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  1. Endpoint slow down google drive sync

    Hi Marcos, We have double confirmed that it only affect Mac system. The google drive sync is working fine in Windows with Endpoint security installed. We have tried: 1. Disable removable media in real time scanner (Doesn't help) 2. Add google drive file in firewall rule (Doesn't help) 3. Upgraded to latest version 6.5 from (Help alittle bit. Open file like PDF also slow) Thanks
  2. After install ESET Endpoint Security, users try to sync their files and folders from google drive sync, they experience very slow and laggy PC performance. It affect both Windows and Mac system. SSL protocol filtering is disabled.
  3. Hi Guys, Please advise us how to change the SMS sender display name to “SSP_LTP” instead of “sender” (image below). Thanks
  4. Hi ESET, Installed EISv10 in an new Win10 computer without any antivirus inside. EIS was activated and virus signatrue DB is up to date. However during the first scan, computer is blue screen, and stuck on Recovery loop. Error is Your PC/Device needs to be repaired The operating system could not be loaded because a critical system driver is missing File:\\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\eelam.sys Error code: 0xc000000f Press Enter to try again Press F8 for Startup Settings Restart computer doesn't help, cannot go safe mode, stuck on recovery loop. Press F8 can go Startup Settings, but when press F8 again to disable early lauch anti-malware protection option, it does't work and auto back to recovery page again. Please advise Thanks Jin
  5. Hi ESET, For ESA, an Active Directory domain is required to install ESET Secure Authentication, however if my customer running Novell eDirectory can still use ESA? if cannot how to use ESA to protect VPN and others? Please advise Details: They are running Novell eDirectory which you can use LDAP for connection. They are using Domain Services for Windows as a work around as PIL don't use AD. Domain Services for Windows (DSfW) is a suite of technologies in Novell Open Enterprise Server that allows Microsoft Windows users to access OES services through native Windows and Active Directory protocols. Thanks Jin
  6. Dear ESET, As ESA installation require domain admin account, however if my customer can only use a normal account with delegated access, what permissions are required? Any idea why domain admin is required? And after the initial installation will any services be running using the domain admin account? Will need to understand also what the outbound connection is for Thanks Jin
  7. What permissions are required for ESA

    Thanks Vladimir, Howerver if my customer can only use a normal account with delegated access, what permissions are required? Thanks Jin
  8. Dear ESET, May I know if the ESA solution is customizable. e.g. My customer tried to install the trial version but it is asking for domain admin account. Can this be installed without using domain account as it is a very powerful account that is sealed. They can only use a normal account with delegated access. What permissions are required. Thanks Jin
  9. Dear ESET, My customer's environment no internet connection (both servers and clients), however they are interest in ESA to protect client Windows login. Is there any way to install and use ESA without internet connection? Please advise Thanks Jin
  10. Questions on ESA with office 365

    Hi Vadimir, Thanks. For SIEM, I mean can we integrate ESA in SIEM (Security Information & Event Management)? Regards,
  11. Dear ESET, My customer is interesting in ESA to protect their office 365 and fortigate VPN, I have few questions need your advise Office 365 1. Can OTP only required for external access (Out of office)? 2. Can we import user phone number into AD instead of enter manually? 3. Can ESA able to track log activities ( who, when) sign on portal? 4. Can we set policies to log out users after certain unsuccessful tries. 5. API to SIEM Thanks
  12. ESA with AD FS issue

    Thanks. Upgrade to Win2012R2 able to install ESA
  13. Dear ESET, AD FS has setup on Win2012 Standard. However, during ESA installation, got error at ”Check prerequisites“ AD FS Failure PowerShell does not support AD FS configuration commands. Verify that AD FS is present before re-running setup Please advise Thanks
  14. Hi ESET, One of my computer under few subnets, I have configured to show default IP. I have added this computer with default IP via ESET Rogue Detection, however, after install Agent, one subnet IP is displayed in ERA instead of default IP. How to slove this issue Thanks
  15. Dear ESET, I have a customer enquiring us on IOC (Indicator of Compromise) test in their servers. I was reading about IOC I think ESET can address IOC in certain manners. Could you elaborate more on how ESET can do IOC? Is there any tools that we need to get or ESET has already it own IOC tool? Thanks