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  1. Understand ESA can work with hard tokens, my question is can user just simply insert the hard token into a USB slot to do the authentication rather than generate OTP code?
  2. jinlei801011

    ESMC components upgrade task failed

    Hi Michal, Server trace log is uploaded, could you help to check? Thanks trace.log
  3. My ESET server is v7.0.553, try to upgrade to v7.0.557 using components upgrade task but it is failed. And my customer manually upgraded ERA6 server to ESMC7, and then using components upgrade task to upgrade others also failed. Is it ESET server issue?
  4. One of my customer outlook 2013 show error "A program is trying to send an e-mail message on your behalf. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date". ESET is up-to-date and working fine. Restarted computer, reinstalled ESET Endpoint but issue still persist. Please advise Thanks
  5. I have a customer installed ESA uisng GOP script to protect Windows login. He is out of office and he is getting a error message when logging in Windows: This user has never been connected to ESET Secure Authentication server in online mode before, please login in online mode first This user has never been connected to ESET Secure Authentication server in online mode before, and this laptop computer cannot be seen in ESA admin console. How to slove the issue? Thanks
  6. Hi Marcos, this is a laptop and customer cannot wait for 1-2 hours, he always travel. Which means it is not update immediately when customer turn on computer and connect to internet?
  7. Hi, Just installed the latest version of EIS to my customer, but I found the module cannot be updated automatically, always show outdate module, and my customer need to press the update button manually.
  8. Hi, We are encountering some difficulties in the installation of Gateway Security. We saw that the port is being listen to in the Linux VM, but we are unable to telnet and connect to that port. Can I check if there is any settings that is missed out ? Also when we are trying to change the ICAP ports in the eset.cfg, it is not reflected when we reboot the server.
  9. Can eset gateway security to update VSD from ERA via apache http or mirror server created on endpoint? And how to activate it offline. I cannot find info from user guide. Thanks