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  1. You're welcome. The only useless question I know of is the one not asked.
  2. Advanced Setup > Update > Profiles > My Profile > Updates .. Under "Program Component Update" remove the check mark for "Application update." Click OK
  3. Good grief.. I have a suggestion to resolve this. Don't use a flag in the language description. Problem solved.
  4. Mark says he's sorry!

    Tom, Thanks for the link it made for interesting reading. I've said before, I have no idea why people find it necessary to put so many details of their personal life online.
  5. Mark says he's sorry!

    I'm not using any social media sites, apps or whatever they are calling them these days as I am by nature rather anti social to begin with. I'd be interested in hearing how you came to the conclusion that user or not Facebook is selling my info.
  6. I think I'm endangered in Internet :(

    Hi Michael and welcome to the forums. I really don't see the need to use your real name or any other actual personal information when using email accounts or social media. I can't answer to any legalities about not using your real info. I can count five places where I actually used my real personal information when signing up mostly financial websites where there is no real choice or way not to use the real thing, at least that I can figure out. I have a specific email address that I use for junk and insignificant sign ups, one for personal contacts and others for financial needs. This will not help if someone really wants to find out who you are but it does well against the immature hacker wanna be that only has the goal of making your life miserable. When it comes to social media I find it amazing how much personal information people are willing to share without regard to the possible consequences. You have made a wise choice with your selection of Eset for your system protection and now the rest is pretty much up to you. The weakest link in any system defense is the person between the chair and the keyboard. Itman and Tom have offered excellent advice to which I will add change your passwords frequently on financial sites and even your email and don't use the same passwords for all like my daughter who seemed to really liked the password 12345678. Do not store your financial passwords on your computer. Try to store sensitive data on another drive not always connected to your computer. Make frequent backup images of your system on a separate external drive, it can be the fastest path to get back up and running should something go wrong. Now it's up to you to take some time and educate yourself on the dangers and protections that you can use to avoid those dangers on the Internet. Just enter Computer Security in your search engine of choice and you will be presented with a wealth of information. Unfortunately a lot of it is well over my head but the basics should go a long way for you to protect yourself, it's worked for me. In addition this forum is very good with providing help and information from some of the best people on the planet. Some healthy anxiety about the Internet can be a good thing. I suffer a bit of a minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to security on my computers. However I have been using Eset products for way to many years to count and have never had and infection or any other type of issues. Needless to say that I am very careful about how I use the Internet. My rule of thumb about saying or doing things on the Internet is that I do not say or do anything that I wouldn't say or do in person and in public. But that's just me. I use the Internet with the belief that once it's on the Internet it never ever really goes away. That is not to say that it would be easy to find. Only you can decide what is appropriate for yourself. Be well,
  7. I'm just guessing, it's probably because the public beta has not been released.
  8. Just in case Eset should consider this. I request that it be add it to a Premium type version and leave the Eset Internet Security version in it's present light weight state. It's hard to beat the protection and ease of use at under, right now, 55 MB of RAM and 0% CPU. That way if people want the additional tools they can support it by purchasing the "Super Premium" version at an additional cost. I have no interest in more bells and whistles. All I want Eset to do is protect my systems and it does that exceptionally well right now.
  9. I wouldn't have thought so as ESET ormally advise a clean install once the final release comes out. It could have changed though. It may work but I have found that the best practice is to do a clean install of the final release. Some changes between the last beta and final may cause some issues. I have every intention of doing that when the time comes. I'm not online all the time and I didn't want a surprise of non working protection system when I boot up. Eset will more then likely have a final release out by the expiration date or extend the expiration date as needed.
  10. It may have been a good idea to have a final release available before warning users that their protection was going to end and provide a link to v9 which is not Eset Internet Security. Just an opinion. On Edit: I entered my license key for v9.x and Eset registered it. No more warning.
  11. I have no doubt it will work until then. Seems that Eset got a bit ahead of itself by having the warning show up with a link back to a page containing v9 and nothing about "Eset Internet Security" at all let alone v10x.
  12. Yeah it is but as far as I know a final out of beta has not been released. There is the possibility that I am missing some news here.
  13. I received a warning from my install of Eset that the beta period is ending in 13 days and the protection of my system will end. I renewed last July but I have been beta testing since prior to the renewal. Should I enter the license information? If not, what should I do? Thanks.
  14. Eset Internet Security updated to v10.0.171.0 this morning. No issues or problems so far.