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  1. I've had issues with the Eset tray icon from time to time as well on my Windows 7 Pro system. I created a shortcut to C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Security\eguiProxy.exe which always resolves the issue until it again decides not to show. When running the shortcut it also opens the GUI. Closing the GUI leaves the Icon. Oddly I have never had the issue on my Windows 7 Home Premium system. It doesn't happen often, maybe once every couple of months or so. I really haven't made any effort to track it accurately nor any serious attempt to figure out why it does what it does. I don't find it to be that big of a deal. After all the protection is always running just occasionally not the proxy Icon. But that's just me. I've been using Eset products since v3.x and it's going to have to be a way bigger issue then an Icon not showing up from time to time for me to think about making a change. I have never had any infections of any type so it's difficult to argue with success. That is what's most important to me. In the past, every few years I looked around and tried different products. For one reason or another I found them unacceptable. I always ended up restoring my backup image and renewing Eset. I don't even bother with that time wasting exercise any more.
  2. I agree. There are already many tools in EIS I don't have a need for. Most programs will automatically check for updates if you want them to. Besides it would probably increase the price.
  3. I'm just guessing, it's probably because the public beta has not been released.
  4. Just in case Eset should consider this. I request that it be add it to a Premium type version and leave the Eset Internet Security version in it's present light weight state. It's hard to beat the protection and ease of use at under, right now, 55 MB of RAM and 0% CPU. That way if people want the additional tools they can support it by purchasing the "Super Premium" version at an additional cost. I have no interest in more bells and whistles. All I want Eset to do is protect my systems and it does that exceptionally well right now.
  5. I wouldn't have thought so as ESET ormally advise a clean install once the final release comes out. It could have changed though. It may work but I have found that the best practice is to do a clean install of the final release. Some changes between the last beta and final may cause some issues. I have every intention of doing that when the time comes. I'm not online all the time and I didn't want a surprise of non working protection system when I boot up. Eset will more then likely have a final release out by the expiration date or extend the expiration date as needed.
  6. It may have been a good idea to have a final release available before warning users that their protection was going to end and provide a link to v9 which is not Eset Internet Security. Just an opinion. On Edit: I entered my license key for v9.x and Eset registered it. No more warning.
  7. I have no doubt it will work until then. Seems that Eset got a bit ahead of itself by having the warning show up with a link back to a page containing v9 and nothing about "Eset Internet Security" at all let alone v10x.
  8. Yeah it is but as far as I know a final out of beta has not been released. There is the possibility that I am missing some news here.
  9. I received a warning from my install of Eset that the beta period is ending in 13 days and the protection of my system will end. I renewed last July but I have been beta testing since prior to the renewal. Should I enter the license information? If not, what should I do? Thanks.
  10. Eset Internet Security updated to v10.0.171.0 this morning. No issues or problems so far.
  11. Why would you want Eset to advise you of a third party program update? The third party program should be doing that. If it isn't then you should be addressing the author of that specific software about the issue. Personally I don't allow any programs, with the exception of Eset SS, to automatically update or even check for updates. It's the first thing I turn off on any new program install. The second thing I do is create a rule for that program to ask for permission to connect to the Internet for any reason. If I want to know if there is an update that may be necessary for security or a new feature I may want I check the website of the author. I really don't see a need for Eset to be combing the web to find updates to third party software. If Eset considers this idea please include an off switch to disable it. But hey, that's just me.
  12. In the next release of ESS (V10x I assume) I would like to see the GUI go back to something similar to v8x. The GUI is not something I normally get overly concerned with but v8 was much easier to use then v9x. Specifically the "firewall rules" screen which in v9 is just not easy to use at all.
  13. I don't think the Cloud would be feasible for me with .50 - 2 mbps 5GB cap connection. When the wind blows the right way and I have my tongue in the correct cheek between the first and second molar it may hit 1.5 - 3.0 mbps.
  14. The Ad Block thing comes up about once a month. See posts #407 and #408 for the most recent: https://forum.eset.com/topic/51-future-changes-to-eset-smart-security/page-21
  15. Any chance you could provide links to the specific forums you quoted from? I would really like to read their comments and findings in their entirety.
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