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  1. May I know how to clean all quarantine items via Terminal? My customer is using ESET File Security for Linux. I only found syntax /opt/eset/efs/lib/quar --delete=id to delete single file with ID. How to clean all
  2. ESET Endpoint for Linux detects the threat only when the file is executed or created within the NFS server , but if we scan the local drive it’s not detecting the file which was written by NFS client. In this test server, we have shared one local drive and from client system was made to write some virus files remotely , But when we scan the drive it’s not detecting the virus file. The virus sample get from https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-safely-test-your-antivirus-software/
  3. Hi Marcos, It is IBM Power9 server running on Ubuntu OS, so does ESET support it?
  4. When installing EM Agent into the VM with redhat OS, it states that "ppc64le architecture is not supported". Please advise.
  5. We found admin users on MacOS are able to kill ESET Endpoint Security for Mac and it is not running in background at all. How to prevent it? Thanks
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