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  1. Decryption process on the workstation is finished, the workstation report as Inactive in ECA. Uninstalled ESET Full Disk Encryption in control panel. But the EFDE services are still running in client workstation. Is there anyway to fully remove it? Thanks
  2. The minimum supported version of openSSL is openssl-1.0.1e-30. Would like to know if there is any plan for ESET to provide support for OpenSSL version 1.1.x and Ubuntu version that’s above 18.04? Have been facing issues with these versions not being supported by ESET since our environment is moving towards newer versions. Most importantly, OpenSSL has stopped its support for any version below OpenSSL 1.1.x, downgrading it to any version might lead to corrupted files which makes downgrading version a very impractical option. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I have tried v6.5 but it doesn't support Win2003.
  4. May I know where I can download old version ESET File Security for Win Server 2003R2 SP2? My customer has 3 servers still running Win2003. Thanks
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