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  1. Hi Marcos, Noted. Hope ESET or Microsoft can fix the issue asap
  2. Few of my customers came to me this few days, their Win10 32 bit system with ESET Endpoint or EAV/EIS installed, encountered "ESET Antivirus Protection is Nonfunctional" issue. Restart computer, reinstall ESET doesn't help Jin
  3. Clients report to new ERA server

    Thank you Martin, I will test it next week. In step 2, why need to import new ERA CA cert to original ERA? refer to ESET FAQ (https://support.eset.com/kb6490/), only need to import CA cert from original ERA to new ERA. Please advise Thanks
  4. Our company has 300 users in total (HQ 200u, subcompany 100u), all managed by one license key and ERA server installed in HQ. Due to company reconstruction, our subcompany will move to other location and they will manage ESET (100u) themself. We will buy new license and install new ERA server in subcompany, and re-deploy Agent to the 100 users. My questions is, are there any other solutions that no need to re-deploy Agent? Create an agent policy in HQ ERA server to change the server address? how about the certificates? Thanks