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  1. Description: ESET Peek-in Code of a threat Detail: If ESET couldn't stop a ransomware or a malware, it can decompile the code and show the code for the user if there is any killswitch or a decryption key to it. It may not be inpossible, but It would be very cool feature in ESET.
  2. When will be the official release and How to install the early access?
  3. I have installed the latest version of Eset and when I boot up, it says that Eset cannot assign to Security Center or something like that but in the Security Center, it says it's turned On. If anyone knows the answer, please reply
  4. Well I had registered the free trial cause the license was cancelled and about the cpu, I have demand scan scheduled but it doesn't affect the machine that much and I'm not doing anything specific when I observe the issue. I will collect the logs and attach it so that you can view the problem
  5. For some reason, Eset just doesn't like me. When I enter a license for Internet Security till 2020, it works just fine BUT after 1 week or so, it can't update the product and I need to get a new license EVERY TIME. Also, the ekrn process is using all of my CPU. I had this problem and then it disappeared after I collected the logs. But now, it's back. I'm using if that helps. I'm going to attach the logs of the ekrn.exe as soon as possible eis_logs.zip
  6. Try Kasperspy for decrypting the files. About the Ransomware, you need to remove it from Registry or download MalwareBytes to delete it, but you will need to end the task if the ransomware has it's own decrypting program like Wannacry or CryptoLocker.
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