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  1. Hey @mayowa, please could you raise a Technical Support Ticket? I am sure our support team will be able to assist Ervin Rendek
  2. Hi @Mr.Gains you are right, reports are in the works currently. we are panning to offer reporting (more or less) in this scope: Computers not eligible for encryption Computers eligible for encryption EFDE not installed Computers eligible for encryption. EFDE installed AND disk not encrypted Computers with encryption in progress Computers encrypted Computers encrypted using TPM chip Computers encrypted using OPAL 2.0 Computers encrypted via FileVault2 (future) Computers with boot disk only encrypted Computers with all disks encrypted Computers recovered in past month... What exactly would you like to see in the reports? Except for "password uses left" you mentioned above... Thank you for your inputs Ervin Rendek PM for Encryption solutions
  3. Hello @Mr.Gains, thank you for your post, to resolve the issue you describe (I believe I understood correctly) I suggest to do the following in an EFDE Policy: set "Maximum uses" under "Recovery Password Uses" to 2 AND "Automatically generate new recovery password" under "Recovery Password Uses" to YES AND "Generate when (uses remain)" under "Recovery Password Uses" to 1 This way you will restrict use of one recovery password to 2 uses, and after the 1st use a new one will be generated and will become a valid recovery password AFTER EFDE connects with ESMC. With more attempts than set in a policy, it sounds like a bug. Could you please raise a tech. support ticket for this issue? we will investigate
  4. @jinlei801011, if what MartinK above proposes does not help, please raise a technical support ticket and attach a .msi log.
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