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  1. Hello, if i'm looking in the Android section of ESC I can find OS Information, but e.g. OS Build Number and OS Security Patch are "n/a". If there the possibility to read these infos also out? Thnaks Frank
  2. Hello, since the last update to ESET Endpoint Security 6.10.900.0, user with timemachine on NAS get every few minutes an windows like "New device detected Backups of xxxxx Mounted on /Volumes/.timemachine..." * Media scan of network devices is disabled * Folder "/Volumes/.timemachine/*.*" is excluded. *macOS 11.2 64-bit *ESET Endpoint Security 6.10.900.0 Any clue to stop that?
  3. Thanks. It would be a nice feature
  4. Hello, is it possible to set a kind of one time password for configuration config and policy by the user itself? I want to send the user a password, which is 2 hours valid an the user can disable e.g. the firewall for debugging (or temporary needs). Yes, I can create a new policy with override creds, but there is only one password and I have to disable the policy manually after 2 hours. Thanks Frank
  5. Hello, after update MDMcore for linux and ESMC, and downgrade the mysql database to version 8.0.17 I can't register iOS device (iOS 14.2) iOS device: "Product not activated" The Overview says, that the last connection time was some time ago(I guess, the first contact) MDM Server: APNS service certificate validation failed The tracelog of MDM: HTTP/2: AsioTcpClient(0x0x7ff9642055e0): HandshakeHandlerInner error: 'Certificate verification did not pass' 2020-12-15 07:38:03 W [140711116293888] APN: Failed to send PN to device: xxxxx. HTTP/2
  6. Hi, I'm using Endpoint Security for Android. I've enrolled it via ESMC, which uses the playstore for downloading the App. Now ver is installed as latest version found in playstore. But ESMC give me a warning about outdated version ( If I try to update via ESMC task, the task never ends and the user has to update manually but don't get any notification about that update, How is the right way to update it automatically without user action? When will the playstore version be updated? Thanks
  7. Its really confusing. if I use the parameters intermediateRepositoryDirectory and outputRepositoryDirectory, as decribed above, I get the path .."/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v7;", but without any file named "update.ver" and it don't work. If I use --intermediateUpdateDirectory and --outputDirectory, I get a path like "mirror/eset_upd/ep7/" and a file named update,ver. This way is working.
  8. Hello Marcos, yes the name of the mirror server is eses. to use IP address didn' make a change I get the error "File not found on server" If I try to use http
  9. Hm, but where I have to configure the path? What I did: Install a Apache virthost on port 2221, DocumentRoot /var/www/html/mirror/ an the eset server the path structure the mirrortool creates: /var/www/html/mirror/mirror/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v7 In the police I configure: Update -> Updates -> Module Updates -> Custom Server: hxxp:\\eset:22221 Program component update -> Custom Server: hxxp:\\eset:22221 Update Mirror -A enable HTTP server http server -> port 2221
  10. I also try to map the to z: in windows and set z: as path in the policy. Same error
  11. Hi, I want to update a Windows Server without internet via mirror tool and shraed folder But I get the error "Module update failed" Product update failed" Could not connect to server. I installed the mirror tool under linux: MirrorTool --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT --intermediateRepositoryDirectory /tmp/repoTemp --outputRepositoryDirectory /opt/eset/mirror/RepoMirror --languageFilterForRepository de_DE en_US DE en_US --downloadLegacyForRepository --productFilterForRepository Security --offlineLicenseFilename ..... My smb.cfg: [mirror] path = /opt/eset/mi
  12. Hello, I want to allow Apple user to manage there Apple build-if firewall. For that, I disable the Firewall in the ESMC policy. But if the user has the Mac firewall activated, he get the warning "Another firewall is detected" How can I do that? Thanks Frank
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