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    SCR received kudos from TomFace in Intermittent ESET/EIS splash screen   
    Hey Tom,
    I've had a similar problem going back some time regarding the tray icon. I have the icon hidden by the system now. I gave up on the splash screen a long time ago and have it turned off.
    I developed a more reliable method method to assure me that Eset is running using some simplified programming language.
    I am on Win7 also maybe that's the issue.  Either way as you said it's small potatoes.
    Regarding your Carlin quote, the forecast for tomorrow is: Decreasing darkness giving way to increasing light. I guarantee this forecast is 100% accurate.
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    SCR received kudos from persian-boy in Eset Internet Security and Eset Nod32 Antivirus 10 Beta is available   
    I'm just guessing, it's probably because the public beta has not been released.
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