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  1. magielonczyk

    Report Template - installed applications

    @MichalJ is there any chance to introduce wildcards to filter reports or other improvements?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to make a report template that will show only installed applications that users cannot have installed on their computers. To do this i'm using Filter Card under Reports. Here is the problem, how to use some kind of wildcard (*) or any other solution to filter out applications.? What is the best approach ? to filter all installed applications and left only those which users cannot install (blacklisted) based on my own application list. When i'm filtering i can only use those options : · = (equal) · =/ (not equal) · contains · has prefix · has postfix · has mask · is one of · has no value · has value · is not one of When i'm trying to filter out e.g. 100 x different apps with different versions what should i use (what filter, what option) ?? I'm thinking about Application vendor with option (is not one of) and write all vendors , but this is pain in the ...