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  1. We thought about this, but we really don't want it forced for everyone in the company. Just kids using the computers.
  2. I was also able to turn the agent check-in time back down from 25 min to 5 min. They are still connecting over 24 hours later for my 1,400 clients.
  3. To follow up; It has been narrowed down that this is related to IE protected mode. With protected mode enabled, ESET will not filter any sites if IE is ran as a non-admin. If you disable protected mode in IE, ESET filtering works as it should. I'm waiting on followup from ESET to see if there will be a fix, or if I will be forced to disable protected mode for all my users via GPO.
  4. We don't have Google apps or anything google related. We are a O365 shop. Plus, that wouldn't help when a kid logs out of their Google account. In a Sonicwall it is a checkbox; https://www.sonicwall.com/en-us/support/knowledge-base/180629133139284 James
  5. Is there any way to force Youtube restricted mode in EES v7? It looks like other firewalls and web filtering solutions do this; https://kb.k12usa.com/Knowledgebase/YouTube-Restricted-Mode Thanks!
  6. I have applied the patch and disabled the scheduled restart of the service. Time will tell.
  7. Can we get a list of all the known issues with EES V7? I can't seem to find it online anywhere.
  8. Logs from yesterday sent via PM. Waiting on logs from today when it happened.
  9. And now the error is gone on the client. It is very intermittent and seems to happen only to a handful of users.
  10. Better view of the error; and the public license key is 3AA-XKX-S3J
  11. Random clients get this error. It seems to clear itself up after a few min, but annoys the end users with pop-ups. Client versions; When I check the license information for the client, it shows that it is license. What can we do so our users quit getting the errors. Thanks
  12. Most of us are in production environments that don't allow us to install ESMC on a Linux machine without going through a whole change process procedure. The issue I'm having is not related to our firewall at all. This is an issue with the ESMC service hanging. We have sent logs to ESET and we are awaiting their findings. Until then, the scheduled restart of the service has been taking care of the issue for us.
  13. Still waiting on an ETA from ESET on when this will be resolved.
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