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  1. Justin

    ERA Agent V7 issues

    The page contains fix for linux OS as well.
  2. Justin

    ERA Agent V7 issues

    Thanks...we faced this issue for the second time yesterday. Let me try this patch.
  3. Justin

    ESET scan disk usage

    Are you referring to self extracting archives option?
  4. Justin

    ERA Agent V7 issues

    All 200 desktops stopped connecting to the server at the same time with same Deadline exceeded error. I'm not sure if agent check in time would help. I will contact ESET support and ask for help if this repeats.
  5. Justin

    ERA Agent V7 issues

    Had this same error for around 200 desktops which were upgraded to ESET 7 before a month. Restarted the server, had to wait for sometime to get proper status.
  6. Justin

    Problem with device controll rule

    Please use only serial number with all device option and block the modem..default policy will be at the bottom
  7. Justin

    V7 Agent cannot be installed

    When you see permissions error while uninstalling agent,just reboot the PC and uninstall. At this stage please use ESET uninstaller from safe mode to remove all the traces,reboot to normal mode and reinstall
  8. Justin

    ESET scan disk usage

    Ok let me check . I'm seeing lot of Read entries to following path in procmon.Should i be worried about this file. C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Endpoint Antivirus\Logs\hipslog.dat
  9. Justin

    ESET scan disk usage

    Hi Marcos, I was referring to disk usage. Disk usage reduces once we stop the scan.
  10. Hi, ESET 7 scan is utilizing 100 % disk usage on one of our user laptops.I have the procmon log with me and its size is 177 MB. Regards
  11. Justin

    Blocking external Wireless adapter

    We have eaet endpoint antivirus which doesnt have firewall
  12. Justin

    Blocking external Wireless adapter

    Why is this link being shared. It is obvious that i'm referring to ESET device control. We are in a business environment and that's the reason i'm creating it in Endpoint forum.
  13. Hi, How can we block external Wireless USB adapter for desktops? Since it is being detected as a network adapter, desktop users are able to connect them even if we block all devices.