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  1. ESET for sharepoint event log always show "Sharepoint configuration are not accessible". Please advise
  2. Hi Micro, Yes, this is shipping company, the computer at vessel and update using micro update file, but facing this invaild digital signature.
  3. My customer is using Endpont AV 7.0.2073.1 without internet access, update VSD using ESET Micro update file but got error Product update failed (Invaild digital signature)
  4. Understand customer need to download the weekly micro updates manually and save it to shared folder or setup IIS as update server, configure ESET Endpoint to update VSD from shared folder or IIS mirror server. Howerver, if customer using VPN, one PC at vessel update VSD from office server (store micor updates), the rest PCs at vessel update VSD from that PC which update VSD from office server, how to configure it? I know cannot enable ESET Endpoint mirror feature, will cause error. Customer don't want to email the micro updates to vessels. Thanks
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