again "autodefense" or will it kick this file ? Q2: Will the regular database update that is coming from Server Admin 5.x will also distribute the fixed dll ? Q3: How can I check if the fixed dll have been auto installed in EEA 5.x, I don't know where is "show all modules" page, should I check the CRC with EAB553CC ?
  3. Hello guys, Okay, I removed (from safe mode) EEA with esetuninstaller.exe, then reinstalled my usual 5.0.2272.7 x64 on my Win7. Then I go to > advanced configuration > computer > HIPS > [uncheck] Selfdefense, and I performed a virus database update, then I rebooted. With Selfdefense OFF, I tried to perform a procdump and it freezed Windows, no dump file was writen to disk, and I just totally lost control over operating system. I tried multiple times to generate a dump with selfdefense OFF, but it just totally freeze win7 (with / without "-e 1", "-ma", "32/64 procdump.exe
  4. hi guys, thanks for comments, i will make some new dump tomorrow with procdump64 :-) question for MMX: i can i disable selfdefense ?
  5. Hello guys, Ok I was able to make 3 full dump for you In each folder I made the 4 dump you asked, and I issued the following command to test http: When all is ok I got the normal response : "BAD HTTP REQUEST" When all output packet are blocked I have no response with my "coucoufree" TCP query In the following 7z file you will find: hxxp://tmp.zool.fr/tmp/eset/20200710_NoOutgoingPacket.7z 1_NoOutgoingPacket lolder (Logs + dmp + pml + cab) : Eset was blocking all output http packet, I made one telnet to show you the problem (ne response from coucoufree) 2_Af
  6. Hello Marcos, Unfortunatly I can't update to v7 because our company is still using Server Admin 5.x So we have latest EEA 5.0.2272.7 on multiple computers, and recent certfix says it's ok: The ESET updates works correctly when computers boot, I don't know if updates can still perform correctly when outgoing packet are blocked, I will check. Okay about the dump, I will perform them and give you link to download them. Thanks !
  7. Hello guys, I have the exact same problem since two days ! - Windows 7 sp 1 x64 - ESET Endpoint Antivirus - 5.0.2272.7 - Fr - x64 No problem to have internet at computer start, but freeze of all HTTP outgoing packets after 20~30 min. When EEA is starting to block packet, I can still connect a telnet to port 80, but I can NOT send any packet on the server. No packet is leaving computer for HTTP 80 / 443, so no websites are loaging anymore ESET service seems freeze, if I disabled "ESET service" from Win7 safe mode, no more problem. If I can test somethings of send mo
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