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  1. I also found the same problem but there is an easy fix for this issue just press Alt+Shift and reenter your password.
  2. Eset IS

    Before it wanst likes this and recently added to Eset.btw I found how to exclude my stuff.
  3. Eset IS

    Many thanks for the prompt reply.i also found a bug in this new version! you cant exclude smth from Eset real-time protection and the exclude option is gray out.
  4. Tonight I Updated Eset to Is there Any changelog available for this new version?
  5. Ok, thanks.But I didn't get any alert for untrusted certificates.
  6. Hi, I tried what you said and disabled the internet connection for Egui. But the question is why Egui contact a malicious domain? Eset don't you want to do some investigation?isn't important for you?AV processes are all protected and should only contact Eset domains or perhaps I'm wrong -.- What if smth hijacked the Egui? What I tried: Flashed bios, changed the windows iso! even installed the N version also wiped the hard disk and rested router! the problem is still there. These Connections are related to Symantec and Comodo. Symantec is malware by nature! same for Comodo.i would not trust anything that is signed by Symantec or Comodo.
  7. Today I noticed an unusual network traffic for Egui! Any idea what is it?! Since 2 months ago all my applications(include windows services/process) resolve some strange IPs! comodoca is one of those domains! I flashed Bios also DBANed harddisk but nothing changed. I think this is about windows certificates! I can fix the problem by removing some certificates but cant browse web anymore.
  8. You nee to disable the guest account from group policy.
  9. Hi, Is there any conflict between Eset exploit protection and Hitman pro alert?can I use both at the same time?
  10. Thanks but still we don't know what got change.the changelog is necessary for every av!
  11. Any changelog for the new version( Eset don't you want to provide a changelog for these changes? I can see the Hips got some updates in recent weeks but no idea what are these changes:/
  12. You will not get any alert for hosts cuz you are changing it manully! if smth want to modify the hosts then hips will show you an alert!(Itman showed you)
  13. Doesn't work for me!Anyway, I'm using Easy filer locker that does the job better than Eset!
  14. Action: block source application: all application file operation: all operation specific files: C:\desktop\Example..RTFI can easily delete the file and hips won't bother me! why is that?! HIPS blocked me from writing to that RTF file! but didn't bother when I removed it!