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    Ransomware SDEN

    Files were encrypted by Filecoder.LockedFile. According to the logs, there were about 170,000 failed attempts to log in via RDP as "administrator" and alike in approx. one day when the encryption occurred. Also an older version of EFSW 6.5 without Ransomware shield was installed. The OP was informed and improvements in protection were suggested.
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    You have a very complicated program here, lots of features, menus, pull-down menus. As a user seeing the program for the first time (not really), I want to find what I want with minimum effort. For the best layout for the user (not the programmer), I stumble around a lot in trying to find what I am looking for. If I were the lead programmer, I would get a pack of 3X5 cards and lay out a system of logic, with features set up the way I would expect to see it as a User. I had to fish around quite a bit to find, for example, how to schedule a scan. For another example of what's wrong, take a look at Tools and see the three unlikely items under it -- and "More tools," hidden away so I did not see it the first four times looking for what I wanted. When I finally noticed "More tools," I saw the eleven items under. All items should be under "Tools," and I should see such subcategories as Scheduling and logs, Network issues, Cleaning (system; malware); Send to Eset; Reports, and more. A lot of research has gone into how to lay out a program for the user, see https://www.uie.com/ .
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    Actually advanced users love the ability to customize numerous settings. Common users don't need to go to the advanced setup at all since ESET products provide well-balanced protection out of the box.
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    @AStevens.SHG Hello, Concerning the more options in the reports, some of the changes are going to be introduced, but not all of them. However, we are planning a bigger redesign for the future version, which might make it simpler. Other requests are tracked in the feature backlog (authentication screen changes, AD sync changes, and export of data from "computers screen") and I believe that some of them will be done in the future versions (not in the 7.0, but into the future releases). I can´t comment now about details, as we are still scoping, and setting up the road-map plans. But your votes will be added to already tracked backlog items.
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    Hello, thank you for the feedback. I have positive news for you - we are continuously improving the ways how reports are built & are adding further filtering options in the soon to be released version. So the filter by action is added in the upcoming version & you are also able to filter out some entries from the "installed applications" report, by choosing condition "is not one of" (screenshots attached).
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    Hello, we will be rolling out this change by the means of a module update in the upcoming weeks.
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    I would welcome the changes, as I currently enable strict cleaning to get similar results
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    Speaking as someone who is hands-on IT management rather than a reseller or MSP: That is how I would expect it to behave and should. My endpoints are configured for strict cleaning so I have not dealt with this issue, however if end users were greeted with option dialogs during an av scan without any way for the admin to suppress I would be quite aggravated with the product.
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    As introduced here (KB News) and here (KB Alerts), I am unpinning those threads and replacing with this one. We now have RSS/email subscriptions for News, Alerts, and Customer Advisories. Information and instructions to subscribe is available here: Subscribe to ESET Knowledgebase Support News, Alerts and Customer Advisories
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    Hi Paul, Have you tried also with the latest version - 6.7.876.0 ? There have been a couple of changes regarding MacOS compatibility. Thanks
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    EFS 7.0.12014.0 - MSSQL ERROR

    Hi All, I am getting windows server 2016 event log error as "SQL Server Native Client 11.0: Unable to load sqlnclir11.rll due to either missing file or version mismatch. The application cannot continue." after update from ESET File Security 6 to 7. Environment as : Windows Server 2016 EFS 7.0.12014.0 MSSQL Server 2014 Any one have a solutions for this? Thanks.
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    Dear Linux community, We’ve been working on the new generation of our solution for Linux servers for quite a while. The hard work of the development and QA team was materialized into the first BETA version, which we would like to share with you. If you are interested in getting a copy and chance to get hands on experience with it, just leave a comment here or send me (@Peter Randziak) and @TomasP a private message. We are looking forward to your participation.
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    Hi J.J, I try your configuration and it is working well. Thanks for your help. Axel
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    ESET keeps stealing focus from Firefox

    Thank you for reporting the issue and the video you've provided. We have eventually pinpointed the issue and a fix will be included in the next version of v12 products.
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    An FYI for anyone else searching - ESET ECA currently can't do this directly, but ESET UK support helpfully provided a sh script which can install the ESET remote agent silently, connecting endpoints directly to the correct ECA instance. This worked for me - Meraki can deploy the script by wrapping it into a DMG package and deploying as a custom app. ESET ECA can then install ESET sofware/licences etc, with everything being 100% remote.
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    Horizon - Endpoint Antivirus

    You should reply them that the memory dump from a crash has been already analyzed by an AV vendor and Microsoft and both confirmed a bug in a VMWare driver which is unrelated to the mentioned exclusions. We at ESET are willing to help them and provide details about the problem. You as a customer of VMWare could provide them with a memory dump for perusal.
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    Dear Camilo, is there any chance to provide log files from the ESMC Server? If possible please try to replicate the situation with enabled "trace" verbosity (https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/admin_server_settings.html?admin_server_settings.html) and please provide us with logs - we are curious about the "trace.log" from the ESMC Server. Logs can be collected by ESET Log Collector (https://support.eset.com/kb3466/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US)
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    My first recommendation (just to allow the deletion) would be to uncheck the option to "automatically deactivate such seats". What you can do, is to deactivate them manually via ESET License Administrator or shorten the removal interval there. What might also help for us to check is to try manual removal of such computers from ELA. If that works, then it might be caused by network connectivity issues on your / our side. It might help us to actually see the PLID, so we can check whether ESMC server was able to contact our licensing infrastructure, to perform deactivation.
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    Will Client auto update on new release?

    If I remember correctly, it should happen after the next service release in 1-2 months. By the way, it will be uPCU, not PCU.
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    What about this how you like it?
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    iOS device lock

    Hello, for this, you should use Client task -> Mobile -> Anti-Theft Actions -> Platform: iOS DEP -> Command: Find (Turn on Lost Mode). The device can be unlocked afterward only from ESMC Web Console with "Turn off Lost Mode " task.
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    Hello @ofer1954 & @Roger Nock We have experienced unexpected difficulties during upgrade of ESET Cloud Administrator backend to the newest version. As a result some instances were temporarily started with "empty DB" meaning that previous configurations and state was temporarily lost. We have re-setup the instances from the DB backup, meaning all should be back to normal and policies were restored to the original state. We are sorry for the inconvenience and issues caused. We are working with the teams involved to further optimize our internal processes to prevent such issues from happening in the future. @ofer1954 You have said that it was not a first time that problems occurred. Can you please tell us more details about the specific issues you have experienced? Thank you both for understanding. Michal
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    The Logic of your user interface (y/n)

    Could maybe removing the more tools part help e.g. all tools shown in tool area by default?
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    Connections to ts.eset.com

    First, we would like to thank the user Daren for spotting and reporting this unusual communication to LiveGrid, as well as for reporting it to this forum. We can confirm that anonymized domain statistics (statistics about domain and their IP addresses performed by the client) were indeed sent to us despite the fact that this functionality had been switched off. This was due to a flaw in an update on 2019.3.25 at 10:25 CET. The user report triggered an immediate investigation by ESET, and on the afternoon of March 26th at 15:03 CET, LiveGrid servers were adjusted to no longer receive the statistics. Two hours later, with the release of update 1549.3 of the Antivirus and Anti-Spyware scanner module, the issue was fixed. We would like to apologize for the behavior of the scanner and respect the wishes and options our users make in the settings of our products. Although the statistics sent were anonymized at all times, we immediately removed any and all data that may have been collected in error. The users’ privacy was not affected.
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    64-bit to 32-bit

    Hello Howard, We are indeed in the process of switching from 32-bit modules to 64-bit modules. The 64-bit module are being tested and will be released via an update soon, so currently the app runs 32-bit modules, but there is full compatibility and full protection even on 64-bit systems and thus nothing to worry about. Now why you saw "64-bit" in the about screen earlier - this was simply a bug, which instead of the modules showed the bit-ness of the system. We fixed the bug in the latest release and now it correctly shows the bit-ness of the modules. Regards, Tomas
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    It is very simple. Use SetThreadExecutionState. See: link to Microsoft Windows Dev Center.
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    EFS 7.0.12014.0 - MSSQL ERROR

    Hi, as marcos noted this error is logged when automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are enabled. Automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server are using ADO API to read information from "sys.master_files" table to get list of files to exclude from scanning. The ADO API obviously loads a DLL that is not signed. As a workaround, automatic exclusions for Microsoft SQL server can be disabled.
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    We are looking into it. It's possible that this feature will be moved to the System cleaner which is intended to be used after modification of system settings by malware.
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    Thomas Stats

    Introduce yourself

    Hi there I am security expert and blogger. I am working in the IT area for over 10 years. All the gathered experience throughout the years I share with people at reviewedbypro.com. Its a cyber security website that helps people deal with various online threats by providing detailed and insightful reviews to those who are interested.
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    It's not that big deal in my opinion @nonamelab, It's a way to bring more people to use ESET and in the same time giving the person who invited the other person who doesn't use ESET , a month of usage or more I don't remember exactly.
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    Description: A "Reset to Default" option for different parts of the ERA. Detail: This one has mainly been discovered due to my own fault. There are many things that can be played with within ERA which is great, however I think there are some of us that might play a little too much and then get to a point where we've changed so much of something that it doesn't work or doesn't give you what you want. For areas such as reports and policies, it might be a good idea to have a button that you can click while editing that restores the default values. That way, if you play around too much and feel like you just want it back to how it was before, you have a reset button as a saviour.
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    Dear forum members, We are considering a change in the product's behavior but before doing that, we would like to consult you, our field experts with regards to the problem and suggested change. We kindly ask you to: Read this message carefully Talk with other people of your support staff, whether they are aware of issues related to current behavior Provide any comments (supportive / negative) towards the proposed change As of now, one of the issues that our customers are facing is the behavior of products in managed environment, related to handling of detections and cleaning of Potentially Unwanted and Potentially Unsafe Applications (hereafter referenced as PUA) The following are prerequisites of the behavior: Default cleaning settings on the Endpoints (normal cleaning) Detection of PUA is enabled. With these settings we were reported the following problems by several customers and resellers / MSPs that we have interacted with directly during a customer research. Main problems are: End users on local machines are forced to respond to an „interactive window“ that is asking for action in case of a PUA detection, which can by triggered by protection modules or the on-demand scanner. They offer the „ignore & continue“ action even in managed environments where the end user should not make decision. Users can try to install a PUA which usually ends with multiple interactive windows appearing. If a PUA is already in the system and you schedule an on-demand scan, it will be reported to the user again and a dialog with action selection is shown to the user. If this happens on a server, it will be never resolved; the dialog eventually expires, and then will be reported again and again to the server upon re-scanning. The only solution currently is to set an exclusion or to set cleaning mode to strict which will automatically remove the PUA detection without asking. What are we planning to do: We are planning to change the product behavior in a way that our endpoints will automatically block / clean PUA detections in managed environments according to the option selected by an administrator, meaning that the end users will never see interactive windows. Alerts (only one) will be reported to the ERA, and it will be up to the security administrator to either set an exclusion or acknowledge such detection. After exclusion, reinstall of the affected PUA will be needed on the target system; restore from quarantine is not enough since „cleaning“ also removes references which are not restoreable (this is valid also now, when Exclusion is „cleaned“). We would like to hear from you and ask for feedback whether you consider this change as risky from the perspective of customer expectations. We do perceive the problem as serious and would like to change the behavior even for existing users by means of a module update. An alternative approach is to change it only in new versions of our products, meaning Endpoint V7 and eventually backport it to a new 6.6 hotfix if that happens in the foreseeable future. How the interactive window looks: How it looks in the logs: How it looks in the ESET Remote Administrator: Please note that we are also bringing a lot of changes into the ESMC: Cleaned „threats“ are automatically going to be marked as resolved (once the behavior is implemented, you will automatically get the PUA cleaned at the „first detection“) and will be automatically „resolved“ in ESMC (no duplicated entries when one clicks „no action“) You will be able to set exclusions directly from the threats section, basically by „one click“; there will be also an option to set „exclusion by HASH“ in EES. Thank you for your feedback & support.
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    Hi, Enable parental control --> block the uncategorized website (for having robust web filtering)then open a website that has now category so Eset block it but you may want to allow this URL fast. It Would be good if Eset provides an option to unblock websites by password from the browser(or from the parental control log), not Eset parental control settings. its easier to manage, Also, Eset hips show the loaded drivers but it doesn't show the digital signature for them.I like to see the signature.
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    Add option to realtime scanner to block obfuscated Powershell scripts. Option would be dependent upon Win 10 AMSI option enabled in the Eset GUI. Justification Microsoft added a like mitigation in the form of a Windows Defender Exploit Guard ASR mitigation effective with Win 10 1709. ASR mitigations are only effective if Windows Defender is enabled as the realtime scan engine. Further justification is Eset's failure to detect malware in highly obfuscated PowerShell script in a Malware Research Group ad hoc test: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/research/current-state-of-malicious-powershell-script-blocking/
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    Add - Dark Mode on ESET Nod32 would be great.
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    That's how it works in ESMC (ERA v7) which is currently in the phase of beta testing and will be released soon.
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    Chris Todd

    Introduce yourself

    Greetings from Australia. My name is Chris, retired Electronics Engineer. I have been using ESET products for many years and am well satisfied with the protection they give me. I am a bit of a "tinkerer" and have 4 installations Windows 7-32, Windows 8-32 , Windows 10-32 and 64 on the one machine. being able to boot into an old version of Windows for recovery procedures has "saved my bacon" a few time when things went awry or got too scrambled in W10 which I use most of the time. An interesting fact about me ?? Nothing exciting ! I am a traveller, haveing visited over 70 countries on fact finding vacations. I am an AVID chatter using SKYPE and other forums with acquaintances in mainly sanish speaking countries.
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    This will change as of ESMC (ERA v7) in the way that handled threats will be resolved automatically.
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    Description: Individual firewall rule hit count. Detail: Similar to hardware firewalls, it would be nice to see a hit count, packets matched, kind of information per individual firewall rule in Endpoint protection, also for that information (similar to above requests) to be visible in ERA, and total of the hits across all clients with the same rule. So we can generate reports, this makes it easier to find rules no longer being used and can be removed safely.
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    I have checked this with the developers, and we are going to change the behavior in V7. If you select "only computers", all of the computers under "DN" will be synced, not only direct parent ones. So it should behave according to your expectations. With regards to the "users", what is the usecase for you? For what do you use the? Do you manually create linking between users & devices, or use the user variables in policies for Endpoint or MDM?
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    @fchelp You can open the individual task entry in Admin / Client tasks, by the little "+" expand button, and then toggle a context menu for individual entry. You can remove individual triggers, or eventually even edit targets. Screenshot attached. In the next version (7.0) we will be adding possibility to save a filter set, for a various conditions (un-managed computers, computers without security product installed, computers with a specific security product version ...). You will then get the filtered view on top of all computers by few clicks. However, you won´t be able to automate like you do for Dynamic Groups. However, for the future, we are working on more in-depth server side automation, where defined conditions will result in "tagging" a computer, and automation framework will check "assigned tags" and trigger actions based on them. This won´t be done to 7.0, as the feature is a bit complex, but it´s being worked on. Filter sets are below, on the screenshot.
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    Nice thread, I have tens of comments to ERA server / functions. ERA is not user friendly in most cases.... I will post something. Description: Dynamic groups rules / tasks Detail: I would like to be able to show all rules/tasks linked to dynamic groups. Or to be able to find where rules are linked. I would love to disable group/rules instead of only delete or edit them to dysfunction it. It is nearly imposible to read ties. Description: task history deletion / filter and so on Detail: I would like to be able to delete (mass delete) task history. I have tens of ASAP task and they are only messing in my log. I would like to be able to see which computers were affected by the single task when pointing to a TARGETS column. Why I have to edit history of the task to see which computer was affected? I would like to click on 1 computer(s) to open the list or show the list. Description: trigers Detail: ASAP. Sometimes ASAP fails and I have no idea why.... Computer was online. I think rule should wait for online status or give me better feedback Description: Failed / Trace message Detail: When I point on the FAILED status I would like to receive more information what happens without opening the HISTORY of the COMPUTER. BTW FAILED ICON should allow me to open history.... Trace message is sometimes to long and I am unable to read whole message. Description: Repository Detail: Choosing ESET version from a repository is not user-friendly. I have to be very careful to chose the right version. Description: Reports Detail: Why I cannot export report Computer name Identifier type Identifier value Adapter IPv4 address Computer nameDevice manufacturerDevice modelOS nameOS versionAdapter IPv4 addressRemoteHost and so on ? When I chose some identifier other identifiers are disabled. Why? I would like to be able to find report using some SEARCH function. Description: ELA Detail: Why I am unable to fully maintain a license that customers gave me under my administration? I am unable to remove computers which are not activated under ERA. I have to open ELA portal using my customer's credentials. Why I can not edit ELA credentials on my ERA server? Description: Upgrade Detail: When I am upgrading EEA using ERA I have to activate them afterward. Why? Product was already activated. Description: Variables in tasks / templates Detail: I would like to have variables in task / dynamic groups. For example I have 4 activation tasks (4licenses). I would like to activate product which is not activated when joining dynamic group based on FOLDER group. When computer from AAA company join the NOT ACTIVATED group, the AAA-ACTIVATE task will be used. When computer from BBB company join the NOT ACTIVATED group, the BBB-ACTIVATE task will be used. Description: Applied policies tree Detail: I would love to see the tree of policies which are applied on a computer and would like to be able to identify which policy rule won the policy over-ride battle. I am not satisfied with list of policies. Description: Threats infection and cleaning Detail: I am not unable to simply perform an action on threats whir where not automatically solved by EEA. For example, I would like to choose threats and click on "DELETE" or "CLEAN" or other things. I am able to mark them only as RESOLVED Description: Sorting / filtering Detail: I can filter columns by STATUs or LAST CONNECTED, but I am unable to do multi filter. For example I would like to sort all computer by WORST FUNCTIONALITY and LAST CONNECTED, because working with offline computer does not make sense. And so on.....
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    Aryeh Goretsky

    Rules of the ESET Security Forum

    Welcome to the ESET Security Forum! ESET is pleased to provide you with this resource in order to make it easy for you to ask questions and receive answers about ESET's products and services. Understand that the ESET Security Forum is a private community for existing customers of ESET, prospective customers who are interested in ESET's software, ESET employees and business partners. Because of this focus, it is not like a general public forum, where conversations take place on a variety of non-ESET and non-security related topics. With that in mind, we have the following rules in place: When registering for an account on the forum, please fill out the information accurately and correctly. Do not enter the Username and Password for your licensed ESET software, but instead choose a username (in Latin) unique to this forum. You should also choose a suitably complex password unique to this forum as well. Do not create multiple accounts. If a person is found creating multiple accounts, ESET reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary, including banning, blocking, deleting and/or merging them. The exception to this rule is ESET staff, who may create multiple accounts for testing purposes. No impersonating other forum users, ESET employees or other people. Use appropriate language in the forum. No vulgar, obscene or rude language will be tolerated. No vulgar, obscene or otherwise offensive images or video will be tolerated. ESET staff have the right to move, edit or modify messages that you post. This may be done for clarity, to move a message to more appropriate forum where it will receive more attention, or for other reasons outlined in these rules. All decisions by ESET staff are final, and not open to discussion. This list may be updated at any time. Please periodically visit this page to review any updates. Do not post direct links to any executable files, malicious/suspicious software or web sites in public messages, even if you think the software or site is clean and incorrectly detected by ESET. Break up the URL by inserting spaces into it, or replacing the protocol handler with an obfuscated one, like . Do not attach malicious or suspicious files to messages, even if you think they are clean. Write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link. Do not post any personally identifiable information (PII) about yourself, such as an email or mailing address or phone number, in a public message. Do not post the username and password or license key for your ESET software in a public message. Do not post links to software cracking tools, license key generators, pirated copies of software or other illicit software in the forum. If you wish to report a site, write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link. Do not post private correspondence (private messages, email, etc.) publicly within the forum. Do not post "A vs. B" or "Which product is best?" type messages in the forum. Do not post overtly commercial messages in the forum (this includes in your signature). Do not pre-announce releases. Due to differences in scheduling, it may sometimes take several hours after a release has appeared on ESET's web site for the release announcement to appear here in the forum. Do not abuse the forum's rich text controls. Messages and signatures with inappropriate font selection, including size, color and, for signatures, length, may be edited by forum staff to conform to standards of decency. Do not ask other users for logs, especially if they may contain sensitive or other personally identifiable information. Posts made on behalf of a 3rd party company may only be made from accounts registered with an email address from the company's domain (verifiable by ESET staff). Do not use the "Report post" function for other purposes than reporting inappropriate content requiring moderators' attention. Do not report possibly incorrect detections or blocks (false positives) in the forum unless they may affect a lot of users. If you think that your application or website is detected or blocked incorrectly, please report it to ESET as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/kb141. Be civil, do not post sarcastic, offensive or mocking comments towards any person or entity. Do not post messages that are off-topic, keep the discussion to the point and do not lead it astray. To discuss a different, unrelated issue or question, always create a new topic. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of ESET's moderators. Last Revised: 5 March 2019.
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    Forum Feedback

    The instructions are indeed at one place: https://support.eset.com/kb141/ Moreover, we link this KB article in the FAQ block on this forum as well.
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    ESET keeps stealing focus from Firefox

    UPDATE: Here's an update about the issue that I just noticed. Perhaps it may help to zero in on the problem. If ESET-IS is left open on the system taskbar, no matter where it resides in the Z-order, this problem does not occur. Only when ESET-IS is 'closed' or minimized to the system tray (i.e. ESET-IS is running in the background, parked in the system tray) does the hijacking focus problem occur.
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    I checked it at my SLES 12.4 and ESET File Security works for me. I find the cause of the issue. It is that Apparmor is enabled by default at SLES 12.4. It is needed to disable Apparmor completely and reboot the system and than install ESET File Security and it works as expected.
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    @Palps, Thank you for sharing this information. In my case, I already had HIPS disabled in the client policy and I had the application status disabled as well. I'm not sure why using the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task was still hit and miss. As @tmuster2k pointed out, I got all my clients updated by downloading the .msi files for EEA and ERA and then using my patch management software to deploy. At least it is working for you though and you are able to get your clients updated. Thanks again for the information!
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    Description: The ability to turn off threat alerts regarding windows updates. Detail: I know that Windows Updates are important, however, in a business situation they are usually controlled by the administrator in the IT Department (me) and are not automatically rolled out whenever they are available. Some updates don't work with some of the systems that we employ and therefore they do not get rolled out at all. When checking through the ERA console, 27 of our machines are showing that they have a security notification because they do not have all of the newest Windows Updates as I have chosen not to roll them out to these specific machines. It isn't really an issue but it makes it look like 27 of the machines aren't functioning correctly when in fact they are working fine.
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    @Jaroslav Mixa Thank you for your constructive feedback. I would like to assure you, that your feedback is being heard. Below, you can find couple of notes, related to some products. @Dynamic groups rules / tasks - In the new version of ESET Remote Administrator, we will have a dedicated “group details” page, where you will see all tasks / policies set to a dynamic group and also a dynamic group template. @Task history deletion / filter and so on - I do not understand this use-case, what it is about. What do you mean “task history” ? @Repository - Do you have any envisioned behavior? In the upcoming version, we will allow updates by “one click” directly from the dashboard element, so doing client tasks are not relevant. @Reports – there are limitation in how reports could be assembled, which are related to internal database structures, and how various tables are combined. It´s not possible to combine all of the tables together. However, there are improvements planned for the upcoming version of ESET Remote Administrator. @ELA – we will be releasing a new solution, called ESET Business Account & new version of ESET MSP Administrator (also intended for ESET resellers managing multiple customers) which will have a proper user management, and will allow full control of the product. @Upgrade – is this related to upgrades from V5 to V6, or V6.x to V6.x+1? If the first case, was the V5 having username &password set in its configuration? If it was the second case, have you contacted ESET Support, as this should not happen (and never happened in my test environment, license was always kept). @Variables in tasks / templates – this can be achieved by a group hierarchy. Basically have a static group per company, and then dynamic groups placed under specific static group. For the future (most probably next year) we are working on improved automation framework + further improvements for MSPs / resellers managing multiple companies, that should simplify their management / license operation. @Applied policies tree – this is a long term task, that we are working on, however it´s a complicated task to achieve. But we are aware, that finding why a specific setting is applied, when multiple policies are used. @Threats infection and cleaning – we will introduce multiple changes in the upcoming release of ESET Remote Administrator, for both automated resolving, and manual resolving (actions). @Sorting / filtering – This will be possible. For the future release, we are preparing multiple changes with regards of filtering / sorting in the webconsole. I would like to also offer you an opportunity to participate in a dedicated customer research session, where you can discuss your feedback concerning our products directly with representatives of ESET Product Management and UX teams, that can help you address them, and also inform you about planned changes in ESET Products. If you are interested, please send me a private message, we can discuss this further.
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