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  1. I don't use the program at all and will never use it. It was downloaded by my PC repair shop. And about the LiveGrid, what should I do about that? Is it because of that leaked license? When will the problem be fixed? Will I receive an update for the product?
  2. My ESET says "LiveGrid essentials are not correct". Could this be the reason why am I not able to update? I tried flushing the dns and resetting the winsock, I haven't tried other ipconfig commands so there might be hope. I also noticed that ESET blocks NT Kernel and DNS Client (the kernel got blocked 108 times while the client got blocked 61). Is this normal? Here is the image:
  3. Will the fix be released and will be able to update ESET later? Just curious
  4. @Peter Randziak I exported it as txt file, is that ok? PackagesRegeditExport.txt
  5. I will do that when I am available. I also tried cleaning the cache of the update and restarted. Haven't saw nothing but I will send the log.
  6. Looks like it offered me an update after switching to the pre-release. I have just checked for updates and it looks like it is downloading. The file name is em002_64_I0.dll.nup Is this it? The program didn't update, instead it downloaded Pre-released modules but I had the latest modules. I only have 2 folders left in the ProgramData\Eset\Eset Smart Security\updfiles Restarted my PC and nothing. I haven't played with the Advanced Settings and haven't touched the Update Setup. I dig over the forums and found that users with valid license keys were able to update the product. I have a trial license but even with a non-trial license it didn't updated. My old license was cancelled which should lasted till 2022 but even with that license I wasn't able to update to the latest version at that time.
  7. The cause of my problem is probably my outdated OS (Windows 7) or due to the server.
  8. I couldn't upload the content of the updfiles since it doesn't support the extension (it has no . extension, it's just a basic file.) I will check if my DNS has been poisoned and it prevents me from updating. eset_log.zip
  9. The antivirus came with the PC (the guy who reset my computer installed it) and it was on 12 (2017). I upgraded from it to 13. How should I send you these files? via DM or in the topic itself?
  10. I have ESET Internet Security However, the latest version of the product is I saw ESET saying updating product, but it won't actually update the product. I am still on and can't seem to update the software. How do I fix this without any uninstallation of the software?
  11. Description: ESET Peek-in Code of a threat Detail: If ESET couldn't stop a ransomware or a malware, it can decompile the code and show the code for the user if there is any killswitch or a decryption key to it. It may not be inpossible, but It would be very cool feature in ESET.
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