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  1. 1. Better than v6 and overview dashboard is really helpful. We do not see system performance issues in v7. Hardware inventory reports are helpful. Needed: Customizing device control notification Beta version of Application control by Q1 2019.
  2. Justin

    Eset business upgrade

    Thanks Michal. Initially we had to import offline license for few machines since era server was not activating them due to firewall restrictions. Will they renew automatically? Can we activate them now using era server?
  3. Hi, If we plan to upgrade eset endpoint protection standard to advanced, the existing endpoint antivirus clients will not have any licensing errors right? Does adding endpoint advanced license to admin console automatically update license on client Machines without IT intervention?
  4. Few machines were showing windows updates alerts even after turning off updates notification. I had to restart those machines.
  5. Hi, I'm being asked to look for antivirus which has application control feature since we are in a workgroup environment and controlling rogue applications have become critical now. Can i atleast expect application control to be part of Eset by Q1 2019 since most of business endpoints have this feature. Regards
  6. Justin

    Upgrading ESET management agent 7 issue

    Marcos, Thanks for superfast answer,working fine.
  7. Hi, While upgrading ESET agent from 6.5 to 7 using security management components upgrade task, the previous eset remote agent still remains on few machines. I'm not able to uninstall the previous version separately and had to use ESET uninstaller. Regards
  8. Same here.It will rarely work and eset techs would ask me to check the firewall which is not the issue here.What i did was to download msi file for eset antivirus 7 ,copy it to a local repository and push the link via software installer client task.For agent i use security center components upgrade task
  9. Justin

    Hardware report for RAM incorrect

    Hi, 16gb is correctly shown i i click on user details.Only while generating reports it gets split for each DIMM which is not helpful.
  10. Hi, When we try to generate the following report, systems with 16gb RAM are not shown Report: Count of computers grouped by total RAM capacity Group by (Capacity [MB]) Count (Computer) 4096 121 2048 60 8192 56 1024 8 Regards
  11. Hi, Indian time should be UTC+5.30 whereas ESET remote administrator has been configured for UTC+5.00. I have attached the screenshot. Regards
  12. Justin

    Blocking apps using HIPS

    Thanks Marcos. Can we expect App control in v7.
  13. Users are able to access a file blocked using HIPS by renaming it. Are we ready to block the apps using the process name?