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  1. I don't use the program at all and will never use it. It was downloaded by my PC repair shop. And about the LiveGrid, what should I do about that? Is it because of that leaked license? When will the problem be fixed? Will I receive an update for the product?
  2. My ESET says "LiveGrid essentials are not correct". Could this be the reason why am I not able to update? I tried flushing the dns and resetting the winsock, I haven't tried other ipconfig commands so there might be hope. I also noticed that ESET blocks NT Kernel and DNS Client (the kernel got blocked 108 times while the client got blocked 61). Is this normal? Here is the image:
  3. Will the fix be released and will be able to update ESET later? Just curious
  4. @Peter Randziak I exported it as txt file, is that ok? PackagesRegeditExport.txt
  5. I will do that when I am available. I also tried cleaning the cache of the update and restarted. Haven't saw nothing but I will send the log.
  6. Looks like it offered me an update after switching to the pre-release. I have just checked for updates and it looks like it is downloading. The file name is em002_64_I0.dll.nup Is this it? The program didn't update, instead it downloaded Pre-released modules but I had the latest modules. I only have 2 folders left in the ProgramData\Eset\Eset Smart Security\updfiles Restarted my PC and nothing. I haven't played with the Advanced Settings and haven't touched the Update Setup. I dig over the forums and found that users with valid license keys were able to update the product. I have a trial license but even with a non-trial license it didn't updated. My old license was cancelled which should lasted till 2022 but even with that license I wasn't able to update to the latest version at that time.
  7. The cause of my problem is probably my outdated OS (Windows 7) or due to the server.
  8. I couldn't upload the content of the updfiles since it doesn't support the extension (it has no . extension, it's just a basic file.) I will check if my DNS has been poisoned and it prevents me from updating. eset_log.zip
  9. The antivirus came with the PC (the guy who reset my computer installed it) and it was on 12 (2017). I upgraded from it to 13. How should I send you these files? via DM or in the topic itself?
  10. I have ESET Internet Security However, the latest version of the product is I saw ESET saying updating product, but it won't actually update the product. I am still on and can't seem to update the software. How do I fix this without any uninstallation of the software?
  11. Ok but I wanna know. When I collected the logs for my previous ekrn issue it got fixed. I wanna know why?
  12. I had issues with ekrn.exe in the past and fixed it, but for some reason, whenever I launch any browser, the CPU spikes 100% and the system becomes unusable. It doesn't spike CPU when offline or not in the browser, but when I launch it and exit, it will still be 100% CPU usage. For the past issue that I had with ekrn.exe, I ran ESET Log Collector and it made some logs of ekrn.exe and then the problem was gone. I am using Chrome 79 on Windows 7 Pro machine.
  13. Description: ESET Peek-in Code of a threat Detail: If ESET couldn't stop a ransomware or a malware, it can decompile the code and show the code for the user if there is any killswitch or a decryption key to it. It may not be inpossible, but It would be very cool feature in ESET.
  14. When will be the official release and How to install the early access?
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