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  1. Ok but I wanna know. When I collected the logs for my previous ekrn issue it got fixed. I wanna know why?
  2. I had issues with ekrn.exe in the past and fixed it, but for some reason, whenever I launch any browser, the CPU spikes 100% and the system becomes unusable. It doesn't spike CPU when offline or not in the browser, but when I launch it and exit, it will still be 100% CPU usage. For the past issue that I had with ekrn.exe, I ran ESET Log Collector and it made some logs of ekrn.exe and then the problem was gone. I am using Chrome 79 on Windows 7 Pro machine.
  3. Description: ESET Peek-in Code of a threat Detail: If ESET couldn't stop a ransomware or a malware, it can decompile the code and show the code for the user if there is any killswitch or a decryption key to it. It may not be inpossible, but It would be very cool feature in ESET.
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