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  1. I had another try today and found the connection not stable. At the beginning of the startup scan, there are maybe 20~30 seconds that pages can be opened smoothly. Then there are minutes when pages cannot be opened. CPU remains at about 10%, but when it rise to 20%, I can open pages normally. (see picture) Then CPU may have another drop and pages can't be opened until at the end of the scan things return to normal. I also noticed that my phone, which is under the same Wifi, also has difficulty openning pages when the issue happens. Pages can be loaded, but much slower than
  2. It solved my problem. When will I know that I can delete the files?
  3. I turned on startup scan in normal mode and enabled AppVerifier in safe mode. When I returned to normal mode, ESET did not load into the system, and the issue cannot be triggered. I tried manually open ESET Security through Start Menu, but nothing happened after I clicked the icon.
  4. The issue does not occur unless I turn on startup scan. My startup scan is currently turned off. Do I need to disable AppVerifier in safe mode, enable startup scan in normal mode, enable AppVerifier in safe mode and generate dumps in normal mode?
  5. I installed AppVerifier and did the registry import in safe mode, but when I reboot to normal mode, there is no ESET interface. No icon in the tray. Can't open ESET window from start menu. Task manager shows some ESET items.
  6. Yes. So long as the scan does not start, pages can be loaded.
  7. Hey guys, I was redirected here by Marcos. I was able to generate some dumps. Here is the link. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtllRsHB199anE3TFwL520vyVsLG?e=lyxvWk The package only contains 5 of the dumps. The code you provided only generates 10 dumps, which is hard to catch the time I started to lose access to webpages. Therefore I changed the code to 100. I noticed that when I lost access, the small icon on the bottom right starts circling for scan, so I picked the dumps generated around the time it started. The scan starts several minutes after ESET is loaded. BTW, is this forum blocki
  8. I am currently using ESET Internet security. After updating to a new version several days ago, I began to have almost no connection to the Internet within the first 10 minutes after turning on. I may experience the same sutuation during the use. I noticed that whenever the conection is restricted, the small icon on the bottom right starts circling and says it is intializing a scan (may not be the exact word since I am using in another language). I also noticed that the scan always happens after I turned on my computer, but I found no pattern in the middle of my use. I think it has so
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