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  1. Justin

    Report Template - installed applications

    What we have done is to create a dashboard for installed applications,list every 5000 records of data,copy paste entire web page to a excel file, delete unnecessary columns,do the same task for remaining records, create a table with application,computer name,ip and time of occurence. Now you can filter whichever softwares you need in excel.We also created pivot table for software audits.The final report is better than microsoft audit reports 😊 We had to copy paste the records since details are messed up when we export the installed softwares list to a csv file using ERA console.
  2. Justin

    Web Control Logs

    Users were receiving play.google.com block notification even if they go to google home page .We added play.google.com in allowed url and it worked.
  3. Thanks Martin. I assumed that every software listed in add or remove programs will be detected under installed applications. We were primarily depending on ESET for software audits and this is surprising.
  4. Hi, Today i noticed that WPS Office software was not detected by ESET under installed applications list eventhough it was showing in Add or remove programs list on client machine. https://www.wps.com/en-US/office-free Uninstall Registry key - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Kingsoft Office ESET developers can take a note of it.
  5. Few machines were showing windows updates alerts even after turning off updates notification. I had to restart those machines.