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Remove Android (tablet) device from MDM database

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I need some help with Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and registration on ESET ESMC console.
My problem is, the tablet was registered on eset console, and licence has been removed (by automatic rule, which we have modified for Android devices, after meet theses problems)

I remove the device object in the console ESMC but i think there are objects existing in the mdm era database.
The problem is that i can't recover IMEI (tablet Galaxy S5e cannot showIMEI, even with the phone function *#06#). and i don't find device with the serial number or MAC address of the device. I think there is another unique identifier for the device but i can't find it.


Thanks you so much in advance, big problem...


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  • ESET Staff


Device ID in MDM database is pseudorandom due to google privacy policy (unless device is enrolled in Device Owner mode). To remove device from MDM run stop managing task wait a few minutes (due to replication), EESA should be uninstalled if device still has connectivity. It should be safe then to remove device from ESMC console. Devices which receive stop managing task have DeEnrollmentFlag set to 1 in Device table (I believe since 7.0 version) if there's a quirk and it's not removed automatically.



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