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  1. Enable parental control and you will see how Eset block all phishing/malicious links in the fly.
  2. Don't update store Apps or just disable/remove them. there is also an option in Eset firewall to allow universal Apps! just check that options see if it helps?
  3. When you disable the HIPS you have to restart the windows to see the effects(it decrease the usability) otherwise it keeps showing alerts. I use gamer mode to fix this issue.
  4. Ok, ty.whats the fix for this problem? you can easily bypass Eset parental control by using a proxy extension.
  5. that's right.its a bug but you never fixed it : ( Yes, you can but its a bit tricky. if hips showing you 1000 alerts and you wanna change the hips mode but can't then follow these steps: 1-enable gamer mode so Eset won't show any alert 2-go to hips settings and set it to smart mode! 3-GL
  6. Hi Eset, Parental control get bypass if you use a proxy extension(with SSL/TLS encryption) for browser! whats the solution?whats the point with Eset root cert? I thought its supposed to monitor encrypted connections.
  7. Hi, Enable parental control --> block the uncategorized website (for having robust web filtering)then open a website that has now category so Eset block it but you may want to allow this URL fast. It Would be good if Eset provides an option to unblock websites by password from the browser(or from the parental control log), not Eset parental control settings. its easier to manage, Also, Eset hips show the loaded drivers but it doesn't show the digital signature for them.I like to see the signature.
  8. Add new option in the firewall to block all network connections when the screen saver is running.
  9. Hello, Pls, add DNS cache history(ipconfig /displaydns)/ARP entries/Windows Routing Table/ recently modified+accessed files and shimcache to SysInspector.Ty.
  10. I just relaunched the browser and it worked.But that unknown operation bug still exists.
  11. What is this Imtan? there is no relation between my question and enable logging for blocked actions!btw i didn't enable that option.
  12. Hello, Today I found a lot of bugs. one of them is this alert: An unknown operation recognized by HIPS:D Don't you want to fix these bugs?Plsssssss Hips build:1315 Another one: App:browser.exe Action: Block File operations: All file operations Files: C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads But I downloaded an MP3 and since the default DW folder is C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads The MP3 sit in place without any action from Eset HIPS. I even tried C:\Users\Sunshine\Downloads\*.* but the same results! Fixed it!
  13. I also have the same issue! telemetry in new version increased for no reason.
  14. I also found the same problem but there is an easy fix for this issue just press Alt+Shift and reenter your password.
  15. Before it wanst likes this and recently added to Eset.btw I found how to exclude my stuff.
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