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  1. Hello, Pls, add DNS cache history(ipconfig /displaydns)/ARP entries/Windows Routing Table/ recently modified+accessed files and shimcache to SysInspector.Ty.
  2. I have no RW.but I had an ask rule for all files.
  3. ESET Endpoint Security 7 BETA signup

    Hi there!was waiting for this. please add me to the list
  4. version: 1315 22/03/2018
  5. I just relaunched the browser and it worked.But that unknown operation bug still exists.
  6. What is this Imtan? there is no relation between my question and enable logging for blocked actions!btw i didn't enable that option.
  7. Hello, Today I found a lot of bugs. one of them is this alert: An unknown operation recognized by HIPS:D Don't you want to fix these bugs?Plsssssss Hips build:1315 Another one: App:browser.exe Action: Block File operations: All file operations Files: C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads But I downloaded an MP3 and since the default DW folder is C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads The MP3 sit in place without any action from Eset HIPS. I even tried C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads\*.* but the same results! Fixed it!
  8. I also have the same issue! telemetry in new version increased for no reason.
  9. I also found the same problem but there is an easy fix for this issue just press Alt+Shift and reenter your password.
  10. Hi, Is there any conflict between Eset exploit protection and Hitman pro alert?can I use both at the same time?
  11. Doesn't work for me!Anyway, I'm using Easy filer locker that does the job better than Eset!
  12. Action: block source application: all application file operation: all operation specific files: C:\desktop\Example..RTFI can easily delete the file and hips won't bother me! why is that?! HIPS blocked me from writing to that RTF file! but didn't bother when I removed it!
  13. Eset system cleaner doesn't show 20 changes for me! it only shows 3 changes.Itman Spyshelter is a safe application!IDC about those changes.Its solid protection:/why would I stay away from it? btw I removed it because I cant handle 2 HIPS(a lot of pain lol)
  14. Suggestion: Add an option to disable listening ports through firewall!