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  1. Hi ESET, One of my computer under few subnets, I have configured to show default IP. I have added this computer with default IP via ESET Rogue Detection, however, after install Agent, one subnet IP is displayed in ERA instead of default IP. How to slove this issue Thanks
  2. Dear ESET, I have a customer enquiring us on IOC (Indicator of Compromise) test in their servers. I was reading about IOC I think ESET can address IOC in certain manners. Could you elaborate more on how ESET can do IOC? Is there any tools that we need to get or ESET has already it own IOC tool? Thanks
  3. Can ESET Endpoint do application control using HIPS? My customer want to block installed applicaton from running, or ESET will add it in furture?
  4. Hi ESET, My customer cannot access VPN with ESS or EIS installed, but it works on ESSP, the error is: Your computer's security is unsatisfactory Your computer does not meet the following security requirements. Please follow the instructions below to fix these problems. When you are done click Try again. 1. Antivirus software Instructions: Purchase and install a licensed Antivirus software from any retail distributor and update the virus definitions to the latest from the internet. Reason: Windows Defender 4.10.14393.187 does not comply with policy. Compliance requires real time protection enabled. Windows Defender real time protection was replaced by ESET. It works when ESSP was installed, but ESS and EIS always saw this error Thanks
  5. One of my customer using AVG and infected Ransomware, I want to propose ESET Endpoint to them, but their IT prefer Sophos with Intercept X, because Intercept X has Ransomware protection. May I know who used it before? I am still want to push ESET Endpoint to them https://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/intercept-x.aspx?cmp=701j0000001nogUAAQ&gclid=CKXg_euA59ICFdgnvQodCu0Dqg Thanks
  6. Hi Marcos, In the host field of server certificate, it is"*". status.html no error display. I have found this hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?change_era_server_ip_hostname.htm, my host field is *, not server IP or hostname
  7. Hi Marcos, I have edited the agent policy and added the new ip before moving office, so clients able to connect to era with new ip now. So still need to generate agent live installer and re-deploy it? thanks
  8. My customer moved office, ERA server IP address was changed, I can login in webconsole on local server ( https://localhost/era/ ), but failed to login web console using other computer , the address is https://server ip/era/webconsole/, error is: This site can't be reached. took too long to respond Is it because of the port? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Before install it I want to check does ESET ERA in Azure can integrate with Azure Active Directory? Thanks
  10. Hi Marcos, Any updates? Thanks
  11. Hi Marcos, ELC log sent to you. Thank you
  12. Hi Michal, Tried deleting mirror files and clear update cache on clients, but doesn't help. I think the mirror is working file, because some computers able to update. Thank you
  13. Hi Michal, The local mirror no authentication required, another 20 computers still working fine, able to download updates from this mirror, they all same settings, only these 30 computers which goes to online suddendly cannot get udpates from local mirror.
  14. My customer has 50 users endpoint security, all offline computers, last time activated by offline license file, and DB updating via local mirror server (Mirror created in ESET File Security). Few days ago, about 30 endpoint security cannot get updates, the error is "Unauthorized access", and I found this 30 computers in ELA is red color and error is "offline units are connected to internet". My question is does offline computer go online will affect the updating? Customer using proxy server, setting never change, another 20 endpoint security still working fine. Thanks
  15. Hi Marcos, Any updates? Thanks