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  1. theoretically ESET should have update/livegrid servers in the "wall". So I guess this is more of a routing logic issue within the product. Previously users there try to modify host to force redirect the update server to the local ones. However I believe this had better be eventually fixed by ESET...
  2. I am submitting this issue on behalf of some Chinese user. I myself don't have any update issues. Yes, for large ISPs like China Telecom the update is OK, that person is using an ISP called Great Wall Broadband Network and had trouble accessing the server.
  3. It is about ISP connectivity. The update can work but with high chance of failure during the download process. This issue has been there for some mainland Chinese users with certain ISPs for years. I've heard numerous users there in the past complained that they had difficulty updating the virus db (the download being extremely slow or the download failed in the middle) or connecting to Livegrid. That's why I am providing the network dump here.
  4. Someone has reported that he had difficulty accessing ESET update server for quite some time. He has provided pcap trace for ESET to optimize the server and routing logic. Hopefully ESET can address this issue asap. The download link and download password are attached here pcap_trace.txt
  5. Someone encountered BSOD potentially induced by ESET. When download files in the virtual machine, the BSOD occurs after some time. After turning EIS monitoring off, the BSOD won't happen. The dump is attached here dump.zip
  6. Attached is the one with advanced logging enabled eis_logs2.zip
  7. The system is Windows 7. After EIS 12 installation the firewall was shown as disabled and could not be enabled. Reboot and repair didn't help. Attached is the diagnostic log eis_logs.zip
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