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  1. I tried to replicate the anomaly on my system with out experiencing the same results you describe. The sound blips from time to time going in and out of full screen mode which coincides with the screen change but the audio doesn't lag nor does the video.The results were identical with gamer mode on or off and with disable gamer mode automatically on or off. I didn't receive any EIS warnings during my test. How many times do you go in and out of full screen mode repeatedly and in what time frame to produce the warning?
  2. I'm not seeing any major problems on my Win7 x64 system running EIS.v10.1.219. MBAM v3.1.2 is slow to load and added 8 to 20 seconds or more to my boot time, depending on what EIS is doing, and about 0 to 2 seconds to a page load in the Chrome browser. It's pretty resource hungry using around 207 MB of memory at idle and 360 MB scanning. They've added a "Lower the priority of manual scans to improve multitasking" setting which helps on the CPU load. Using a manual scan it takes 3:05 minutes to scan 314,339 items using about 16.5% of my CPU. The scan raised the temperature of my CPU to 128 degrees F. from it's idle of of 82 degrees F. I do not have any mutual exclusions set. However because I'm still not convinced that I need MBAM running in real time along side EIS duplicating protections I'm using it like I did with the free v1.75, a second opinion scanner. I'd still like to hear some opinions as to the effectiveness and advantages of running both in real time.
  3. Thanks for the information Peter. There for a while I thought you guys were on fire with the mega module updates.
  4. I am quite careful as well and rarely see a PUA. From your post I incorrectly assumed you hadn't seen one and didn't want you feeling left out I am confused as well about the comment. by COStark26 As far as certificate notifications, I have not been seeing many of them yet. Lucky I guess. I've had occasions where one would pop up I just close the browser and find whatever I'm looking for some place else.
  5. You can receive PUA warnings if the download contains an additional install of something along with the intended program even if is possible to decline the additional software when the install is run. For example CCleaner is an excellent and safe program. However the free edition includes a tool bar so Eset kindly informs me with a PUA alert when I attempt to download it. You can ignore the alert or disconnect. You will again receive a PUA when you run the install. I should also add the the author of CCLeaner kindly offers free edition without the tool bar refereed to as the "Slim Edition" a week or so after the latest version release.
  6. Then by all means uninstall the outdated v7 and install v10.1x, and you will have the best protection you can get. As it stands now you do not have the best protection you can get by about 3 versions.
  7. Over the years I have tried quite a few different security suites and have always come home to Eset. Key factors to me when it comes to any security software are liking the software, peace of mind, ease of use, protection level, system resource impact, reputation and finally the cost now and renewals. I can't say anything bad about Kaspersky Internet Security as I only used it about two maybe three weeks a year or so ago. It missed a few of my most important bench marks. Specifically peace of mind, I didn't like it, ease of use and system resource impact. I think you are paying an introductory price. I would be considering the renewal cost. I only need a two system license so the cost difference is not that big of a deal. Don't get me wrong here I'm retired on a fixed income, money matters and I make a great deal of effort to save where I can. There is a cost threshold that I must consider for everything. However, Eset has not reached that threshold for me, yet. I hope Kaspersky works well and you enjoy it, but for me I'll stick with Eset, Out of idle curiosity what FUD are you talking about?
  8. EIS

    You can do a search in the rules window. Click on the spy glass in the upper right corner and it opens to enter a search item.
  9. Oh I don't plan on giving up, never give up.... I just started going in circles and got dizzy. I'll be better in a few days.
  10. Then it's configured wrong on two of my PC's. It was showing up as a blocked connection on both and from each other. I'm pretty much out of ideas and web searches for a solution other then what I have now, both denied including the the Trusted zone. I figure it's not going to do much of anything now. It's just the other computer that is the showing the blocked connections now. Nothing shows up on this system. I've spent a couple of days reading stuff I know very little about. I'll give it a break for a while.
  11. Thanks itman. I couldn't figure out why the Google Chrome on another computer in the network would want to connect to this one. I denied it for a while and recently created a rule to just block it. That's my usual procedure in dealing with things I don't understand, deny and see if anything gets screwed up and if not create a rule. Certainty not the best method.
  12. I have had the same request and have blocked it for now. The request I receive is from Google Chrome on another computer on the network. I'll be interested in the response.
  13. I'm pretty sure the issue started in the 10.1.x release I recently did a reinstall and 10.390.0 installed. I don't remember how long it took but Eset automatically updated to the latest release.
  14. I thought a couple of screen shots may help to go along with what peteyt posted. I always have trouble remembering where the setting is.