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  1. I'm pretty sure the issue started in the 10.1.x release I recently did a reinstall and 10.390.0 installed. I don't remember how long it took but Eset automatically updated to the latest release.
  2. I thought a couple of screen shots may help to go along with what peteyt posted. I always have trouble remembering where the setting is.
  3. Both my systems updated Thursday around 8:00 PM - North East NY USA
  4. Are you on v10.0.390 as it says in the title?
  5. Updated automatically and wanted a reboot. All seems OK on Win 7 Pro x64
  6. You're Welcome. I'm glad everything went well.
  7. Here's the download link for ESS v10: On the right side under "Download Options" click "Advance Download" to get an offline installer
  8. It should be fine else Eset v9.x wouldn't offer to do the install. However, between major version changes I like to do a clean install. It's a personal choice unless directed otherwise. For me, I have the opportunity to start with fresh rules and settings.
  9. Just in case Eset should consider this. I request that it be add it to a Premium type version and leave the Eset Internet Security version in it's present light weight state. It's hard to beat the protection and ease of use at under, right now, 55 MB of RAM and 0% CPU. That way if people want the additional tools they can support it by purchasing the "Super Premium" version at an additional cost. I have no interest in more bells and whistles. All I want Eset to do is protect my systems and it does that exceptionally well right now.
  10. I just completed my update to EIS with v10.1.204 and I find the system tray icon right click menu to be the same as v10.0.390. Ooops My bad I don't have it either....
  11. I would suggest that you follow Marcos suggestion and submit the requested files to him in a PM
  12. Actually you can view a sorted list but not permanently sort it.
  13. I agree about a second, even a third, opinion but I'm not sure that Malwarebytes is the one to use. I've been using Hitman Pro on demand in lieu of Malwarebytes. for a second opinion scan. It's easy on system resouces and free to scan but a license is required for it to clean what it finds. I use Super Anti-Spyware on demand as well. For the paronid days I have several other titles to do on demand scans Aside from an occasional warning from EIS regarding a suspicious/blocked website, I'm happy to say that nothing has been found, ever. I attribute that to the fine Eset products I've used over the years. Of course an on demand scan is way different then running Malwarebytes Premium along side EIS. This I find to be rather cumbersome and question the need. .
  14. I'd like to know if there is any real advantage to having Malwarebytes installed along side EIS. Most all of the my searches on the subject refer to Malwarebytes in it's previous form and to Eset v9.x or earlier. I have not reinstalled MBAM nor do I want to unless there is clearly an increase in the protection to my excellent running Win7 Pro x64 system.