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  1. Hi, Enable parental control --> block the uncategorized website (for having robust web filtering)then open a website that has now category so Eset block it but you may want to allow this URL fast. It Would be good if Eset provides an option to unblock websites by password from the browser(or from the parental control log), not Eset parental control settings. its easier to manage, Also, Eset hips show the loaded drivers but it doesn't show the digital signature for them.I like to see the signature.
  2. Add new option in the firewall to block all network connections when the screen saver is running.
  3. Hello, Pls, add DNS cache history(ipconfig /displaydns)/ARP entries/Windows Routing Table/ recently modified+accessed files and shimcache to SysInspector.Ty.
  4. Eset HIPS only protect Folder/Files from Deleting them or writing to them. would be Good if Eset add Access/Read protection as well.
  5. Eset don't you want to fix this auto allow? more dangerous than useful!omg. Every HIPS(Comodo.spyshelter, Rehips and...) freeze the operation till the user answer the alert! whats the point of asking rule if its gonna allow it without my permission?! make no sense! Itman I know about those internal rules but I'm saying the interactive mod doesn't cover all operations! This is dangerous!Eset pls fix the bug! Eset updating the hips module in silent and without any changelog or information!that's bad!
  6. Any feedback on this? is it there ? or no? I just want to know. cowboy, what do you think about this feature?
  7. Some Suggestion about HIPS: 1- Add protection for direct keyboard access. 2- What about a purge button for not exist rules? I asked this before -.- From Eset website: interactive mode: In interactive mode HIPS will prompt you to Allow or Deny each operation detected. This is not true! I got different alerts when I set the ask rules for some applications.I mean the ask rule is better than interactive mode!interactive mode doesn't cover all operations.so I have to use int mode plus some custom ask rules. Thanks for the info Itman! but where that malware come from?I use sandboxie+srp+hips+
  8. HI, Example: There is a command line like ipconfig /all which launch by OpenVPN.exe(my software) When it's trying to read the config file and connect to the VPN service. Some tools need to use cmd(like Nvidia) ! and the user wants to know what is happening! I achieved this protection with Rehips. Rehips let me whitelist the commands for every process(or an ask rule) That read restriction is a good idea! btw I don't know anything about wildcard and don't like the concept - _ - too complicated for my poor brain haha.average users don't want to use wildcard -.-
  9. There is no av to redirect you to VT(why are you using av if you want to see the vt detection ?:D) if you are searching for such thing then vs would be good! not av) ! and about the hash, you can earn it with default deny software, not av! It's already there!You can earn it with Eset hips.
  10. Would be good if I could whitelist the certain cmd command for specific application in HIPS - _ -
  11. Live Gird can only scan 1000 items at the same time and I don't know why?Eset pls don't do this to me:D I just tried it with 3800 DLL files to make sure all .Dll files In C are OK but had to run the reputation scan 4 times!
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