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  1. Not sure what they need it for. Whats the workaround?
  2. I did try on 2 of the EES clients earlier today
  3. Now that is strange. I wonder if it caches recent domains or something. So keep in mind this issue is affecting multiple machines, servers and desktops. One of my TS servers does not have that file. The other TS servers other do. Spot checking a few other servers and they are missing the file as well. All of the desktop clients (EES) that I have spot checked are missing it too.
  4. Good catch, that works for me as well. More of a workaround but it works.
  5. Marcos, What are the ESET Log Collector logs and how do I get them? Also, I dont see certcache.dat in that directory.
  6. Not at login, this is happening on the home page. Cannot access home page. Haven't even tried to login. The "Exclude communications with trusted domains" is enabled. Clearly something is going on with ESET. With Web and Email->protocol filtering enabled I just cannot get to the site at all. Nothing. With Web and Email->protocol filtering disabled i can get the site to load, but with cert errors. From another machine with no ESET it all works. Is there a way to view the built in whitelist for trusted domains in ESET? If its a trusted domain that shouldnt be scanned, but clearly ESET is doing something with it, then maybe that domain is not in the whitelist on this machine? FYI, there are multiple machines affected it seems.
  7. With ESET enabled With Web protection disabled And the cert info with ESET web filter disabled And finally the cert info from an unaffected machine where the site loads fine, thumbprints match Both machines these screenshots were taken from are on the same network.
  8. Marcos, Not with any site, just one in particular https://jaws.fljud13.org/ . Seems to happen with chrome and IE (all I've tested with).
  9. So I got a site unblock request today from a user on one of our terminal servers. Easy enough. I add the site to the policy, Web and Email->Web access protection->URL Address management->Address List->List of allowed addresses. I put it in using *.domain.com/* as well as sub.domain.com . Site is NOT unblocked. So I try several things, changing ssl inspection to ask about the cert trust and corruption, disabling SSL inspection, disabling all app protocol filtering, none of it works. Always comes back with ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT. Oddly enough when I go to look at the cert, the chain is missing. It looks like a self signed does on the cert path tab of the certificate. If i go to details->copy to file when viewing the cert and copy it for import, I get the same thing, no chain. I know this is a valid cert and site because when I look at it from another PC with no ESET it works fine. Cert path shows the full chain. I have nothing else on these machines or in this network that would manipulate certificates, ESET is the only MITM/SSL inspection happening around here. Not sure which way to go. Please help
  10. Marcos, thanks for that. I am able to sort!
  11. NAME VERSION Update module 1018.1 (20190709) Translation support module 1771 (20191029) SysInspector module 1274 (20180918) SSL module 1041B (20190913) Push Notification Service module 1053 (20190321) Configuration module 1822.1 (20191028) ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.1 (7.1.717.0)ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.1 (7.1.393.0) When I upgraded to 7.1 it seems i have lost the ability to sort in the GUI. Example, I use to be able to click on the status tab under All and it would sort machines by status. Now it does not. nothing happens at all. Status tab is just an example, i also use computer name and description quite a bit to sort by alphabet. This no longer works as expected. I know some things changed in this version and I am wondering if I am missing something/doing it wrong?
  12. Description: iOS policy to disable iMessage Detail: We need the ability to disable iMessage on iOS devices via ESMC/MDM in order to effectively use 3rd party backup tools. The tools can backup SMS, but not iMessage.
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