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  1. Very informative there Thank you for letting me read this. I will save this one in pdf.
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yes on firewall I blocked all updaters. I do manual updates for all of my browsers ;) Cheers!
  3. @foneil / @Marcos, Oh thanks so much guys! I did not know that! Thank you! I will download it outside and install. Will my config still work when I import it to version 12? Clean install or install over existing...which is better?
  4. Hi guys, I just saw the announcement of the new Eset version 12. I cannot find any offline installer at the moment and all I can see is the online one. My internet connection is very poor at the moment and most downloads bigger than 20mb get cut-off as my ISP plan is low. I cannot upgrade to a better one because of our poor economics. I can't use the offline installer as it get's cut-off ... Is there an available offline-standalone installer download link for version 12? I need to update Eset IS and Eset NOD32 AV. Please help and thanks. Bjorn
  5. I sent an email to sales/support sometime last month. There was NO concrete reply from them stating that I contact the region where the license originated. But as mentioned I just happen to salvage an old HDD from an old desktop that is now not working (from the fire that took down our place). The other data from which it originated is gone. I just took a chance and by the grace of the angels it worked. Thanks all for the help. I got it here and not from support! I also updated to EIS 11 now!
  6. Thanks for all your explanation. I updated to EIS yesterday and it went fine. I also see that you can set it at learning mode so that is what I did. About the gamer mode. I may tinker with it when I start playing but my games is at a different partition with a different security setup.
  7. Pardon for the wrong in the reply I could not edit it Sir. I am still learning to post here sorry.
  8. Thanks Sir for your help. I really was confused. Does this mean I can use my "unused" ESS 10 license with EIS Sir..? Also, can you comment on this please Sir,
  9. Thanks so much all for your reply and explanation. I do intend to use HIPS but just was overwhelmed at the many pop-ups it threw. I was just starting and I could not even do anything..Is there a way that I can place it in learning mode -- just the HIPS. Okay on the wildcard question. I do meant the "firewall" but thanks guys for pointing out also wildcards in HIPS. I did not know that. Great tip! Thanks again. It's been a while since I used Eset. HIPS was new then I remember.
  10. Hi, It has been a long time since I have used Eset and the last version I used was Eset Smart Security 8. I see now that there is Eset Internet Security and Eset Smart Security Premium. At the monent I have installed ESET Smart Security because I do not honestly know if my ESS license will work in ESS Premium 11or EIS 11..sorry for that. I do not see ESS now either thus I used a later version. It is activated now and it is until 8/11/2019. I know this seems a bit newbie but I really do not know thus I seek your help here. Also way back I remember that I can use my ESS license for EsetNOD32 AV...am I correct there? I seem to remember that it can be...I wanna ask if it is the same now? EIS or ESS Premium can be used for EsetNOD32 AV...? Best regards
  11. Hi, I am new here and just installed ESET Smart Security in a Windows 10 Pro Build 1709 partition. Now I have disabled HIPS but the HIPS pop-ups are still there. When I disabled it I restarted the PC as instructed. Can someone help me as I cannot work properly becaus even if I have disabled it it keeps on running and it's impossible to work! I am willing to learn Eset HIPS but as of the moment I need to work properly and the HIPS isn't helping. I have AppGuard installed so I can disable HIPS for the meantime. Please help me! See images below. Also in the firewall settings, can I use wildcards in Add Rules > Local > Applications, like, C:\Program Files (x86)\Wondershare\PDFelement 6 Pro\* See image below.
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