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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to customize MDM enrollment instructions to change the server address? I'd like to use at least router's public address to forward communication with enrolled devices through the router. How do you manage with this type of devices which are out of corporate network.
  2. Hi everyone, Few days ago I have installed full ESET SMC solution and I am facing two issues that I cannot find the solution. 1. How to set up custom enrollment link and message for MDM? I mean now it is https://ip_address:9980/token_id, I'd like to send it to customers but they are outside the company so the best would be that they could access MDM by typing some domain named link, i.e mdm.corporate.com/tokend_id.. Cannot find that anywhere, is it possible? Or maybe there is another way to make it work? 2. How to set up agent isntaller which is used from server task agent deployment? When I install agent from an .exe I created it works fine, when I deploy agent by the server task I end up getting some certificate related errors, and computer enrollment fails (i'll post message shortly)
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