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Failure of Upload Quarantine File

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I'm trying to transfer a quarantined file to a Distributed File System (DFS). Unfortunately, I'm facing an error on the client end, with the console showing only a "Failed" progress status without additional information. I've ensured that I'm using the same credentials as when accessing the console, and I've experimented with various combinations of forward and backward slashes in the file path. The following is the error I am getting from the logs of the client device.

Error: CEssConnectorModule [Thread 1834]: CWinEssQuarantineUploadTask: Upload quarantine file failed with 12000  
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I have already done! I think that it would be more useful to try and suggest something, as this is a forum and other people might see this in the future and have a course of action of what maybe they are doing wrong etc.

Anyway thanks for your answer.

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Can at least somewhere on the server or on the client side, someone find more detailed information about the error?

I have already checked on the logs of the server and on the client here (I also generated logs with the log collector):

Server -> C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Logs

Client -> C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Logs

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Error 12000 is "unspecified error" returned by Endpoint so further investigation will be needed.

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