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  1. My customer tried to login ESET Protect but failed with error: Login failed: Unable to deserialize RPC message Reset the password but still the same issue. First time saw this error. Please advise.
  2. The old version was already uninstalled following FAQ https://support.eset.com/en/kb3239-how-do-i-uninstall-or-reinstall-eset-cyber-security-or-eset-cyber-security-pro. What else need to remove manually?
  3. My customer purchased Palo Alto Globalprotect VPN, I want to propose ESA to him, Is there any document for me to read? I cannot find it from ESET website.
  4. Thanks. removed version 16 and downgraded to v11, issue solved.
  5. My customer uninstalled jdk11 and apache tomcat today, and installed jdk16 and reinstalled tomcat using ESET Protect AIO installer, but it cause "Error loading data: Session is not valid" error after login to ESET Protect. How to solve it?
  6. Hi Marcos, The customer told me he just right click the eset icon and pause the protection, then he can see the wifi portal and connect to the wifi.
  7. Our customer feedback that their users cannot connect to public wifi with ESET Endpoint Antivirus installed. The wifi has a portal where they need to login, same like in a hotel. When ESET installed this login page won't show up, But if disable real-time protection, it works as per normal. Ask user to change settings is not a good idea as they are not IT expert.
  8. Tried to upgrade ESMC7.2 to EP for Linux using Component Upgrade Client task but failed. How to upgrade it using run command line task? Found this link but no details https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/80/en-US/client_tasks_run_command.html. Thanks
  9. I have successfully upgraded ESMC7.1 to EP8 using EP8 AIO installer, including MS SQL 2019. But I cannot login to EP8 portal after upgrading, the error is "Login failed: Connection has failed with state "Not connected"" I have restarted SQL server, ESET Protect server service, Apache tomcat service, but issue is still persist. Trace log is attached. Thank you trace_25Feb.log
  10. How to prevent the parental control app from "disabled" in handphone safe mode? Found that after installation of ESET parental control, when phone handled back to child the activity is not recorded, and cannot do instant block. Found the accessibility is disabled.
  11. I have same question, how to keep Cyber Security running but disable web and email protection permanently on Big Sur? I tried it, however ESET continues to try and install the proxy/VPN profile with my Mac trying to connect.
  12. May I know how to clean all quarantine items via Terminal? My customer is using ESET File Security for Linux. I only found syntax /opt/eset/efs/lib/quar --delete=id to delete single file with ID. How to clean all
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