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  1. Linux Desktop: .
  2. I think it could be very useful if you had an infection screw up your system files. Otherwise not so much. But that's it's purpose and I'm sure it would do it well.
  3. Thanks foneil. It would be nice to know what the settings are currently and what Eset would reset it to. More detail would be very helpful. Perhaps I'm missing something.
  4. For all we know it's already a scam. Just who will be processing the photos and what protection is there from the reviewer? We won't even discuss the possibility of a breach. Obviously I have always had very little trust in Facebook and even less now considering recent events. Seems like a really bad idea.
  5. I don't think Facebook can be trusted with much of anything let alone nude pictures. A permanent solution would be to keep your clothes on when pictures are being taken. Yeah I know, to simple.
  6. I think "System Cleaner" is primarily to restore system files that may have been damaged by a virus or malware. I don't think it's meant to be a "Cleaner" for any other purpose such as temp files, cookies, web history, etc. If you are not having any issues I wouldn't reset anything.
  7. EIS not starting...

    If you are using Vista I think the following will be close to Windows 7 in appearance. If you have already tried the following please disregard. Just to be sure. Did you try right clicking on the task bar > select "Properties" > on the "Task Bar and Start Menu Properties" Screen that opens under "Notification Area" click the "Customize" button and find the "Eset Main GUI" icon and make sure the "Show Icon and Notification" is showing. If not click on the drop down menu and select it. See Screen Shots
  8. Yes, the reason for the warning was a server issue, now resolved. No, it was not caused by version
  9. I agree. There is nothing more frustrating to me then having a software vendor create a new GUI and move everything some place else in the program just for the sake of a new GUI. If it improves the flow of the program then I understand, but change for the sake of change is pointless. I don't understand the need for a new GUI if the current one works nor do I understand why people want them. I would much rather see the effort be put under the hood to protect me. After the initial setup and scheduling I don't spend very much time staring at the EIS GUI. It does it's thing in the background and I do my work on the desktop. But that's just me, the simpler things are the better I like it.
  10. I am receiving the unable to connect to the live grid error on boot. First time occurred at 11:50 PM EST Saturday and did not correct. Again at system boot this morning at 5:05 AM EST but corrected by 5:15 AM without my intervention in any way. I have not experienced this error prior to last night and this morning. My Internet connection is permanent and stable at 60 mbps through a wired connection. EIS on Win 7 Pro x64. On Edit: 6:09 AM EST. Just received the error again and lasted about 2 minutes. Seems to be randomly occurring.
  11. Great. Maybe it was just a install hiccup. I had a few but they all settled down now.
  12. The moving dot at the end of "Computer Scan" indicates there is a scan in process. Click on "Computer Scan" to check it's progress.
  13. For what it's worth. I had the same issues on my win7 pro system with both versions of 10. it was an Eset issue without a doubt. It would block all start up programs until it was finished with it's scan and update. I have been chasing this problem for several weeks. I removed Eset v10.x and rebooted in preparation for a clean install of v11 and the issue was gone. With v11 installed I no longer have any start up issues. Give v11 a go. I strongly suggest you do a clean install.