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  1. I have successfully upgraded ESMC7.1 to EP8 using EP8 AIO installer, including MS SQL 2019. But I cannot login to EP8 portal after upgrading, the error is "Login failed: Connection has failed with state "Not connected"" I have restarted SQL server, ESET Protect server service, Apache tomcat service, but issue is still persist. Trace log is attached. Thank you trace_25Feb.log
  2. How to prevent the parental control app from "disabled" in handphone safe mode? Found that after installation of ESET parental control, when phone handled back to child the activity is not recorded, and cannot do instant block. Found the accessibility is disabled.
  3. I have same question, how to keep Cyber Security running but disable web and email protection permanently on Big Sur? I tried it, however ESET continues to try and install the proxy/VPN profile with my Mac trying to connect.
  4. May I know how to clean all quarantine items via Terminal? My customer is using ESET File Security for Linux. I only found syntax /opt/eset/efs/lib/quar --delete=id to delete single file with ID. How to clean all
  5. ESET Endpoint for Linux detects the threat only when the file is executed or created within the NFS server , but if we scan the local drive it’s not detecting the file which was written by NFS client. In this test server, we have shared one local drive and from client system was made to write some virus files remotely , But when we scan the drive it’s not detecting the virus file. The virus sample get from https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-safely-test-your-antivirus-software/
  6. Hi Marcos, It is IBM Power9 server running on Ubuntu OS, so does ESET support it?
  7. When installing EM Agent into the VM with redhat OS, it states that "ppc64le architecture is not supported". Please advise.
  8. We found admin users on MacOS are able to kill ESET Endpoint Security for Mac and it is not running in background at all. How to prevent it? Thanks
  9. Hi MartinK, I didn't go to the section 8 to configure a username and password. I installed it using ESMC AIO installer. Added below ProxyMatch to httpd.conf file, and then configured policies for Agent and Endpoint. <ProxyMatch (?i)^(172\.17\.253\.189(:[0-9]+)?(\/.*)?)$> Allow from all </ProxyMatch>
  10. ESMC was installed one mth ago without apache http proxy. Today, I installed apache http proxy use ESMC AIO installer, edited httpd.conf file and created polices for Agent and Endpoint to update using it (Refer to https://support.eset.com/en/kb6750-install-apache-http-proxy-esmc-7x). But endpoint update failed with error "Module update failed, Unauthorized access". I didn't configure username and password.
  11. Decryption process on the workstation is finished, the workstation report as Inactive in ECA. Uninstalled ESET Full Disk Encryption in control panel. But the EFDE services are still running in client workstation. Is there anyway to fully remove it? Thanks
  12. The minimum supported version of openSSL is openssl-1.0.1e-30. Would like to know if there is any plan for ESET to provide support for OpenSSL version 1.1.x and Ubuntu version that’s above 18.04? Have been facing issues with these versions not being supported by ESET since our environment is moving towards newer versions. Most importantly, OpenSSL has stopped its support for any version below OpenSSL 1.1.x, downgrading it to any version might lead to corrupted files which makes downgrading version a very impractical option. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. I have tried v6.5 but it doesn't support Win2003.
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