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  1. Hi ADS82, Thank you for contacting us. Could you please be more specific and let us know what exactly would you like to achieve in as much detail as possible? Unfortunately, your request is very concise and I cannot really imagine what is your usecase. Best regards, Ervin
  2. Hello sajk.dot, This seems more like a support case. Probably there is a very specific SW/HW combination that is causing this issue. I would kindly ask you to submit a support ticket with screenshots and other relevant details. We will look into it Regarding admins and their rights in ECA- the structure is flat and basically there are only 2 variants. Either has admin read only rights (in this case encryption recovery is greyed out and not clickable) Or if you want both admins to have the same ECA rights (including EFDE recovery): The "Super user" (as you call him) has to grant "use" rights to this other admin in EBA. Best regards, Ervin
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