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  1. Equifax Hacked

    The breach occurred in May and continued, unabated, through July as I read it. Yes, they will just monitor it and tell you how bad they screwed up your life. Maybe a few apologies but then zero. Basically look we said we were sorry .. now go away. Oh, and please sign up for our monitoring so we can COA (first two words are "Cover Our" you can guess the last one) for future damages to us. Why would anyone take the advice of a company that just allowed the world in to their wallet? I wonder who or what was providing security to Equifax? Bet you can't tell that this kind of stuff really ticks me off.
  2. Equifax Hacked

    That's right they have been "learned" but we will ignore those "Learned lessons" and carry on as if it never happened, as usual. By the way, what time is it?
  3. Equifax Hacked

    So I do my best to protect my data by using common sense and use top of the line home computer security. Meanwhile, Equifax allowed the world access to data that may be mine from May to July 29 and didn't get around to letting us know until September. Oops! Sorry about that but we, the executives at Equifax, needed the time to sell off our stock before the price dropped on this information.. But it's OK because Equifax is going to help me protect my credit by offering free credit reporting protection, provided by them, "if" I go to their website and provide more information to them. In addition they will provide information on steps consumers can take to protect their personal information.... Yeah right... Why do I have to go give them more data to protect me? If it's been breached just send me a letter telling me they are "now" protecting my data. Oh never mind, from what I hear their protection isn't working very well these days. I guess the best way to protect your credit is not to have any.. Take your money out of the bank stuff it in your mattress and pay cash for everything. But then capitalism would collapse because it won't work without people being in debt. Things are going a bit faster on that slippery slope. hxxps:// {Ends Rant and walks away mumbling obscenities.}
  4. You should create an image of your drive in it's current state no matter what you do. It's always nice to be able to get back to where you started.
  5. I don't use Sticky Password but became curious. I don't speak or read German so I don't know what the error in your post says. Do you get the connection warning on download of the plugin, trying to install it or when you enter your credentials to log in to Sticky password? I'm just guessing but it looks as if you are not signed in. On Edit: Did the problem start right after you updated the plugin?
  6. No, I'm not kidding and I didn't say I was going to throw it away. I will put it to good use when the time comes.
  7. I got one of those DHL emails. I have my email client set to only present a "Preview" so I didn't receive any warnings at all. One look at the preview had me hitting delete immediately. I never open attachments unless it's something I request. That sort of makes me the final filter. Common sense is your best protection. When in doubt.. Don't. In my opinion people have become far more complacent about security on their devices. They give it less thought then they do when changing channels on a TV. Someone said that it should not be necessary to learn about Eset's configuration. If people would give their security software a fraction of the time they've spent learning about Facebook, tweets and any other software on their system they would be far better off. With regard to MBAM. I removed it, it presented way to many headaches. As soon as I find someone that I dislike enough I'll give them my lifetime license.
  8. As far as I'm concerned Microsoft lost any credibility they may have had as a company on the sneaky back door Win 10 release. That's just not the correct way to treat customers. Looks like they're still at it.
  9. Who said anything about test samples? I'm conducting a Real World Test. Our test methods are completely different. I'm not throwing rocks at my front window because they told me it was unbreakable. As the end user I am more interested in how a product works in my world which, of course, is the only Real World that matters to me. My result is of an average user doing average things on a high speed Internet connection. I'm not an IT Security Specialist just a happy Eset customer. To clarify, I am currently using EIS on both systems one set to Automatic Mode and one to Interactive Mode. I don't go around the Internet looking for trouble, no rock throwing allowed. Eset has sent up warnings a few times in each system. We follow the advice of the warning and carry on. That's it 100% protection in my Real World. To be honest the real World Test is on the machine set on Automatic mode and uses the default setup, shy of me setting up the network and printer, and used by my wife who has had some very basic security training. Basically if anything pops up, especially in red, to ask me. If I'm not around close the browser and open a new one and don't go wherever you were. I really have no idea why people manage to get their machines infected. There is plenty of information on line, in books, etc. to get a clue of how to safely surf and use the Internet. I post here because average users read these posts. This negativity about one program having a better detection rate then Eset by 0.07% prompted me, a average user, to let them know the Tests conducted by these Testing companies does not necessarily reflect what their experience will be as an average user. Most of this stuff is way over my head however I am curious as to what makes things tick.
  10. Thanks itman. That pretty much falls in line with my thoughts as to the source of their funds. It also confirms my feelings toward the results of their tests. That is, read them, think a bit about them and then return to "my" own on going "Test." Test Status: Perpetual Method: Daily Use of two Windows 7 Computers and several prior versions of a Windows OS Product Tested: Nod32, ESS, EIS and several beta's of each Length of test to date: In excess of 10 years, probably 15 or more I can't remember. Number of Infections: Zero Number of False Positives: Zero Results to Date: Eset Products prevented infection to my systems 100% of Real World time. Conclusion: I'll continue to use the 100% effective Eset products.
  11. What I would like to know is where does the money come from to support these so called "testing" organizations.
  12. Wow, I sure am glad July was over 15 days ago considering that earth shattering news
  13. Not all "testing companies" are created equal. I take what they report with as much weight as I do the latest news headlines which are created to sell newspapers.
  14. Nothing is 100% effective 100% of the time. They may score 100% in "tests" but in a real world situation things are different. So if they say they are 100% effective 100% of real world time I would tend to not believe the claim, just my opinion. I've been using Eset for 10 or more years and have never been infected Does this mean Eset is 100% effective? Actually no and neither is anything else.